The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


21. Longest Chapter ever....

"Stop it Liam it tickles." I shouted swatting at his hands and pushing his face away "You don't want my kisses?" Liam asked and did a pouty face. I shook my head and cuddled up to him "I just want to have a cuddle night Li" he smiled and wrapped his arms around me again and we went back to watching the movie. After about 15 minutes of watching the movie, I started getting scared again. I get scared really easily because I'm so gullible, "You're shaking." Liam said squeezing me tighter "I am?" I asked straightening myself up and trying to act tough, "Oh stop it" Liam said pushing me back down onto his chest. "Hey I'm tough" I said and held up my muscles "Oh yea those are muscles" Liam teased and then flexed his arms. My breath hitched at the sight of his arms and I kinda fangirled. I see why all of these girls are swooning over Liam he is very fit. "Hey hey girlfriend of mine if you don't mind coming back to reality." Liam said squishing my face with his hands "Okay okay sorry." I said shoving his hands away. All of the sudden a scream erupted from the television and I screamed and hurled myself into Liam and hid my face in his chest. Liam chuckled and hugged me close to him "Tough huh?" Liam laughed. "Shut up shut up shut up." I whispered, my body was shaking and I couldn't catch my breath. That stupid scream caught me so off guard and I was already freaking out and scared. Gosh everything scary running through my mind, ghosts, zombies, murderers everything. "Whoa Ellie are you okay?" Liam asked suddenly getting serious and gently grabbing my face so I was looking at him. I shut my eyes tears just falling out of my eyes, what the hell was happening I couldn't control myself anymore. I was shaking and crying and scared. Fear coursing through my body and I was tense. I just don't even know anymore. "Elizabeth what's going on babe?" Liam asked worried, that's when it hit me...I was's a panic attack I had them all the time when I was younger but they kind of gradually faded away. Last time I had one was like 16 I think when I got in a car crash. "Elizabeth talk to me I'm scared please." I looked at him and then hugged him and held him tightly "Ju-just hol-ho-hold me" I managed to get out, Liam wrapped me up and hugged me tightly rubbing my arm and my back. "It's going to be okay Ellie. I love you just deep breaths okay?" I nodded my head quickly and gripped the fabric of the back of Liam's shirt and breathed deeply. Just think about positive things these boys, my life, everything I have is good. I felt t being easier to breathe and I was cooling down. "Okay I think I'm good." I said putting my hand on Liam's chest "Thanks." I said kissing his arm that was around my shoulder.

"Are you sure you're okay? Do you need anything?" I chuckled and stood up, "No I just had a panic was too much stress and shit I don't even know." I laughed and walked into the bathroom. "I thought you didn't have those anymore?" he asked following me and leaning in the door frame. I went and splashed my face with water when I was done drying my face I turned and saw Liam and DAMN he looked gorgeous. "What's cookin' good lookin'" I said and winked Liam laughed and then pulled me into his arms "You sure you're okay?" he asked again "Yes Liam, it wasn't even that bad! Just if it ever happens again all I really need is to be held." he laughed and then nodded "Shouldn't be hard." Liam winked. I took his hand and pulled him onto the bed, sitting on my knees in front of him I put my hands at the hem of his shirt and looked at him. Liam's eyes were fixed on my hands awaiting my next move, I tugged at it and then pulled it off. I looked at him and he was still looking at my hand which were now carefully placed on his knees, his eyes scanned my body all the way up until our eyes met. "I love you" I whispered as I reached for his pant's button. "Are we really doing this?" Liam whispered to me putting his hands over mine, I stopped and shut my eyes. What was I doing? This literally would have no meaning behind it I'm just letting my sexual frustrations take over. I let my hands slip out from under his and move to the bed between us "No we aren't." I said shaking my head. I felt completely stupid, what the hell was I thinking? I turned and scooted to the edge of the bed and put my head in my hands, shaking my head. "I'm sorry Liam, I just got so caught up in you and everything and emotions." Liam chuckled and then put his hands on my shoulders and started rubbing them and he brought his face to the crook of my neck and kissed it softly. "Don't worry about it beautiful. I get easily caught up in you too. But we just got back together and you might want to make sure that you're comfortable and ready. I know you have your doubts about me and I want to show you that I'm yours forever before we do that." I nodded my head and tilted my head to the side "So does that mean we can't have fun." I said reaching my hands up to put over his. "No it means we should go slower." I giggled, damn I am in a sexual mood. "So slower huh?" I asked as I spun around and pinned him, I bit my lip and leaned my head in slowly kissing his neck. "Ellie you just had a panic attack I think we shouldn't push it." I took my head away from his neck and sat on top of him "You are just playing hard to get tonight." I said with a sigh he chuckled and put his hands on my hips, he moved my shirt off of my hips so he was touching my bare skin and rubbed circles. "Yes and no, I want you to be safe and I'm not comfortable running that risk with you right now." I sighed and leaned down and laid my head on his chest. "Fine. but you're only here for like 2 more days Liam then what?" I asked as I started to draw pictures into his chest "Then you come on tour with me." I looked at him shocked "I can't Liam! I've moved like 2 times in the past like 3 weeks. And I have Mia?! What do I do with her Liam? huh?" I was liked screaming now. How could he think I can just follow him around everywhere I don't have that kind of money. And I made a really good friend here. "Mia can come with Ellie. And we can have this be a get away home. I'll pay for it until you move completely out." I shook my head and got up "Liam you aren't understanding. I can't follow you around." I was now pacing through the room "Ellie! Niall likes Mia!" Liam shouted I spun around on my heels and stared at him "He what?" I asked confused "He is going to ask her to come with us for a bit." he explained "Wait what?" I was so confused I knew that there was something brewing but what? That's moving a bit fast. "Niall likes her and feels like he needs more time with her." I shook my head and started pacing again "Oh my gosh. What is even going on? She can't just go like that they just met. Liam I need to cool off and I'll be back later I promise." I said walking to the door "Wait what?!" Liam said jumping up "I will be back babe don't worry. I'm just going to cool down and get my head under control." I went up on my toes and kissed him softly and then walked out of the room. 

