The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


18. Missing you

*3 days later

Elizabeth’s P.O.V

I had gotten everything set up in my new flat and I had already set up posters for new roommates because I couldn't afford the rent! I was waiting for a girl named Mia to come today, I walked around my flat and then grabbed the tea and put it in the living place. I heard a knock from behind me and ran to the door. “Hi” she said shyly her curls shaking as she moved her head down, “Come in” I said happily and then opened the door wide. She nodded and walked into the flat “Woah this place is huge” she said turning in circles and looking at everything. I smiled and then pulled her to the couch “So you’re Mia?” “Yea I am, you’re Elizabeth?” she asked and I nodded “I’ve heard about you from magazines!” she said looking at me “And that’s okay?” I asked “Yea totally didn't you date Harry or was it Liam?” she asked me still looking around “Well…Liam” I said and looked down “Oh…I heard about the nasty break up” “What did you hear?” I asked surprised. “Just that you left him for Niall but then he kicked you to the curb and you moved here.” I sighed “It’s fine I don’t care what happened! I can forget it all! See” she said and made a rewind noise and then smiled “gone!” she shouted and hugged me. I laughed little did she know she had already gotten the spot of my roommate.

After Mia left to start packing and move in tomorrow I started making dinner for Jake and I. “Hey sister” Jake said as he walked into my room. “Hey bro” I said and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I have a surprise for you!!” he said smiling, oh god a surprise. “What?” I asked confused “He is a boy and he is also your best friend.” Jake said smiling “Niall?” I asked slightly smiling but still aware of the reason why I left. I nodded my head and then my heart dropped as the blonde hair boy walked into my flat. “Hey babe” he said and just stood there waiting for me to make some kind of move. “I’m sorry Niall” I said and ran wrapping my arms around him “Oh” he said as I wrapped him in a bone crushing hug.  “I missed you love" Niall said as he put his face into my neck. Hugging him I quickly regretted leaving, "But Why are you here?" I asked him looking up into his eyes. Niall looked to Jake and he nodded then left. "I need to tell you something" Niall said suddenly serious I nodded my head and then lead him over to the couch. "So what is it?" I asked inching closer to him "Well Ellie I'm not sure how to tell you this but um... Liam is back with Dani." I let out a small chuckle and then smirked "I knew it" I said to myself. I shook my head and shut my eyes tightly hugging myself "Do um want me to -" I shut Niall up quickly by shoving my body into his chest. Niall hesitantly wrapped his arm around me hooking onto my other shoulder. I tried my best not to cry but I loved Liam I truly did and now knowing that he was no longer mine and couldn't easily become mine I was horrible upset, he was my first love and I wanted him to be my last. "Hey Elizabeth I'll tell you what." Niall paused as he angled me so he could look at my face. "The rest of the boys are going to be here in about a week and there are going to be parties and outings of course so I want you to come out for at least could be um my date." he said looking down at his knees. I smiled and wiped away the remaining tears "I would love to Niall." I said shaking my head and then hugging him. I felt him let out a deep breath before hugging me closer. "So where are you staying?" "Well um no where yet...I was going to stay with Jake." "No Niall you can stay here, it's no problem!" I shouted smiling and throwing my hands up. He laughed and then nodded "I'll go get my things" he said and then stood up leaving me alone. 

