Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


2. Chapter 1

"Beep Beep" I groaned and lifted my head my eyes wondered to my clock.
8:00am Friday 12Th January, I snuggled back into my warm bed. I shot back up "Oh my god I'm late already for my first day of school damn damn!" I got out of bed wearing my cookie monster pj's What? I like the cookie monster!
I quickly got ready put my hair land put on my school uniform and  ran down to the kitchen as I passed the kitchen bench a small piece of paper with writing caught my eye. Picking it up I quickly skimmed through it "Dear Ariya, your father and I have decided to go to Puerto Rico for a vacation we wish we could take you but school has started so.. Anyway check your e-mail when you get home your father has made some arrangements in which he would like to explain for you. Love mom"
"Yes" I shouted jumping up and down till I remembered "Ah damn I'm going to be late for school!" I quickly ran out of the house got into my car god I love my car and drove off.
I just got into Algebra when the bell rang.
"Ah nice of you to join us Miss Summers"
"You're welcome sir I thought that for your services to the school I could make time to grace you with my presence this morning" the class laughed and I bowed. Our teacher turned around and smiled
"Yes yes Miss Summers if you weren't our school's valedictorian you would've been suspended by now."
"Really? I just thought cause none of the teachers would me out of the school they just love me too much!" I said smiling innocently at my teacher
"Okay you win, class can we please turn to page 6 of our algebra book?"

*Time Skip To Lunch*
"What's up love?" my best friend Lacey Winters said as she sat down.
"Oh nothing just thinking of what to do this weekend, since I'm all alone in the house" I said waiting for her reaction
"Cool maybe we can.... WAIT! What happened to your parents?" she said confused
"They've taken a spur of the moment vacation to Puerto Rico, my mom said they wish they could of taken me but school so they left me here"
"Hm maybe they're going to get it on" she said smiling at me and wriggling her eyebrows.
"Ew!! Lacey that's just wrong ewe" I said while throwing lunch bag at her. She laughed dodging it.
"Hey I heard One Direction is back in England from their tour in America! And they've signed up with Summers Studio" Lacey said as she gave me back my lunch bag.
"You know I'm not into boy bands, they're just teenage guys who think they're hot and good at singing who don't give a crud bout anyone but themselves!"
"But they are hot!!!" I gave her a look there's no way I'm going to let my best friend fan-girl about this band Wrong Direction in front of me. I know how to shut her up.
"Hey I'm in the mode for a prank you?"
"Oh hell yeah! Bring it on!!"

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