Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


1. Ariya Summers

What's up people?
I'm Ariya Summers yeah my last name sounds familiar cause my dad owns Summers Studios. I've had a lot of people come up to me just so they can visit the stars at the studio! But enough bout that...
I'm 16 turning 17 on December 25Th I know born on Christmas, as you've read before my father owns a recording studio my mother is a retired model for Vogue.And my forever cute golden retriever Luffy I named him after a main character in a anime called One Piece. If you ask people what I'm like they'll most probably say " fun,loving,popular,crazy, bubbly, random and last but not least troublemaker!" I love playing pranks that's why I've been labeled at school "Miss Troublemaker"!
My best friend and I Lacy Winters people often joke how ironic our last names are :D we always do things together she's also in love with a band called Wrong Direction was it? Ugh who cares I've got better things to do well that's all for now loves see ya!

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