I walked through the hallway of the hotel looking for another boy's room to cool off in. My feet were cold against the tile that was lining the hallway so I hoped onto the carpet part of the floor. I heard video games and yelling boys...I assume that Niall was in this room with probably Harry because everyone else was out having fun where as they wanted to stay in. I stood at the door to their room and looked at the brown wood and then knocked. I looked down and noticed how cute my toes looked...I just painted them with Mia and she drew a flower on my big toe and man I hate feet but mine look cute. "Hello love..." Harry said and I looked up almost bumping my head into his chest "Sorry" I chuckled "May I come in?" he stepped to the side and allowed me to walk in. I looked around the room and found Niall playing video games in the living space. "Do you have another controller?" Harry looked at me confused and then nodded and walked over taking me with him. "Here love." he handed me a white xbox controller and I sat down next to Niall and turned the controller on "May I play next round?" I asked "You?" he laughed and then shrugged "Why not." I giggled and put my feet up on Harry's lap who was sitting on my other side, "So why not with Liam?" I threw my head back onto Niall's lap and he quickly patted my face and then went back to gaming. Harry and I laughed but then it got serious "Well I was just getting really annoyed and heated with him and I didn't want to yell at him so I left to cool off." "About what?" Niall asked I chuckled and looked up at him through the controller and his arm 'O' shape that he was making with his arms "You're not too busy with games to listen Nialler?" I teased "Do you want me to pause this shit because I can and will if you want." Niall said and glanced at me "No it's fine. And Harry to answer your question it was because he wanted me to come on tour with you guys...and I was mad because I just moved like two times and I can't be chasing him around and following him everywhere." Harry rubbed my leg and smiled a cheeky at me "We want you to come. You're like the band's sister now..." "Yeah defiantly little El Bell" Niall said and ruffled my hair but then quickly got back to games. "I'll think about it okay? Right now I just want to kick your ass in fifa bitch" I shouted sitting up and grabbing the controller, Niall laughed and playfully shoved me "Hell nah bitch" he shouted and then started a new game.

