Broken and Falling

The first book in the Mysterious Love Trilogy.

17 year old Maddy is a girl who likes to stay in the back ground. She never understood love or romance, and doesn't make a lot of friends. Dance is her everything. Everything is dance to her. That is until she meets someone who opens her eyes and takes her into a brand new light.


1. Lab partners?

I don't know why it happens. It doesn't make any sense to me. It's useless. It's stupid. It's painful. It's love. There's girls all around me at school staring at the new quarter back or couples holding hands at the lunch tables. It makes me sick. Everybody just has to be in love. Except me. All I care about is dance. Dance is all I have, and I'm not even that good! I've been in dance since I was three, which me benign 17 now means I've been in dance for 14 years now. I can't dance nearly as good as the other girls. I'm not as skinny as them, which is why. Nobody has ever paid attention to me, the "understated" Maddy Klein, and I like it that way. I try as hard as I can to stay in the background, and I do quite a good job. The only thing I'm good at. My parents don't know that though. They think I'm popular. They think that I love attention and am in multiple school activities that I am good at. They also, beyond all possibility, think that I, of all people, have a boyfriend, that they just "happened" to have never met. I just don't understand life. It doesn't make any sense how society expects you to be pretty, popular, good at everything, smart and of all things, in love.

"BEEP BEEP!" I roll over and smack my alarm clock hoping to hit the snooze button. "Bah!" I mumble irritated "Why does school have to start so early?" It's 6:00 AM for crying out loud! Who wants to get up This early to learn? I get up, get into a white "I <3 NY" tee that I got in Manhattan last summer, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and my silver toms. I put my ombré hair, that's dark brown on top and bleach blonde on the bottom, into my usual fishtail braid down my back, that reaches down to my lower back. I put on my make-up and run out the door to catch the bus, but grab an apple as I'm running out to eat on the bus, and my backpack by the door.

I start out with math, then head to history. After history we have a small break In the hall, before we go to our next class, which for me is chemistry.

During the break, I'm walking down the hall when some guy that I don't know bumps into me knocking my books out of my hand. We both quickly bend down to pick them up.

"I'm so sorry. My names Brock. I just moved here from Arizona."

"It's ok. I'm Maddy. How are you enjoying Miami?"

"It's great thanks. Hey can you help me find my next class?"

"Umm... Ya sure. What do you have?"


"Oh, that's what I have! It's just this way."

"Great! But I'm going to have to find a lab partner, aren't I?"

"Yup. I don't have one yet. I'm pretty much the only person who doesn't have one yet. So I guess your stuck with me." I laugh and he snickers along.

"I'm looking forward to it."

The bell rung, so we quietly continue to chemistry, where Brock and I are, after all, made lab partners.

(AN: sorry that this is a short chapter)
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