If Only.

"I Cant Belive I Did This.Now Shes His...And Not Mine.I Love Her.But I Can Never Take Her Away From Him.As Much As I Want Her...I Just Cant.I Cant Belive I Just Let An Amazing Girl Like That Just Slip Out Of My Hands."

*But I See You With Him
Slow Dancing Tearing Me Apart
Cause You Don't See
Whenever You Kiss Him I'm Breaking
Oh, How I Wish That Was Me*


2. #2 Do You Trust Me?.

Tomlinson's Kitchen



Staycy's P.O.V

"Need Some Help?" I Turned Around To See Zayn Standing Behind Me With His Hands Still On My Waist.I Knew It Was Bad To Flirt With One Of My Brothers Bestfriend's But Who Couldnt Resist Thoes Beautfiul Hazle Eyes?.

"Sure" I Smiled.

"Just tell Me What To Do" He Smiled Back.

"Here" I Handed His Some Lettuce And A Knife "Start Cutting" I Told Him.He Gave Me A Crooked Smile And Sat On One Of The Stools And Starded Cutting.I Went To The Fridge To Get Mayo,Bread,And Turkey.Then We Starded Building The Sandwiches."So Tell me More About yourself".I Said.

"Theres Nothing really Much To tell"He Said Looking up At Me Thoes Gorgouse Hazle Eyed Peircing Into Mine.

"Okaii Then,Lets Play 20 Questions" I Said.

"How About Thirteen?" He Said.

"Why Thirteen?" I Asked.

"Thirteen Is My Lucky Number,And Ill Count That As Your First Question".He Smiled And Winked At Me And I Rolled My Eyes.

"Okaii then Start!" I Said Giving  Him A Sandwich And He Slapped Some Lettuce On It.

"Whats Your Favoret Song?" He Asked.

"I Wish,And Im Not Just Saying That Beacuse You Guys Sing It.Im Saying it Beacuse I Really Like The Song".I Said And He Smiled.

"Okaii Your Turn."

"Whats Your Full Name?" I Asked.

"Zayn Javaad Malik".

"Okaii,Umm,How Old Are You?" I Asked Passing Him Another Sandwich.

"Nineteen" He Said Proudly.And I Nodded.

"And You"

"About To Turn 18".He Nodded.

"What Do You Miss About Home" I Asked.

"All The Big Red Busses" He Laughed.

"Really?" I Asked.

"Yeah,Thoes Things Light Up The Whole Street,But Theres None Out Here".He Said And I Could See A Sad Face On Him.

"Do You Really Wanna Go To The Beach Today?".I Asked.

"I Do,But Keep A secrete For Me?.I Nodded."I Lied To Your Parents,I Have No Idea How To Swim,Im Actually Kind Of Afraid Of The Water"I Laughed.Hes Afraid Of Water How Cute Is That?.

"Why Didnt You Just Tell Them?".

"Beacuse I Wanted To Make A Good First Impression".

"Do You Like The U.S"i asked Trying To Change The Subject.

"Just Like Americans Say 'Theres No Place Like Home'".I Nodded In Agreement.I Mean The U.S Is Great!,But the U.K Is Much More Beautiful In Many Ways.

"Do You Consider Your Self As I Bad Boy".I Asked.He Cupped My Face.

"Whats 'Bad Boy' To You?". He Smiled.

"Tattoo's,Peircing's,And Flirting With Your Bestfriend's Sister".I Laughed.

"Then Yeah"He Smiled.The Game Went On For A While.

"Okaii,One More Question And Were Done".He Said.


"Do You have A Boyfriend?".He Asked.I Could Feel My Face Blush.

"Actually Im Single".

"What?,Thats Impossible,A Very Smart,Funny,And Beaufiul Girl Like You Cant Be Single".

"Oh Really?".I Blushed.

"Yeah!,A Beautiful Girl With An Amazing Persinality Like Yours Is Hard To Find".He Was Leaning Over Closer To My Face When..

"Woah!Did You Guys Seriously Make All Thoese Sandwiches?"Louis Said Walking In The Kitchen Interrupting The Moment.Zayn And I Looked Up To See All The Sandwiches We Made.There Must Of Had Been At Least 20.Zayn looked At he And Smiled.We Have Been So Distracted With Each Other That We Didnt Realize How Many Sandwiches We Made.