I was getting so concentrated and into this game, Niall and I shouting profanities at each other while trying to distract one another. "NIALL NOO I AM GOING TO WIN!" I shouted standing up, Harry laughed and I shot him a glare "What are you laughing at pretty boy?" Niall laughed "Awh Shit you got told!" he shouted. I laughed and took a step closer to the telly, "Fuck you!" I shouted as I scored a goal "Yea SUCK IT!" I said and hip thrusted at the boys. We all broke out into a fit of laughter and then Niall got all serious and stood up and advanced to me. I stood up tall he was only slightly looking down on me. We were nose to nose...literally and staring at each other trying not to smile "Don't chicken out Niall." Harry shouted and I glared at Niall looking into his blue sparkling eyes. "You have nice eyes Niall" I said in a slightly angry tone to keep the competition going "Yea so do you. And your bum you have a nice bum." I smiled and then poked his chest "Going to give up smart ass?" I asked and poked him again. "Wait Niall....I can agree with that statement." Harry said from behind me. "Hey no double teaming boys." I said still looking at Niall but trying to swat Harry away. "This is too much fun the Ellie." Niall said poking me, Harry chuckled and joined in "Fine I give." I said and threw my hands up. "Good." Niall said and then I was thrown over his shoulder. "Harry do you have a spare pair of shorts that we can put on her?" Niall asked poking my butt "Aye stop!" I said and hit his hand away "Yea I think we do...what are we doing?" he asked as he left the room to get what I expected to be shorts, "Just a little public fun." Niall said. "Oh HELL NO NIALL!!" I shouted and started squirming "Oh come on...A 120 pound girl against me...let's go pip squeak." Niall said and smacked my butt "Hey I am not single anymore! That's only for Liam!" I heard Harry chuckled loudly as he came out carrying some swim trunks. "Oh Ellie Liam will understand this is just initiation." Harry said as Niall laid me on the floor and pinned me allowing Harry to put on the trunks. "Initiation into what?" I asked as I tried to push Niall off "Into the band." Niall said with a wink. "Why would you think I want to be apart of your band?" I said and stopped squirming looking at Niall "Let's put it this way's initiation into being a band sister. Well more like a band girlfriend." I chuckled and then felt Harry tighten the shorts "They're on Niall." he said Niall nodded and then I was swooped out from under Niall and onto Harry's shoulders. "Come on guys. Can't we just say that I already did the initiation?" I asked trying to plead with them "Nope sorry." Harry responded and squeezed me. "Well can you tell me what consists of this initiation?" "Many this Liam's?" Niall asked pulling on my shirt I fake laughed and then pushed him away as best as I could "Who do you think it is?" Niall fake smiled and then we got into an elevator. I closed my eyes and then just gave was going to happen whether I liked it or not. I heard a click and then I opened my eyes and saw Niall opening the pool gate. "Whoa Whoa Whoa!" I shouted and started banging on Harry, "Any electronics?" Niall asked "Where would I put them?" I said "Sassy...we will just have to cool that down." Harry said chuckling. "Here Niall take these." he said and handed him his Iphone "Video this." he said and Niall laughed "Yea mate." "GUYS GUYS PLEASE!" I shouted as a last resort. "Hey Harry!" one of the fans yelled he groaned and turned and waved. "What are you doing?" another one asked, these fans were buying me time. I started squirming but Harry's grip tightened on me "Just sending our little band girlfriend in for a dip love." Niall chuckled and then smiled at me "Having fun?" he whispered in my ear "Oh yea time of my life." I said sarcastically "Her Sasso meter is off the charts Haz we gotta hurry." Harry chuckled and walked to the edge of the pool "Okay love ready?" "Yea super ready Harry this is my dream." I said sarcastically "Damn!" Niall yelled. Harry counted down and then right as he released me I grabbed him and pulled him in with me. "YOU B-" "Now now Harry there are fans here." I said and smirked "I really really don't like you right now love." Harry said and pulled himself out of the pool. "Help me out?" I asked and they both looked at me and Harry pulled me out "Thanks." I said and kissed his cheek. "So to the rooms to shower?" I asked Harry huffed and grabbed my hand and I grabbed Niall's. I waved bye to the fans and so did Niall. We made our way back up to the room and I hugged them both Niall was still cracking up and Harry couldn't be more pissed off. "Oh you want these back?" I asked as I took off the swim trunks both of the boys eyed me up and then Harry snapped out of it and grabbed the trunks and stomped away. "Love you Ni sleep well. And tell Harry I'm sorry bout pulling him in but it wouldn't have happened if you boys just lost your ego." Niall smiled and then hugged me "Agh you're wet." he shouted "Weird." I said and he chuckled walking down the hallway "Night Niall." I said and then turned to knock on the door but was greeted by Liam. "Want to explain why you are wet?" I chuckled and then walked into the hotel room.

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