If Only.

"I Cant Belive I Did This.Now Shes His...And Not Mine.I Love Her.But I Can Never Take Her Away From Him.As Much As I Want Her...I Just Cant.I Cant Belive I Just Let An Amazing Girl Like That Just Slip Out Of My Hands."

*But I See You With Him
Slow Dancing Tearing Me Apart
Cause You Don't See
Whenever You Kiss Him I'm Breaking
Oh, How I Wish That Was Me*


4. #4 The Playmouth Hotel


June 15th 2012

Tomlinson's Estate

Staycy's P.O.V

I Began Packing My Suitcasses.It Would Be Two Months.Two Months Of Touring.Two Months With Louis.Two Months With Zayn.Two Months With One Direction.How Did This Happen You Ask?.I Have No Idea.Louis Called Mum And Told Her He Had To Take Thos Oppirtunity.Mum Agreed.Zayn Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Take Me.Louis Agred.Asked Mum.Mum Agreed.And Now Im In The Middle Of My Room Packing.Stephanie Was Just Throwing Random  Clothes Into My Suitcase.I Made My Way To The Bathroom And Starded Taking A Shower.


When I Finished I Quickly Blow Dryed My Hair Leaving It Wavy.I Went Back To My Bedroom And My Suitcases Wernt There.And Neither Was Stephanie.I Quickly Changed Into So Clothes Stephanie Layed Out On My Bed For Me To Change.When I Finished I Went Downstairs And Say Zayn Standing There Looking Really Tired.I Mean It Was 4am But He Looked Like He Was About To Pass Out.Stephanie Stood There Besides Liam Handing Him A Pice Of White Folded Paper.Her Number Im Guessing.Louis Was By Zayn Looking As Dead As Zayn Did.Were They Really that Excited To Go To The U.S That They Couldnt Sleep?.Was It Really That Much Of A Big Deal?.


"Lets Go"I Said Reaching The Bottom Of The Stairs.I Gave Stephanie One Last Hug And Followed The Guys Into The Car.We Boarded The Plane And I Ended Up Getting The Window Seat Next To Zayn.It Was Cool Beacuse He Slept Most Of The Way.It Was Gonna Be A 4 Hour Flight To L.A And I Wasnt Really Looking Forward To It.I Didnt Like Planes.Later In I Managed To Fall Asleep.


*3 Hours Later*

I Woke Up To The Poilot Talking To Us Over The Speaker Thinggy.

"Ladies And Gentalmen,We Will Arrive At Los Angeles,California In 20 Minutes.Buckle Up Please,Thank You".I Put My Seat Belt On And Tryed To Wake Zayn Up So He Could Put His Seat Belt On.I Poked His Cheek And Un-Surprizingly They Didnt Open.I Dicided To Let Him Sleep And I Tryed To Get The Seat Belt But Just My Luck Beacuse The Stupid Seat Belt Got Stuck.I Kept Yanking At It But It Just Wouldnt Budge.


"Having Fun Down There?".I Heard Zayn Say Realizing That My Hand Was Resting On His 'Part'.I Quickly Removed My Hand In Embarresment.

"I Was Just...The Poilot Said To Buckle Up And I Tryed To Wake You Up But You Didnt So I Decided To Buckle You Up But It Got Stuck...The Seat Belt!...And Then You Woke Up And...Yeah".I Said Catching My Breath And He Just Starded Laughing And Shook His Head.

"Have We Landed Yet?"He Asked.

"We Will In Just A Few Minutes".

"Do I Snore When I Sleep?".He Asked.

"Like A Bear" I Lied.Thank God He Let The Belt Thing Go.

"Really?" He Yelled/Whisperd.

"No Haha Im Just Messing With You".I Laughed And He Just Kept A Seriouse Face

"Your Just Like Your Brother".He Laughed.

"Why Do You Say That?".I Laughed

"Louis Says I Snore Like A Pig And Harry Says Its More Like A Soothing Sound".

"Louis Is And Idiot,And Whos Harry?,Your Brother?"I Asked And Zayn Gave Me A Confused Look.

"Kind Of,But Your Seriously Dont Know Who Harry Is?".

"Not Really"

"Wow,I Guess Luck Is Only Running On My Side Beacuse You havnt Met Him Yet".He Said Playing With His Fingures.

"Why?,Is He Mean To You Or Something?".

"Harry?,Mean?,Nahh Hes A Real Charming Lad".He Said.

"Hows He Like Then?"I Asked.

