The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


14. Passage of Life

"Well um I um. can we talk about it later...I need to think of a better way to say it" I looked up to Liam who wasn't smiling but wasn't frowning just blank he looked at me and nodded. "After you" Liam said and opened the door to my flat, "Thanks" I said and went in. "I'm just going to go get ready" I told him walking into my room, there were still boxes lying around everywhere. "I'll just be out here" he said and plopped down on my couch. I laughed then closed my door, I grabbed my pink dress that was skin tight but had a little ruffle skirt over the normal straight one and then the back was open and lace. After curling my hair and doing my makeup I put on the dress and grabbed my cap and gown. "Li babe" I called as I grabbed my phone and walked out. "You ready?" Liam asked me as he locked his phone I nodded and walked tot he door opening it and then walking out. "Could you lock it please?" I asked him he closed the door and locked it then grabbed my hand. I smiled and then he walked with me to the car. "Thank you" I said as he helped me into his infinity. "So um you want to talk about something?" Liam asked pulling out of the parking space, I looked town at my knees and twiddling my thumbs. "Um not right now Li" I said looking up to him still twiddling my fingers. "Oh it um bad?" he asked me gripping the wheel "Well it could be, if you take it the wrong way" I said with a smile. "Oh okay" Liam responded and then gripped the wheel even tighter I placed my hand on his knee and gently squeezed smiling at him. "Could you not. I have to stay focused" Liam said sternly and then shot me a quick sly glare. What the hell? "Liam is something wrong?" I asked but he shook his head "No sorry" he told me I pulled my hand away as he pulled up to the big dome. "Oh well I'll see you later" I leaned over and kissed him but he didn't really kiss back. "Okay uh well I will see you later babe" I said and hopped out of the car. Right when I closed the door Liam practically sped away. I stood there for a minute before Cami came up behind me "Boo!" she said but I didn't even budge "Hi" I said quietly. "WOAH! El what's up?" Cami asked grabbing me and spinning me around "Nothing I'm fine" I said and smiled sucking in the few tears that were in my eyes. "No Ellie don't lie to me come on" she said "Really I'm just nervous" I admitted "Why? Liam? Did he do something?" I laughed "No nothing it's fine" I told her and then started to walk to the front doors. "I think I might love Liam" I said softly gripping the door handles, "You what?" she asked running up to me "I don't know something feels different and Liam told me that he loved me, I mean I just think I think I do love him and I'm going to tell him tonight" I said louder. "Well I guess if that's what your heart is telling you then I support you I mean when I told you that I was falling in love with Zayn and that I loved Zayn you stood behind me so here I am still standing" she said and then hit a powerful pose I laughed and then hugged her "Thanks Cam" I said "Okay now we are late!" she said pushing me through the door. 

I am literally shaking on the wings. I peered out through the curtains, finding Liam and my mum chatting and then James sitting next to her talking to Harry and Louis. Zayn was sitting with Cami's dad dad? Great he was here again. I saw Niall eagerly staring at the stage bouncing his leg up and down quickly, I giggled and then as if he could hear me Niall looked around and then looked back to the curtain and saw me. I smiled and then he winked and put his thumbs up, I was pulled back by Capri "Get in line!" she yelled quietly and pushed me behind her and then there was Dave behind me. Cami got put on the other side because it was by last name and since I was up in the beginning I got to sit almost in front. My class was small only about 87 people last year there were almost 130 or something like that. There were only a few D last names being Capri, Desmond, Chasity, and I. So we were in the front Capri and I were splitting the center of the stage and man did I feel awkward, I hated being in the spotlight, well not but um I mean like just sitting there I hate it. I wanted to become a police officer, teacher or famous but obviously the famous thing wasn't working out so this is what I got. I walked out and then we all sat down, people went up and gave speeches but I was too busy staring at Niall. Why did he catch my eye? He kept staring at me and smiling, mouthing silly things to me making me giggle. "Hey shut up" Capri said and smiled at me trying to act like nothing happened. I turned my head and glared at Niall who turned red, I rotated my eyes to see Liam not even looking at me but at his phone. I looked at Niall and threw my neck the direction of Liam telling him to get him to pay attention because I had something planned for later. Well I was asked to do it a while ago but now it meant something. I looked back to the podium where the kid Dave was giving a speech, after him was me...gosh I hope Niall has taught me well. I smiled at Niall nervously and then he nodded and smiled putting his thumbs up. I looked back as Capri nudged me with her knee "Shh" I said and nudged her back. "Thank you" Dave said and then left, I took a deep breath and then let it out "We would now like to welcome Elizabeth Durang and a few members of the honor choir." the principal said. I stood up and then went off stage and grabbed Niall's guitar. I walked back on stage my heels clicking on the stage floor. People started clapping at I sat up on the stool. I turned to Cami who was cheerfully standing behind me getting ready to sing, I only asked a few of the people to do harmonies in the background. I was obsessed with Ed Sheeran so I picked his song Kiss Me to sing and back 2 months ago it was just a really nice song that I liked but now it meant something to me. 

I stared strumming on the guitar and then looked up and saw my mum smiling tears already brimming her eyes. I smiled and then took a breath, "Settle down with me......Cover me up, Cuddle me in" I started to sing the song and then looked back to the guitar. I smiled slightly my lips still gushing the words to the song. Looking at Liam I winked and then the harmonies came in. "And your heart's against my chest, Lips pressed to my neck, I've fallen for your eyes, But they don't know me yet." I sang to Liam and he sat there emotionless "And the feeling I forget I'm in love now.... Kiss me like you wanna be loved" I desperetly looked to Niall worry clearly written in my eyes he shrugged and then said 'just sing to me.' I raised my eyebrows and then looked at Liam who was still staring now frowning. "I was made to keep your body warm But I'm cold as, the wind blows so hooold me in your arms" I begged Liam to show some emotion and then Niall shoved his arm and he looked at him confused 'She is your girlfriend this is for you!' I read off of Niall's lips. I continued to sing the song and then it came to the part where it always was intense. I stood up and handed the guitar to the person and then he grabbed it. We planned for this the band came in the background and then I stood up and stood by the mic. "Yeah I've been feeling everything from hate to love From love to lust to truth and I guess that's how I know you....So hold you close TO HELP YOU GIVE IT UP" I spat out those words at Liam and he raised his eye brow, I rolled my eyes and then looked at Harry who was smiling but confused. I smiled at him and decided that at this point it would be better to look at everyone but Liam. 

After finishing the song I put the guitar back and then sat down. When I sat down my class mates all patted my shoulders and then rubbed me and paid me compliments. I looked at Liam and gave him a glare 'Sorry' he said and shrugged. I shook my head and then looked back to the podium. Suddenly Capri got up and I realized that we were getting out diplomas. "Elizabeth Durang" she said and then I stood up and hugged and shook my teachers hands, I went and then the principal handed me my diploma "I'm proud of you" she said softly I gave her a hug and then went back to my seat.  I looked at Liam who had a small smile on his face and when I gave him a grin his disappeared. This is not how I want to spend my graduation.

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