If Only.

"I Cant Belive I Did This.Now Shes His...And Not Mine.I Love Her.But I Can Never Take Her Away From Him.As Much As I Want Her...I Just Cant.I Cant Belive I Just Let An Amazing Girl Like That Just Slip Out Of My Hands."

*But I See You With Him
Slow Dancing Tearing Me Apart
Cause You Don't See
Whenever You Kiss Him I'm Breaking
Oh, How I Wish That Was Me*


3. #3 Leaser Quest

Tomlinson Estate


11:56 pm

Stacy's P.O.V

It Was About Noon And I Was Just Wakeing Up.I Guess The Water Made Me Sleepy.My Mum Was In The Kitchen Wearing Her Black Work Suit And Louis And Liam Where Scarfing Down Pancakes.At Least I Wasnt The Only One To Wake Up Late.Dad Was Sitting In The Table Reading His Newspaper And Sipping His Coffee.

"You Guys Arnt Gonna Spend The Day With Us?".I Asked My Mum As I Kissed Her On The Cheek.

"No Honey,We Got A Buissnes Call And Have To Fly Out To Denver,We'll Be Back In A week Though".

"I Dont Think Thats Fair To Louis".I Said.

"You Gotta Do What You gotta Do,I Understand.And Its Okaii We'll Still Have 2 Weeks To Kill Togeather". Louis Smiled.

"We Should Go Now,Our Flight Leaves In An Hour" My Mum Said As She Kissed Louis On The Forhead.I Hate It When My Parents Are Called In For Work.Usually Stephanie Comes Over When There Gone But Theres No need For That now Beacuse My Brother Is Here.We Said Our Goodbyes Then My Mum And Dad Left And I Sighed.

"Wheres Zayn?".I Asked.

"Sleeping".Liam Said.

"Oh." I Said Remembering What Happend Yeasterday. "So What Are We Doing Today?".I Asked Trying to Forget About It.

"I Was That We Could All Spen Some Quality Time With My Loveing Sister".Louis Laughed.

"Sure Sure,What Should We Do?".I Rolled My Eyes.

"Well I Was Thinking Leaser Tag,And You Could Invite Your Friend Stephanie If You Want".Leaser Tag?With The Boys And Stephanie?This Shall Be Fun.

"Sure,What Time?" I Asked.

"Six".Liam Said.

"Okaii Good,Ill Go Call Stephanie".I Said As I Made My Way Upstairs.I Passed Zayns Rool And A Strong Smell Of Cigarett Hit My Nose.I Knocked On The Door.

"Come In".He Said.He Was Sitting At The End Of The Bed,Shirtless Only Wearing Some Grey Sweatpants With A Cigarette Between His Firngers.He Smiled As I Came In.

"Hi".I Said Akwardly As I Walked In The Room.

"Hey"He Said.

"You Smoke?".I Asked Trying To Get Passed About Our Situation Yeasterday.He Forced Me But I Seceratly Enjoyed It And Wanted More.

"Yeah,Want A Hit?".He Asked.

"Um,No Thanks".I Said Sitting Next To Him.His Eyed Looked Tired And His Lips Were Red.We Sat  In Silent For A While.Finally He Spoke.

"Look,About Yeasterday,Im Really Sorry.I Didnt Meant To Force You.It Was Just An Urge.But I Really Am Sorry".He Said.I Could Tell He Ment It.His Eyes Told Me So.

"Its Okaii...It Kanda,Wasnt Really That Bad".He Said And He Smiled At Me.

"What Does That Mean?".I Blushed.

"Nothing"I Smiled.

"Wait,So Your Telling Me You Did Like It?!" His Smile Grew Bigger.I Shrugged And Hit Him With A Pillow.

"Shut Up Malik".I Laughed.

"Oh No,Im Holding This On You Forever".He Smiled.

"Whatever,Breakfast Is Downstairs,And Be Ready By Six Beacuse Were Going To Play Leaser Tag.And Throw That Cigarette Away!".I Said As I Headed Towards The Door.

"Okaii...Bye Sweet Lips".Zayn Said And I Turned Around And He Had An Evile Grin On His Face.I Made My Way To My Room And Called Stephanie.After The DFirst 3 Rings She Answerd.


"Hey Gorgouse".I Said.

"Whats Up?".She Asked.

"Nothing,Just Finished Eating Breakfast,And You?".

"At The Mall Alone".She Said,I Could Tell She Was Pouting.

"Okaii,How About I Meet You At The Mall,I Have Something To Tell You".

"Okaii Sure,Ill Be At Wet Seal".

*2 Hours Later*

"Wait,So He Kissed You Just Like That?".She Asked Almost Spotting Out Her Drink.

"I Know,Its Crazy Right?".

"Very...Is He A Good Kisser?".She Asked And I Hit Her Arm.

"Shut Up!".

"Well Is He?".I Rolled My Eyes And Nodded.

"Oh God".She Said As Opend Her Eyes Wide.

"So What Are You Gonna Do?".She Asked.

"I Dont Know...I Dont Even Know If Theres Something I Can Do.I mean I Dont Even Think He Likes Me."