"Wow,You Havnt Even Met Him And You Already Want To Know More About Him".He Said Shaking His Head But Continued."Hes A Really Nive Lad,Smooth With The Ladies,Lots Of Curly Hair,Colored Eyes,Has A Kind Of Fake Bromance Going On With Your Brother,Its Kinda Weird But He Sings Good Too".Sound Like My Kind Of Guy.I Thought To Myself."Oh,And Hes Dating Caroline Flack" He Finished.

"Isnt She Like 40?"I Asked.

"More Like 32".He Laughed."But It Seems Like Harry Really Digs Her.Hes Always Telling Us How They..Get It On...But I Dont Think Their Seriouse Or Anything".

"How Old Is Henry?".I Asked.

"Its Harry".He Laughed."And Hes 18"He Continued.Then I Felt My Mouth Drop.

"And He Daiting A 32 Year Old! Isnt The Like Illiagal?"

"Its Legal To Him".He Laughed.

"Thats Crazy".I Added.

"I Agree"He Laughed.

"Harry Is Going To Be Crazy About You".I Heard Him Mumble To Himself.I Wanted To Ask Him What He Ment By That But When I Turned He Was Putting His Earphones In.We Arrived A Few Minutes Later Then Passed By The Huge Crowd Of Fans.We Quickly Got Into The Taxi And Left To The Hotel.We Went To The Front Desk,Got Our Keys And Headed To The Suit.Once Liam Opend The Door My Mouth Droped To The Floor.It Was So Beautiful! It Had 3 Bedrooms,3 Bathrooms,A Huge Living Room.And A Beautifly Decorated Kitchen.We Walked In The First Bedroom.It Was Blue And Had Two Twin Beds In It.

"I Like This One".Liam Said Putting His Bags Ontop Of One Of The Beds.

"I Think Ill Stay Here With Liam Beacuse Hes The Only One That Stays Quiet Passsed 12".Zayn Said Giving Louis A Cold Look.Louis Smiled Brightly At Him.Louis And I Made Our Way To The Second Bedroom While Liam And Zayn Styed In The First One Un-Packing.The Second Bedroom Looked Just Like The First One.

"I Guess Ill Take This One".Louis Said Then A Cute Blond Baby-Face Lad Came Out Of The Bathroom.

"Nialllllllll!!!!!!!!"Louis Yelled So Loud That I Had To Cover My Ears.

"Its Good To See You Too Mate".He Said Hugging Louis."And Whos This?"His Accsent Was Different From Ours.But It Was Still Cute.

"This Is Stacy".Louis Said.

"Well,Nice To Meet You".He Said In A Flirty Voice And Winking At me.

"Tomlinson" Louis Said Right After And Niall Opend His Eyes Wide A Changed His Tone Of Voice Into His Normal One.It Was Funny."Stay Away From Her And Everythhing Will Go Alright"He Smiled.

"Alright,But When Harry Sees Her..."He Said Making A Low Whistle And Tilting His Head A Little.

"Trust Me,I Wont Let Him Lay A Fingure On Gerr,Besides Hes With Grandma".Louis Said Meaning Caroline Making Us Laugh.

"Well Im Going To Check Out The Other Room".I Said Walking Out.

"Damn,Harry Is Going To Be On That Like White On Rice"I Heard Niall Say.Then A Smack.Im Guessing Louis Smack Him Arm Or Face?.I Was So Happy When I Opend The Room And Say A Huge Kind Bed In The Middle Of The Bedroom.I Was So Tired So I Just Changed Into My Pijamas And Threw Myself On The Bed Falling Aslee Right Away.


Harry's P.O.V

I Was So Tired From My 10 Hour Flight That I Just Wanted To Get To Our Suit And Knock Out!I Payed The Taxi Drived And Headed To The Hotel.A Sleepy Bellboy Took My Luggage And Took It To The Suit Im Guessing.I Walked Up To The Front Dest And Got The Keys To The Suit.I Tryed Not To Fall Asleep On The Ride Up.I Went Inside This Huge Suit.Ill Explore It Later.I Walked In The First Bedroom Seeing Two Of The Guys Already There.I Walked To The Other Room Seeing The Other Boys.I Made My Way To The Last Bedroom Knowing No One Was Going To Be There.I Was So Thankful That The Boys Were So Nice In Giving Me Room With The King Size Bed.I Removed All My Clothes And Laying In Bed.I Felt A Body Next To Me.It Was A Girl.I Couldnt Capture Her Face But I Knew It Was A Girl.I Thought It Was Probably A Fan That Wanted To Have A Good Time.I Kissed Her Forhead And Dicided To Satisfy Her In The Morning.I Made Myself Conforatable Putting My Arms Around Her And Falling Into A Deep Sleep.


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