Catching Feelings

this story is about Ronnie who she hears there is a new guy comming to her school his name is Justin but she figures out that it is Justin Bieber. What happens now read and find out :) hop you guys like it.


1. Justin?

"Ronnie time to get up honey" my mom calls I wake up. I get a text message its from my best friend Ally. 

Ally: So are you excited about the new guy make sure you look cute.:)

Me: idk not really but i will try to look cute i guess.

I got dressed and I run down the stairs. "Morning swettie did you sleep well?" My mom asked me "Yes mam i slept fine Ally said she could come pick me up." I said  " Ok thats perfect because I herd we have new neighbors and I was going to invite them over for dinner and I hear she has a son and he is your age, really nice and that he goes to your school." she says looking at me like i should go say hi. "Fine I'll go ask id he wants a ride." I said but I don't  really want to. "Thank you maybe you will be good friends. You never know." she says. So I walk out the door and right next door. I walked up the driveway and knocked on the door on the door and a guy answers the door. He has dirty blonde hair and really pretty brown eyes. He looks at me really funny "Ummmm Hi " I say as he looks really weird "You are not screaming or attacking me." he said looking really confused. "Yeah, I don't know where your from but here we just say hi and dont attack or scream when people open the door." I said as i was looking very confused. It was a really awkward silence. " My name is Ronnie and you are?" i said trying to brake the silence. "Oh I'm Justin, Justin Bieber." he said looking at me relieved that I didn't scream. "Oh so thats why you asked why I wasn't attacking  you." I said like I finally understood why he said that. "Yeah , here come in " he said opening the door for me. "Thank you." I said as i walked in. "I live next door we are your new  neighbors." i said "MOM!!!!!!" he yells "YES" she said from up the stairs. " We have a guest." he said i could hear footsteps comming down the stairs "Honey i though Chaz was coming later." "Its not Chaz" he said in a really weird voice ."Hi Im Pattie Justin's mom" she said with a smile on her face. "Im Ronnie i live next door and my mom and I were wondering if you would like to come over for dinner tonight we would love to have you." "Well that sounds great." she says in a really happy voice. "Ok well i will see you at school Justin it was really nice to meet you Pattie." i said walking out the door.


I was at school. "Hey Ronnie." I hear a voice behind me. " Who is looking for you." Ally says sounding confused we both turn around it was Justin. Ally cannot breathe. "Breathe Ally Breathe." i say to ally. "SHE IS A BELIEBER." i yell at Justin. his eyes get really big and he runs away. "How does he know who you are and why was he looking for you?" Ally says to me freaking out. "He just moved in next door." she was making me freak out. "And you just forget to say to me Oh yeah Ally by the way JUSTIN BIEBER IS MY NEW NEIGHBOR!!!!!!" "Well i didnt say anything because they are just looking for a little privacy and im not allowed to have friends over because of this." "Oh ok" she runs crying into the bathroom. What do I do know?

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