*Hours Later*

We Have Been At The Beach For About An Hour Already And I Got tired.I Went To Lay On The Sad For A While When My Phone Vibrated.I Looked Down And Saw That It Read 'Unknown Caller'.

"Hello?".I Answerd.

"Meet Me At The Tiki Shop".Zayns Voice Said To me.How Did He Get My Number?

"Why Should I?".

"Beacuse We Both Know You Do".He Said Then Hang Up.I Looked Around To See Liam And Louis Trying To Catch A Wave But Kept Falling.I Dont Think The'll Notice That Im Gone.I Walked Over To The Tiki Shop To Meet Zayn And The Beach Was Really Crowded.Im Surprized They Didnt Get Recognized Or Something.I Couldnt Find Zayn So I Just Sat On A Stool.

"What Can I get Cha?" The Lady At The Stool Asked.

"Um,Nothing Right Now.Thanks".She Walked Away.Where The Hell Is Zayn?.Then I Felt Some Strong Arms Hug Me From Behind And Heard His Voice In My Ear.

"Dont You Look Tempting".He Said Kissing My Cheek.I Pulled Away Not Knowing What To Do.His Hair Was Wet And He Had Some Water Drops On His Body.He Looked Even More Tempting."Im Glad You Came,Now Come Follow Me".He Said Grabbing my Hand And Oulling me Away From The Crowd.He Was Taking me By Where The Rocks Where And The Waves Waves Were To High For People To Swim On.Not To Mention It Was Restricted.

"Where Are You Taking me?" I Asked And Zayn Grabbed My Hands And Pulled My Wet Hair Out Of My face.

"Do You Trust Me?" He Asked And His Deep Hazle Eyes Looking into Mine.I Nodded.We Walked For About 15 Minutes And We Passed The Yellow 'Resticted' Tape But Zayn Just Ducked Under It.We Got To The Edge To The Beach Where There Were Rocks Preventing It To Walk Any Further.We Stoped And Zayn Grabbed Me Cose And Looked At The Waves Crashing Into The Rocks.

"Its So Beautiful" I Said.

"You Know What Else Is Beautiful?".He Asked And I Blushed.

"Me" He Said And I Rolled My Eyes.Zayn Laughed And Cupped My Face."Im Just Kidding".

"Your Stupid,And Mind Telling me Why You Brought Me Here?" I Asked.

"Its On My Bucket List".He Said Hugging Me Tight Putting His Chin On My Shoulder.

"What Is?" I Giggled.

"To Have Sex On The Beach".He Said. He Smirked.I Rolled My Eyes And Let Our Hands Drop.

"And What Makes You Think Ill Have Sex With You". I Asked Angerly.

"Beacuse You Cant Control Your Sexual Desires".Zayn Whisperd In My Ears.

"Im Not Having Sex With You!" I Yelled.Zayn Chuckeld And His Gorgouse Eyes Hit Me.

"We'll See About That"He Suddently Turned Me Around And Pushed Me Against The Wall His Body Against Mine.His Warmth On My Body Felt Good I Must Admit."I Hope Louis Forgives Me For This".He Said Licking His Lips And Kissing Me.He Sarted To Untie My Top Then I Pushed Him Off.

"What The Hell Is Your Problem?" I Yelled.I Dint Wanna Stop To Be Honest.He Chukled And Said

"I Like It When Girls Play Hard To get".

"Whatever,Im Going Back To The Beach."I Said Turning Around But Zayn Stopped.

"Wait,Are You Seriously Gonna Leave?"

"Um,Yes! You just Kissed Me Without My permision And Tryed T Have Sex With me!"Then I Walked Away Faster.

"Wait,So You Didnt Like It?" He Asked Stoping Me Again.

"You Forced Me!".Zayn Looked Confised.

"I Thought You Where Like Other Girls".

"What Othr Girls?"

"Like Liam's Sister And Other Girls,They Usually Dont Stop Me From Getting What I Want".

"Im Not A Slut Zayn.."I Said Walking Away.

"Wait!,Im Sorry,Pleasse Forgive Me".He Said.

"Whatever,Lets Just Not Talk About It".Zayn Nodded.

"I Truelly Am Sorry".He Said.We Walked Till We Got Back To Our Spot.

I Trusted Him...


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