Catching Feelings

this story is about Ronnie who she hears there is a new guy comming to her school his name is Justin but she figures out that it is Justin Bieber. What happens now read and find out :) hop you guys like it.


2. after school

 I was walking with ally  after school i got a text from my mom.                                                        

Mom: sense Justin lives right next door Pattie came and we talked and she said Justin can give you  a ride home.

Me: Ok

"Ally my mom texted me and said Justin can take me home." I said, ally just kinda looked at me kinda with jelousely and then she understood. "Ok well I'll see you tomorrow then." she said with a smile so i went to find Justin. It wasnt very hard to find him with all of the girls following him around the parking lot. So i walked over there. "Oh hey Ronnie whats up." all of the girls behind him just kept looking  at him like they were under his spell. "Yeah my mom texted me and said the Pattie told you to take me home." i said saying like i didnt want to look at the girls again they were really annoying. "Ok here come with me and we will leave." he said taking me to his car all of the girls were all over the car and then they started asking questions. They were stupid questions. like "Can i be your girlfriend." I love you do you love me." and "Can i be your one less lonely girl." i wasnt really a belieber but i did like some of his songs but i had to admit it he was kinda cute but these girls were getting on my last nerve. He would just stand there and smile as they were talking to him. i was the only one looking like i wanted to leave so bad and that i was so bored. But Justin just kept looking at me funny but it probably was because i wasnt throwing myself at him. Finally i asked Justin if we could go i was having enough of all these girls and i had to help mom with dinner. So he said ok and told the girls he would see his tomorrow. Then we got in the car and he started driving. We lived like a hour away from school so it was going to be a long ride. "i bet you really like all that attention." i told justin saying it like i was so annoyed. "Not really i mean i love all my fans but they can get really annoying." he said. "Yeah i know." i said as i looked out the window. i put my headphones i and didnt say anything. "what are you listening to." he asked trying to start a conversation. "Nothing really." i said like i didnt really want to talk i got this weird feeling like someone was staring at me so i looked at Justin and he was smiling at me. " why are you looking at me like that." i said like i felt really crept out. "Like what?" he said with a bigger smile on his face. I just didnt say anything and i looked out the window this is going to be a long drive. He turned on a cd in is car " Here listen to this music i think you will like it." he said. i was afraid to know what cd it was so i took my headphones was his Believe Album. i looked at him and laughed. "what?" he said with a funny look on his face. "you listen to yourself?" i said like that was weird. "Oh so you do listen to my music." he said. that was pretty clever so i saw where this was going. "well i love your music im just not the biggest fan in the world and just throw myself at you i like to get to know people before i throw myself at people." i say. he just looked at me again now i he was really creeping me out. so i just listened i knew every word to every song. so it was really weird singing it with him in the car though. "I would like to know more about you." he said with a smile. "Well you can learn more about me at dinner." i said like i didnt want to talk. He reached his hand for the volume button and turned the music down, "No, i want to learn more about you now." he said like he insisted that i tell him. "Alright what do you want to know about me." "Everything." i kinda just looked at him and then i said "ok i like your music i have never been had a boyfrien-" he cut me off "you have never but your so pretty thats hard to believe." he said as he looked at me and then winked. "yep never." i said and just looked out the window. i do that alot when i feel awkward or sad or bored. " So go on" said like he really wanred to know more. " im very ticklish i have always wanted to dance in the rain with someone i love. i look out the window whenever i feel awkward, sad,and fav color is purple. im a very strong christian, i am a gymnast. and when nobody is home i walk around in my sports bra." i said like i was a sarcastically. "Now what about you what does Justin Bieber like to do." i said like i really wasnt interested but i wanted to know "well. i want to take you dancing in the rain im probably going to tickle you and i like purple." i looked at him as he was smiling at me. i looked out the window and then finally we got home.

          if you like this book please comment so i know if i need to make more or if you have some really good ideas comment them and i will put them in my book.

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