Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


15. Chapter 13

It's been 2 days since I was told my parents had died. I would get up in the morning and jut sit there, saying to myself "They'll walk through my door this very minuet and hug me and tell me everything is all right and that we'll watch my parents favorite movie Lady And The Tramp" Of course that never happened. There was a knock on the door. Lacey entered the room. She had been crying too, I felt bad I was making everyone sad because I refused to accept the truth, that they'll never come back.
 "Hey babe how you holding up?" she asked in a hoarse voice. I looked up at her and started to cry again. She rubbed my back and started to cry too.
 "Ariya that man said that the reading for the will is today at 1pm, the courthouse. Do you want me to come with you?" Lacey asked me. I nodded my head I could't take anyone else not even Louis. Louis. I looked around for him, Lacey as if reading my thoughts
 "They're still here love" I looked at the time 12pm. I ran to the bathroom and started to get ready, I heard Lacey walk out of the door so I assumed she was going to get ready. I was walking to the living room when I heard the boys arguing
 "Louis you have to tell her!" Liam shouted at someone "No I don't not right now!" Louis shouted back
 "We're leaving tonight! Of course you have to tell her?" Zayn said angrily
 "She's going through enough now Louis, just tell her so tomorrow morning she expects you here and not going for a tour around Australia and New Zealand!" My breath stopped "They were leaving?" I screamed to myself. I felt someone tug at my arm and saw Lacey. She saw my face and whispered
 "You heard didn't you?" I nodded my head, she pulled me towards the car.
 "I'm driving, is that okay?" she asked, I nodded all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry my heart out. We arrived at the court house, I'm so happy I didn't wear any makeup today or else I would have mascara smudges. I straighten my outfit and walked into a room and sat right a the end of a long rectangle table.
 "Hello Miss Summers I am Mr. Gardd. We'll start straight away is that fine?" I smiled weakly, that surname sounds familiar but was snapped out of my thoughts when he began to read
 "My baby girl if you are being read this that means either me or your mother or both of us aren't here with you anymore. As my daughter I leave you........."

 *Few Hours Later*

 "Miss Summers you're luggage is ready" one of the housekeepers' said to me. I turned to face her and smiled. Lacey had gone home to explain to her mom what was happening, she made me promise to call her everyday. I missed her already.
 "Thank you Janet, you've been a big help" she smiled back with sympathy and walked out. I heard someone enter the room
 "Ariya love?" Louis said as he walked towards me. I turned around and stared at him hard.
 "You heard didn't you?" he asked sadly tears falling down his cheeks. I felt my heart break into 2, I made him cry
 "Sorry Louis I'm so sor-" he cut me off with a kiss, it was warm and passionate filled with love. We pulled apart. I had to ask him
 "When do you leave for the airport?" he looked up sadly
 "In ten minuets" I started to cry. I had to do it, I couldn't put up with it anymore
 "Louis, I think we should end us" he looked at me in shock
 "But wh-" I put my fingers on his lips and he sighed.
 "Its just going to hurt to much Louis, don't worry you'll find another girl whom yo-"  he kissed me again. I tried to push away but he didn't let me. "Louis please don't make this any harder" he looked at me and smiled. He rested his forehead against mine and I never wanted this moment to end.
 "LOUIS WE HAVE TO GO!!" I heard Harry yell from downstairs. He let go of me reluctantly,  kissed me softly on the lips for the last time and walked downstairs. I touched my lips and crumbled on the floor and started to cry. Minuets passed and all was quiet, I walked down to the living room and looked at the T.V it was paused on a part saying "For Ariya" I sat down and pressed play. I saw the boys had their noses really close to the camera
 "Harry what kind of camera did you get? Its not turning on!" Harry sighed and got up
 "That's because you idiot, didn't take the cover off the lens!"
 "Oh I knew that, I was just testing you!" I laughed quietly, I was going to miss Niall and his comments. Liam cleared his throat
 "Hey Ariya love, we just want to say thanks for letting u-"
 "Thanks for taking me to Nandos!" Niall butted in. Zayn rolled his eyes and hit Niall on the head
 "Sorry" Niall mumbled. I felt tears well up in my eyes. "Anyway" Liam said making sure Niall didn't butt in again " We wanted to say thank you for everything and putting up with us! We love you as a sister an-"
 "Well except for Louis of course cause that'll be just weird because you know you guys are datin-" Niall butted in again Louis hit him on the head and shook his own head.
 "Ariya I love you so much with all my heart and I will always treasure the time we had together" Louis said staring at the camera as if he was telling me in person. They all took in a deep breathe
 "WE ALL LOVE YOU!!" they all yelled out. Then the screen went black. I cried harder
 "I love you guys too"

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