*5 days later*

Mia’s P.O.V

Niall had helped me get all moved in and he really was such an amazing guy. Niall was at the studio wait for the boys to arrive and I couldn't help but smile as I read the texts he keeps sending me. “God damn” I yelled as I hit my toe on the corner of the table, I hobbled my way to the couch and examined my toe. I heard a knock come from the door…I wasn't expecting anyone…Ellie was at work and I was alone. I got up and put on a pair of sweats since I was wearing only shorts and a sports bra, I unlocked the door and then slowly opened it. “Elizabeth” the guy shouted and then wrapped me up in a huge hug, “Umm Mia?” I said softly he stepped back and that’s when I realized that it was Liam Payne! “Mia?” he asked confused, “Uh uh Yea” I responded and looked to the floor “Oh…I must have the wrong place…Sorry Mia” he said and waved then turned “Wait Liam” I said and then covered my mouth “You? You know who I am?” he asked and then stepped closer “Well of course you’re Liam Payne from One Direction” He sighed and then dropped his head “Well I know you also from Ellie” he looked up to me our eyes met and I shut my eyes. “Ellie?” he asked confused “Yea I’m her roommate” I told him “You should probably come in.” He nodded then walked past me and to the couch “Looks just like it” he said solemnly, I made my way over to the couch and sat down, I was soon joined by Liam’s warmth next to me. “She warned me about this.” I said softly to myself “About what? Me?” he asked and then scooted closer to me I looked up to him shocked and scooted away. “Yea, how you would come to get her…and she knew it would be soon because you guys were coming to New York…” I paused and took a breath “She also told me to not let you in.” “Oh…” he said softly “But Liam don’t worry!” I shouted and grabbed his hands. “She loves you! I know it! That’s why I let you in because I’m a girl and I know that she really wants to see you!” I said smiling “And how do you know that?” he asked slipping his hands out from mine and placing them on his lap. “Because she has billions of pictures of you and her and she collects magazines of you boys…sometimes when she thinks I’m asleep I can hear her.” I said and looked down not wanting to finish my sentence.  “Hear her what Mia?” I shook my head and grabbed my ears the sounds of her screams and cries filling my head. “Mia please” he said wrapping his arm around me “I hear her cries…” I paused and took a breath “And sometimes her screams…or what she calls them her pleas for someone…you” I shook my head again and this time shot up, “Liam she loves you…and you ruined it! The stupid magazines make her seem like the bad guy and it’s not right…that song at graduation it was all for you. Just fix it Liam!” I shouted and then stormed away “MIA! I’M SORRY I KNOW” Liam said from behind me. I ignored it and then closed my bedroom door and locked it. If he loved her then he would be able to do the right thing and stay fix it…I mean he was here for some reason.


Elizabeth’s P.O.V

I got out of the elevator and I heard shouts and cries coming from the end of the hall…my flat. “Mia?” I said under my breath and then started running to the end. I struggled to get the key into the lock but when I did I heard heavy footsteps coming from the door. Scared I backed away "Mi-Mia" I said softly and turned the knob on the door. "Ellie" Liam said as he took steps closer to me "No, I told her" I shook my head and pushed past him straight to her door and banged "MIA I TOLD YOU NOT TO LET HIM IN! YOU KNOW I'M NOT STRONG ENOUGH!" I shouted through now forming tears "MIA MIA" I cried sliding onto the ground and curling up. "El?" Liam said softly "What?" I snarled and glared at him "I'm sorry...can we please just talk?" I hugged myself and nodded my head "Talk" I said and he shook his head. "I love you please just listen seriously. I realized at the time you were a back up when we first went out I was doing it to get over Dani." I laughed and stood up "I don't need this Liam" I said wiping my tears "No listen, I knew there was something about you at the party that night I knew that someday I would be with you and Dani would be gone out of the picture. Because you make me feel like it's only us in the room. It took me at least half the relationship to realize I love you and you're the one but I did and breaking up with me only made me realize that you are the one for me." I smiled but still had my back turned to him "That's why I'm breaking up with Dani...tomorrow" I turned shocked and ran over to him "You can't that's MSG you can't be all depressed." he smirked "Hopefully I won't be." he said before nodding his head and then leaving. "Li-" I said as the door shut. "Go seriously before he gets to far away!" Mia shouted from behind me "I hate you but I love you" I said and grabbed my phone running out the door. "LIAM?" I yelled as I ran down the street "Liam" I said softer "LIAM LIAM" I yelled pushing past people until I saw him he turned and smiled but then I was pulled. I tried to turn and see who it was but I couldn't before I was being dragged down the street, "GET OFF" I yelled trying to run towards Liam who was now running to me. "LIAM" I yelled "Shut up okay" he said and then spun me around "Andy?" I asked confused "Yea now look what you've done...Liam is onto us." I shook my head in disbelief and then turned and saw Liam approaching faster. "Andy what is" "I just want you to know before you make any rash decisions that Dani wont just give up on Liam and there is no telling if you'll ever truly have Liam 100%." "So why are you telling me this?" "Because Liam spent a week crying in my flat trying to figure himself out  and when he did he decided on you but when he tried to break up with Dani the first time he couldn't because he still loves her... he loves you both." I looked up to Andy who smiled and then kissed my cheek "I really should be going if Liam knows it's me right now I'm more than dead. Please think about things okay?" "Yea I will but Andy I love Liam too.." "I know that's why you have to fight for him and show him that you're the right girl for him" he said and then took off down an alley. I was wrapped in Liam's warm embrace when all of the sudden lights started flashing "What the hell" I said and covered my eyes "Come on let's get you inside love" Liam said picking me up and putting me on his back then running to the direction of my complex.

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