The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


1. Little Get Together

Elizabeth's P.O.V

"LET'S GO ELLIE" Cami yelled to me, I looked in my big mirror My brunette hair was pulled over one shoulder it had my natural beach waves in it. I was wearing a pink tight dress with black stripes on it and my black pumps. I grabbed my handbag and then walked downstairs, "SHIT did I over dress?" I asked because Cami was wearing a black high-low skirt with a bright yellow top and black strappy heels she laughed and smiled. "No you're fine" she said and grabbed my arm "Bye Mr. Durang" Cami yelled and pulled me out the door and shoved me into the car. "God now we're late." she said and started the car. Cami was bringing me to her friends house for a party, all I knew was that she said there would be hot guys that I would want to meet. She was the social light of the two of us, I was the one that sat at home and loomed around the house. We pulled up to a huge ass house and Cami jumped out, "Come on!" she yelled and walked through the door. I quickly caught up to her and then stood frozen in awe of the huge house. "Ellie come on stop" she says and pulled me through a group of people, "Sorry" I said as I bumped into a blonde haired guy he turned to me and smiled his blue eyes piercing through my body "It's fine love" he said and then I was pulled away again. I turned and shoved her off of me "Cami what ar-" I looked in front of me and there was a towering male standing in front of me. "Ellie this is Harry" she said and gestured to him I looked at the floor suddenly feeling insecure "Hi" I said looking at my feet. Cami laughed and then patted my shoulder "I'm going to find Louis and Eleanor......Harry do you have any idea where they are?" Cami asked and then she left. I looked up and saw his chest he was obviously much taller than me even in heels. "Let's go" he said and then pulled me into the crowd.

He put his hand on my lower back and pushed me into his body I put my hand on his chest pushing away but he didn't allow me to leave his grasp. He swayed my hips to the music and then went down to my neck his hot lips made contact with my skin and I winced as he sucked. "Get off" I said and pushed his head away. He looked at me confused his curls covering the top of his face I swiped them away so that I could look at him in the eyes. "Don't try anything" I said and pushed him away "I wont" he smirked revealing some dimples. I complied and then he pulled me back to his chest, I put my head into his chest and swayed to his pace. I opened my eyes when Harry's touch had left my body and I saw him being pulled away. I stood in the middle of the people all dancing in the living room bodies hitting me left and right. I fell to the floor with a thud and then felt a strong pair of hands pull me up "You okay babe?" the guy asked "Yea fine thanks" I said and wiped the dust off of me. I looked up to see a cute tall guy with a buzz cut he had very large muscly arms. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt that was rolled up past his elbows to reveal the muscles he so obviously had. "Here come with me" he said and pulled me out of the crowd and then into a bathroom. He looked at my arms for any damage and carefully examined my face. "I'm fine really thanks" I said he pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear "I'm Ellie" I said and looked up into his eyes. "I'm Liam" he said and stuck his hand out I giggled and then took his hand in mine and shook it. "Firm" he said and laughed I laughed with him and smiled. "So how do you know Louis?" he asked and sat up on the counter "My friend Cami knows him and brought me along." I leaned against the door and looked at Liam and smirked "Oh Cami! Yea she comes over all the time...mostly to see Zayn" Liam looked at his feet and that's when I knew he liked her. "Oh" I said simply and looked at my feet with him "You ummm You like Cami don't you?" I said and looked at the floor, I felt Liam's strong hand pull my face up "I did" he said with a smile. What did he mean by seemed like he still does. 

I fell backwards as the door opened. I screamed but Liam caught me "Babe you need better balance" he said and winked. I laughed as he pulled me up to his chest and then his beautiful smiled disappeared I frowned and turned to see the blonde boy I had bumped into before. "Well I was going to use the restroom but I can see it's occupied" he said "No No it's not" Liam said and let go of me I looked at the two boys and then pushed past the blonde one. I walked through the crowded halls and up some stairs. I looked around and then saw a door and opened it. I saw the curly haired boy I had met earlier making out with a girl on the bed. I stood frozen until Harry turned to me "Oh hey there Ellie" he said and smiled. I rolled my eyes and then closed the door and went back down stairs. I grabbed a drink and drank it down. Then I grabbed another one and downed it too, before I knew it I was dowing drinks like they were water. "That's enough for you" Cami said and took the cup from my hands "Cami come on you know I can handle more" I said and took it back from her hands. She laughed and then pointed to the blonde boy "He said the same thing" she said and I laughed at the guy that was stumbling around. "Here...go take him and go up to a room and make him have a way of making people fall asleep" she said and smirked "Shut up!" I said and set down the cup. I stumbled my way over to the blonde guy and took his arm in my hand "Come on" I said and he smiled "Where?" he asked "Just come on" I said and then pulled him up stairs. "This way" he said and pulled me to a room.

"This is the room I'm staying in" he said and pointed to the bed. I laughed and then closed the door with my foot, "So you're drunk and I'm drunk right?" he said and laughed I nodded and kicked off my heels. "Oh I'm Ellie by the way" I said and took off my jewelry and placed it next to my shoes. He kicked his shoes off next to mine and then took off his shirt. He walked over to the dresser and pulled out some sweats and a black t-shirt and threw them at me "I'm assuming that Cami sent you up here to go to sleep too" he said and then started unzipping his pants. "Umm" I said and hugged the clothes "Oh" he said and pointed to the door in the corner "The bathroom" he said I laughed and nodded my face turning red as his pants dropped I quickly went into the bathroom and then unzipped my dress. I put on his clothes and then picked up my dress and walked out "I'm Niall" he said and then climbed into the bed. "You're not expecting sex?" I asked confused because in any other situation the guy would be attacking me wanting sex. He laughed and then shook his head "No of course not we just met" I looked at him shocked and then put my dress by the rest of my stuff. "Oh and Cami did send me up" I said and he laughed and pulled me under the covers "She always sends me up....but this time she sent me up with a beautiful girl" he said and then pulled me to his chest. I pushed him away "Sorry" he said "No it's fine" I said and then scooted closer to him I took his arm and put it around my waist and I felt his hot breath on my neck as he moved my hair off to the side. "Well goodnight Niall" I said and kissed his hand he laughed and then tightened around me pulling me closer "You're perfect for sunggling" he said and then entwined our legs "So tiny" he said "Thanks I think" I said and then he ran his fingers through my hair. "Goodnight Ellie" he said and softly touched my ear with his lips not kissing my ear but just grazing it. He continued to play with my hair and hum me songs until I fell asleep. 

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