The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


11. It gets better

Elizabeth's P.O.V

It was almost graduation and it's been 2 weeks since I've seen or talked to the boys except Zayn but that's because he is over all the time with Cami. This Saturday is prom and I honestly didn't want to go with anyone but one of the boys I mean not Louis or Zayn but any of the others, last I heard Dani and Liam broke up again. Zayn was coming over so that we could plan how he was going to ask Cami because he still hadn't. I had put on my light blue jean shorts and a hot pink bandeau top my hair was in it's natural waves and I only had on mascara not worried about my looks because it was Zayn. I heard a knock and I ran down stairs "ZAYN" I said and hugged him "Hey El. How are you?" Zayn asked as we went and sat on the couch "Good actually" I said and smiled "You still don't have a date do you?" he asked "No" I said and looked down "But it's okay because the only person I would want to go with doesn't want to go with me" I said and smiled "You are super weird" he said and then I pulled out my note book where I wrote down my ideal way to get asked to prom and I knew that Cami would love it too. "So um this is how I would want to be asked and Cami told me she doesn't care and I know that she would like this." I said and handed him the note book. "Is this yours?" he asked as he flipped to my lyrics page "Yea just skip that" I said and laughed "They are pretty good" Zayn said "Just stop okay" I said and he shrugged and went back to the prom page. "Are you even going?" I shook my head "There is no reason for me to see everyone happy when I'll just be sad" I said and shrugged, Zayn bit his lip and then looked up from the book "What if Harry asked you?" I was shocked what if he asked me what would I say I mean we went from best friends to dating to not talking I still had feelings for him but not really as strong as I had for Liam. "I would say no I like someone else" I said and looked out the window "Well you can't leave me hanging" Zayn said, I liked Liam he had grown on me he texted me everyday saying good morning and wanted to know how I was doing he tried to see me a few times but I didn't want to cause drama so I refused every time but I defiantly liked him a lot I always have since the night we first met. "Niall?" Zayn guessed "God no he is just a friend, I mean not like that but I mean that I'm too close to him" I said and Zayn nodded and then smirked "That leaves one" he said and smiled devilishly I laughed and then turned red "You like Liam" he said "Maybe" "God I should've known he always talks about you and how he misses you and wants to see you" I laughed and then covered my face "I don't want to go to prom anyways okay" I said and shook my head laughing "Uh huh" "I also don't want to be his back up plan" I said and looked at Zayn "You think Liam would just use you like that?" "No but him and Dani just broke up" "Yea a week ago" "Just let's finish this" Zayn shrugged and nodded.

*2 days later*  

"Cami get up" I said and pushed her "Ugh no" she said and rolled over "You get to see Zayn today" I said and she perked up her newly died dark pink almost purple hair flinging up over her shoulders, "I do!" she said and smiled. She jumped out of bed and then looked at me "Is that what you're wearing?" "Yea comfy day" I said and shrugged "No no I have a surprise for you today so you have to wear clothes." Cami said and ran to my wardrobe. She pulled out a mint colored losse tank top that tied at the bottom with lace for the straps and then light blue jeans and then some white converse "I agree" I said and smiled she nodded and then I went and changed in the bathroom, I had already put on some sparkly eye shadow and then a thin line of eyeliner over my top lid and mascara. I decided to put my hair up in a bun and then I put in some mint rose earrings and a batman bracelet because well I love batman. I walked out of the bathroom and Cami was all dressed in some hot pink pants and then a black half shirt with black a pink leopard print vans. "You look cute" I said "Thank you did I tell you that your hair really looks good?" she asked I laughed "Yea that's because you died it" I said, last night Cami and I died our hair I went a dirty blonde route and Cami went the pink route. "Ready?" I asked and grabbed my bag and keys "Yup" she said and then we walked down stairs "Bye mum oh bye Jake" I said and waved to my brother who just came home from the army er slash America, he went to live there and then he got into the army. "Bye baby see you later" she said smiling "Have fun today wait I know you will" Jake said I looked at him confused but Cami pulled me out the door. When we got to school I had to rush to class because of course Cami and I spent too long at Starbucks. "Sorry" we said as we sat in the back of the class. "Oh this is for you Elizabeth" my teacher said and she handed me a note and a rose. "Who is it from?" Capri asked I opened the note and then read it 

'Well good morning beautiful! I remember the first time I said that you were so cute and anyways I just can't wait for later see you soon xx'

I looked around confused "Well" Capri said "I'm not sure" Cami giggled "I know but I can't tell" she said I glared at her "It's a surprise" she said "Better be a damn good one Cami" I said "Girls" the teacher said and then we looked back to him. When lunch rolled around I was walking down the stairs and then Cami told me to stay on the steps, Capri looked at me and shrugged. "What the hell?" I said as she pulled me "Close your eyes" she said and I closed my eyes and let her lead me. I heard a familiar song playing and then she dropped my hand  "Okay" she said and then I opened my eyes and then I saw the boys walking around the lunch room singing. I covered my mouth and then saw Zayn wink at me, they were singing Magic and I thought that Zayn was doing this for Cami. She was standing next to me lightly dancing in in place. "Cami this is do exciting" I said and shook her she was going to be so surprised. I looked around and couldn't find Liam which was weird because I could hear his voice. I looked around and then all of the sudden someone stood up on a table and held up a sign that said 'Ellie', I looked at Cami and she smiled at me. Then another sign popped up that said 'Prom?' I felt a tear brim in my eye and then I watched as Liam came down our stairs and then he came to me and stood in front of me holding roses and he sang 'Kiss you once and I can't leave cause everything you do is magic, oh everything you do is magic.' I looked at him confused and then felt all the eyes on me. "Ellie will you please go to prom with me?" he asked I looked at Zayn who was smiling and nodding and then I looked to Liam who was holding the roses to me I nodded not able to speak because of the lump in my throat. The whole lunch room burst into cheers and claps. "But Cami?" I asked confused and then Zayn came and wrapped his arm around her "I already asked her a long time ago but we wanted to find out how to ask you" he said and kissed Cami's cheek. "Thanks guys" I said and hugged the rest of the boys but Harry I just stared at him and then Liam saved me and pulled me into a hug. "Yay" I said and kissed his cheek. Cami and I let the boys go and sign things and take pictures while we ate. "So you did all of this?" I asked Cami "Well actually we just gave Liam your notebook and he put it all together" she said and smiled "This is literally perfect!" I said and shoved the pineapple into my mouth. 

*3 days later*

I slipped into my dress which was long and strapless, the top was faded silver to pink bedazzles and then in flowed out to the floor and was white with a layer of pink tool over the top. "Cam help" I said and she game and sipped up my dress. Cami was in a light blue high-low dress with one half of the top silver bedazzled at a diagonal she had on silver sparkly pumps and her hair was loosely half up and her make up was done perfectly. Honestly we both looked like amazing like no one could touch us! "Liam and Zayn are here" my mum shouted I smiled and squealed to Cami. Cam walked down first and then I waited until I heard Cami's heels stop moving I carefully walked down my stairs and then looked at my mum who was in full tears and then Liam was smiling huge. "You look stunning" he said and I hugged him then gave him a small kiss on the cheek my mum flashing pictures the whole time. We took some real pictures and then we left and got in the limo.

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