The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


13. I'm not sure

Elizabeth's P.O.V

I woke up unsure of myself, the 'dream' I had last night left me with questions. Well the dream was more just a thinking session while I slept. What if I was only Liam's back up like if Dani suddenly wanted him back would he take her? And what if they did get back together and then broke up would Liam expect us to get back together? Did I really have feelings for Liam? I mean of course but was I telling myself that I liked him or did I really? I rolled over and sighed looking at Liam's careful caring face as he slept. His lips parted slightly allowing small huffs of breath to escape his lips, Liam hadn't held me last night, that was the first night he hasn't held me and honestly it felt bad. Well not right I felt alone and unsafe, I swung my legs over the bed and then put my feet into my fluffy pink slippers and walked out into the kitchen. I made us some tea and then went back into the bedroom to see Liam propped up on his elbows rubbing his eyes. "Well good morning beautiful" he said and yawned causing me to yawn "Good morning Li" I said and handed him the mug. "You're sweet" he said and then kissed my cheek, "Yea" I looked down to my mug a swirled the tea in it. "What is it love?" he asked me and I looked up to him and smiled "Nothing" I said and shook my head "Really? El I know you way to well you can not lie to me" he said and then put his mug down on the table "Please tell me" he carefully placed a firm grip on my knee and smiled at me "Really I'm fine" I leaned in but he put his finger to my mouth "No Ellie please tell me" god damn it why was he so good at this. "Can we talk about it after I shower?" I asked Liam nodded and then took my hand into his "I'm sorry if I did anything, I love you" he said and smiled slightly. I tried not to let my jaw hang open but it was hard, Liam just told me he loved me, I couldn't say it back I wasn't sure if I loved him hell I was barley sure if I liked him. No i knew I liked him but I wasn't sure if I loved him...I still have thoughts and confusion. I nodded and then got up and went into the bathroom. What did you just do Elizabeth? 

I got out and Liam had came in apparently and laid out some clothes for me. He picked out some black skinnies and then a baseball tee with black sleeves, cute. I slipped on the clothing and then tied my hair up in a high pony tail, "Liam?" I yelled in my softest sweetest tone. Liam's head peered through the bathroom door and he smiled at me "Yes love?" "Can we go out for breakfast to talk?" I asked I watched his head drop "I kind of wanted to have an in day today babe" he said and frowned "Oh Li Li that's fine we can do that" I cupped my hand around his cheek and smiled "If you really want we can watch Toy Story" I said and kissed his cheek "Any one?" he raised his eyebrow and then smiled I nodded and then he gave me a quick kiss and left. I shook my head and then put on mascara and some chap stick. "So" I said and sat on the couch next to him, "Mmhmm?" he asked "Liam it just that I'm scared" I said and slammed my hands into my face "Babe it's okay just talk to me" he said and then pulled me under his arm "I'm afraid that you'll leave me for Danielle or what if she wants you back and you want her?" I said shaking my head "I would never leave you Ellie. And Dani and I broke up for a's not meant to be" I looked at him and he had the look of sincerity and love "Liam I can't say I love you" I switched my gaze to his lip in between his teeth "I don't expect you to but I want you to know I love you." I smiled "It will come Liam" I said and winked Liam laughed and then pulled me up onto his lap. "Okay now watch the movie" Liam said and then played the movie. Liam's phone went off about 30 minutes into Toy Story and he reluctantly answered it, I slid off of his lap and laid my head back on the couch putting my feet on his lap. "Hello?" Liam said smiling at me "Yea hi, yup. Okay calm down I will okay bye" he hung up his phone and then groaned "What is is baby" I said and sat on my knees in front of him, "I need to go." Liam looked at his phone and then back to me "You can come it will be quick" I nodded happily and then jumped up "Let's go" I said and ran to the door. Liam laughed and then he gently tugged me out.

"Why are we here Liam?" I asked angrily "Please I just need to speak to him" he pleaded grabbing my hands and pulling me to the door. He knocked and then put my in front of him so that I couldn't leave, "Liam stop" I said and pushed on his chest "Come on babe you have to do this." he said and then turned me to face the door. I took a deep breath and then punched Liam's arm "Ow that actually hurt" he said and smiled "Shut up Liam" I turned to face him and then gave him a kiss "If you want me to do this then you should probably go, I think I need to do this alone" Liam nodded and gave me a sympathetic look "I love you babe" he said and then hugged me. "Bye Liam" I watched Liam walk away and then out of sight. I sighed and then turned back to the door and knocked again. "I'm coming!!" his deep voice rang from behind the wood door, my only barrier between seeing my last love and my first love. As the door opened my eyes traveled all over his towering body. Taking in every part of him I bit my lip and tried to push back my feelings and thoughts. "Oh I wasn't expecting you Ellie" he said and then grabbed the back of his neck "Bullshit" I said and pushed past him into his flat. "Here sit" he said and then started to walk to the couch, I grabbed his hand and then pulled him around to face me "No I think we should both stand" I told him he nodded and then I watched a smile fall on his face "Your hands are still the same soft ones I remember" he said looking at our fingers wrapped around eachothers. I quickly pulled out of his grasp and then he sighed "You know I'm sorry" he said looking at the floor. It hurt my heart to see him so sad he hasn't been the same and I miss him so much but I know I can't go back to him. "Elizabeth what can I do to get you back?" he said and then stepped closer now only an arm's length away. "Harry don't come closer" I said and he stopped abruptly and raised his eyebrow "I can't risk it" I said looking down. "Risk what love?" he asked and walked closer "Harry you know what I mean" I said and stepped back "Nothing is the same Ellie, I want it to be back to the old stuff" I shook my head and put my hand on his chest feeling his chest rise and fall with every breath he took "And why is that?" he asked putting his face inches away from mine. "Harry I'm with Liam" I said and brushed the hair away from his eyes "I know" he said softly "So we can't be back to normal" I told him he looked to me with green orbs filling with tears "Stop no no stop" I said and wiped his tears "Ellie I still love you" he said softly though his small tears. DAMN IT! "God damn it Harry" I mumbled I looked up to Harry's watery eyes I cupped my hands around his face and smiled at him "I might regret this later but" I said and Harry looked at me confused. I pulled his face into mine crashing our lips together, you know that feeling you get when you want something but know that it isn't god for you like a cookie or chocolate, well that's Harry. I pulled away and Harry leaned back in but I put my hand over his mouth "No Harry" I said "But" "No seriously I shouldn't have done that" I shook my head and then pushed him away "I love Liam, Harry" I said looking down "And sadly it took this to make me realize it...I just want you as a friend" I said and grabbed his hands, he looked at me and then gave me a tight hug "I'm sorry I made you do this Ellie" he said into my hair "You didn't make me do anything" I said into his chest "No I did and I'm sorry can we be friends, like old times?" he asked and I smiled and nodded "Thanks Harry" We hugged again and then Liam came in. 

"Harry" Liam said gently "Yea mate?" Harry responded with me still wrapped in his chest, I coughed and then Harry laughed "Oh" he said and released me "Uh Liam I think Ellie has something to tell you" he said with a wink to me. I looked at Liam and then at Harry "Really Harry" I said and shoved him he laughed and then wrapped his arms around my shoulders "El let's go." Liam said and glared at Harry "Oh Li Harry and I are just friends! We sorted it out" I said and looked up and Harry who nodded. "But Harry I really must be going I have graduation later" I said and hugged Harry "Okay bye love. I will text you" I nodded and then left with Liam. As we walked down the stairs to my flat Liam hooked his fingers around mine "So what is it you needed to tell me?" he asked looking at me.

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