Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


13. Chapter 11

We’ve been going out for a while now, seriously what took me so long!?
“Ping” my phone went off. I looked at it “one new message form Louis Tomlinson”
“Hey love I’m at the tree house come when you’re done” I smiled and drove home faster, Lacey and Liam were going to the movies for a much needed date I was told. I got home and saw Harry and Zayn watching Bleach. I shook my head and walked upstairs. I changed and went up to the tree house. I looked around and saw Louis’s shoes in the front. I smiled he must be here already, I felt my stomach growl thank goodness we have a kitchen in this tree house. I walked to the kitchen but stopped.

Celeste was there snogging Louis’s face off. I gasped Louis looked up and his eyes widen
“Ariya love its not what it looks like” he said trying to push past her. I ran out of the tree house but me being the klutz I am I fell off the 3rd last rig and landed on my butt. I started t o cry I heard him climbing down so I got up and ran towards the house. I entered through the back door and crashed into Zayn
“Woah Ariya what happen-” he stopped when he saw me crying. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the sitting room where everyone was sitting. He put me in the middle of him and Harry. Harry looked around and was about to say something when he saw me
“Oh god Ariya love what happen?” he said looking at me with worry. I started to cry really hard again.
“He was-was snogging Cele-ste’s fa-fa-ce off in the tree-hou-house” I explain between sobs. They looked at each other and had this dark aura surrounding them
“I’m going to rip his face off” Niall said getting up, I grabbed his arm
“No don’t Niall, if it’s Celeste he wants let him. I just want him to be happy” Niall face soften when I said this.
“Okay whatever you want love” Harry said as he hugged me. I nodded weakly. I heard Louis come in through the back door.
“Ariya love it wasn’t what it looked like” he called out while running into the sitting room. He saw me on the on the sofa.
“Ariya -” Harry,Niall and Zayn got up and blocked me form Louis. I pulled Zayn’s sleeve
“It’s okay guys can I just talk to him alone?” they looked at him then at me and nodded their heads reluctantly.
“We’ll be in the kitchen, call us when you want us” Niall said as they shuffled out.
“So Louis what was it then?” I asked sarcastically, I wasn’t going to let him do this to me I will prove I am strong.
“Ariya she just came out of nowhere, please believe me.Look she’ll tell you herself” he said pleadingly. Celeste came in looking ashamed
“Look Ariya he’s telling the truth it’s just that I wanted to get revenge for him dumping me. But he loves you to much to give you up” The boys came out of the kitchen Niall walked up to her and said
“Get lost you ***** and don’t ever come back” she nodded her head and ran out of the house.
“I’m sorry Louis I -”
“It’s okay love” he said while kissing my forehead.

*Few Hours Later*

“We’re back!” Lacey and Liam called out. Niall jumped on the 2 of them
“Mommy and Daddy Direction! I’m hungry!” we laughed, Liam started to fish something out of his bag
“I had a feeling you would say that so here mega Nandos combo” Niall’s face lit up
“Daddy and Mommy Direction rock!” They sat down and Lacey asked
“Anything happen while we were out?” Harry,Niall and Zayn looked at me I shook my head I had asked them earlier if they could keep their mouths shut. Louis looked at me and smiled
“Nope nothing happened”

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