"Do You Like Him".She Asked And I Just Stared At Her.

"Not Really,I Mean I Bearly Know The Kid".Stephanie Nodded.

"Well Its 4,I Think We Should Go".I Said.

"Where Are We Going?"She Asked Quoting The 'We'.

"'We' Are Going To Go Play Leaser Tag With The Boys".I Said Throwing Away My Cofee.

"No Way!".Stephanie Screamed Making People Look At Us Giving Us Weird Looks.

"Yeah,But Please Dont Act Starstruck.That Will Just Turn The Guys Off".

We Finally Got Home And I Went To Get Ready.We Dint Run Into The Guys As We Came In The House.So Im Guessing They Were In Their Rooms Changing.

"Okaii,I Think Were Done".I Said As I Finished Putting Blush On My Cheekbones.I Grabbed My Phone And We Went Downstairs And The Guys Where Sitting On The Couch Watching Tv.They All Looked Really Handsome.Especially Zayn.

"Guys,This Is Stephanie.Stephanie This Zayn And Liam And Ofcource You Know My Brother".I Introuduced.

"Hi".Zayn Said As He Shook Her Hand And Gave Her A Hug And A Smile.Not As Flirty As Liam Though.

"Hey Girl Hey".Louis Said As He Hugged Her And Patted Her Back."Did You get Taller?".Louis Mocked And She Rolled Here Eyes.

"You Havent Changed A Bit Lou".Stephanie Smiled.

"Everyone Ready?"I Asked.

"Ofcource,Lets Go Mates".Liam Said.We Went Into Louis's Car And I Laughed When Stephanie Was Forced To Sit On Liams Lap Beacuse We Dint Fit.I Laughed Watching He Blush A All The Flirty Comments Liam Would Make.Zayn And I Locked Eyes Every Once In A While.He Would Wink Everytime He Saw Me Looking At me.It Was Sweet How He Would Look Down At My Hand As If He Wanted To Hold It.We Finally Arrived And The Lady in front Forced Us To Pick Teams.

"Okaii,Me And Zayn Take On Stacy,Liam And Stephanie".My Brother Said.

"Cool With me".Liam Said Winking At Stephanie Making her Blush.

"Oh No,That Wouldnt Be Fair To Them! You And Me Are The Best Players".Zayn Said.

"Okaii Fine,Liam And Stephanie Can Be A Team,Ill Be By Myself,And You Can Be With Stacy".Louis Said.We Made Our Way To The Front And The Lady Gave Us Out Vest's.Liam And Stephanie Where Red,Zayn And I Were Blue,And Louis Was Green.She Gave Us Pur Guns And We Enterd The Dark Blue Lightend Room.We Were Given Different Ways To Enter The Castle.Zayn And I Got The Forth Floor.

"Stay Close".Zayn Said As He Grabbed My Hand.We Made Our Way To The Third Floor And I heard Some Shuffiling And Giggiling.Stephanie Was Here.

"Follow Me".I Said And Zayn nodded.We Where Hiding Behind A Wall Then I Saw A Green Light Pass By In The Corner Of My Eye And I Starded Shooting.

"Aaahhh!"We Heard Louis Scream And Zayn And I Laughed And High-Fived Eachother.We Walked Over To Lou Who Was Laying on The Floor Lifeless.

"Dude,Your Sister Totally Got You".Zayn Laughed.

"Its What I Do".I Said Patting My Gun.

"Take That!"I hear Liam Yell Then Zayn Fell To the Ground Next To My brother.

"Go!Go On Without Me!".Zayn Said And I Ran Down To The First Floor And Hid Behind A Wall.

"We Know Your In Here!".I Heard Liam Say And Stephanie Giggled.I Took A Ddep Breath And Ran Hearing A Shot Go Off But Nothing Hit Me.I Let Out Two Shots At Liam And Stephanies Direction Making Them Hit The Ground With Laughter.After 5 Games Zayn And I Ended Up Willing 4 Our Of 5,Louis None,And Liam And Stephanie One.We Made Our Way To My House And Just Layed Down Watching Tv And Eating pizza.

"I Didnt Know Stacy Was That Good".Louis Said.

"Its All In The Wrist".I Said Proudly.Liams Phone Rang And He Answerd.

"Exuse Me".He Said As He Walked To The Kitchen.

"'So I Was Thinking We Could Go See A Movie".Zayn Said And Louis Raised An Eyebrow."I Mean All Of Us".He Said Realizing How Loud He Said It.

"A Movie Soulds Cool Right Now".I Said.

"Great,How About Nightmare On Elm Street?'.

"Oh No,I Hate Scary Movies."

"Does Little Stacy Wanna Watch The Smurfs Instead?".He Asked In A Little Baby Voice.

"Yes".I Laughed.Then I hear Liam Yell From The Kitchen And We All Rushed To See What Happend.We Ran In And Saw Liam Sitting On A Stool With A Huge Grin On His Face.

"Lads!,You'll Never Guess What Simon Told Me".Liam Said.

"What? What Happend". Louis Asked.

"Were Going On  Tour!". He Yelled.

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