Catching Feelings

this story is about Ronnie who she hears there is a new guy comming to her school his name is Justin but she figures out that it is Justin Bieber. What happens now read and find out :) hop you guys like it.


3. Justin's POV

    Justin'' POV

I was walking out of class and i went to my locker I put my books up and got the stuff that i needed and i put it in my bag. When i closed it there were like 15 girls standing there. "Hi ladies how are you today." i said. i had to act like i wanted to talk to them because there my fans and i love them. "oh so good, what about you Justin.?" they all said at the same time and they all looked like they were under my spell it was kinda annoying but i love them. " Pretty good" i said and smiled at one of them. she almost fainted. so i started walking to my car as i got a text from my mom

Mom: Hey i was hanging out with Ronnie's  mom and i told her that you could give her a ride home is that ok?

Me: yes mom thats fine i will look for her and we will leave.

and so i looked up from my phone and her comes Ronnie "Oh hey Ronnie whats up?" i said to her. she looked at me and then she looked at the girls and then back at me. "yeah my mom texted me and told me that Patiie said to take me home." she said it like she was annoyed but i didnt know what it was. Was it me or the girls. "Ok come with me and then we will leave. so we alked to my car she kept her head down the whole walk to the car. the girls followed me the whole way to the car. so we got to the car and then the girls got like all around the car and started to ask me questions like "can i be your girlfriend?" i love you do you love me?" and "can i be your one less lonely girl?" i just had t stand there and smile but i kept looking at Ronnie she wasnt over with all the other girls she was just over by the car and was texting someone. i got this weird feeling in my stomach. like butterflies, it was weird and i just couldnt help but look at her. i had never met a girl that didnt throw themself at me. she was the only girl i have ever met that didnt like me and it made me like her even more. i tried to tell the girls that i needed to leave but they wouldnt let me and finally Ronnie said she needed to go help her mom with dinner and the girls looked at her like they were mad at her. "Yeah ladies i have to leave but i will see all of you tomorrow." and finally they left we got in the car and was on our way.  " i bet you just love all that attention." Ronnie said like she was so annoyed " No not really but there my fans and so i love them but they can get really annoying. " i said looking at her " Yeah I know." she said like she didnt want to talk but i did. so she looked out the window and put her headphones in. it was going to be an hour drive this would be a perfect opportunity to get to know her better. " what are you listening to?" i said wanting to start a conversation. "Nothing really." as she stared out the window. i looked at her for a little while as she was looking out the window. then she turned around and looked at me. "Why are you looking at me like that? i could tell she felt a little crept out "Like what?" i said with and even bigger smile on my face then i did before she said that. she didnt say anything and she looked back out the window and right before she put her headphones in again i said " here listen to this CD  i think you might like it." wit a smile on my face she turned around and looked and the CD player as i was putting the CD in. it was my believe album. i wanted to see if she knew my music because she seemed to hate me. "Your listen to yourself." like that was the stupidest thing ever. "Oh so you do listen to my music." i laughed sj=he just looked out the window and said "well i love your music im just not the biggest fan and just throw myself at you i like to get to know people before i throw myself at them." i just looked at her. and i could hear her as she was looking out the window singing and she knew every word to every song. "I would like t know more about you." i said with a smile trying not to make it obvious that i liked her. "you can learn more about me at dinner." like she didnt want to talk to me and i knew if i said ok that she wouldnt tell me anything later. i reached out and turned the volume down. "No, i want to know more about you now." i really wanted to know more about her i hardy knew anything. "alright what would she like to know?" she said staring at me.
"Everything." i said she kinda just looked at me like i was annoying her " Ok i like your music i have never had a boyfrin-" i cut her off in shock in my head "you have never had a boyfriend but your so pretty thats hard to believe." oh my God did i just say that out loud i thought to myself. "Yep never." she said looking out the widow again she seemed to do that alot. "Go on" i said with a smile i really wanted to know about her. " Ok, im very tickleish i have wanted to dance in the rain with someone i love i look out the window when i feel awkward, sad, mad, or bored. my fav color is purple i am a strong christian im a gymnast and when im home alone i walk around in my sports bra." she said that last part sarcasitlly and i laughed. " Now what about you what does Justin Bieber like to do?" she said sarcasticlly i laughed again and said "well i want to take you dancing in the rain i am probably going to tickle you and i like purple to" i giggled i looked at her she was kinda blushing not really but then we pulled up to her house.



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