The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


5. I think I like you

*2 weeks later*

I've become pretty close with all the boys especially Liam and Harry and Niall....Cami wont let me get near Zayn so I haven't really gotten to know him. Louis is Louis he is funny charming and sweet but he is El's. Liam was back with his ex Dani and I mean I liked them together but I liked Liam first or met him first and made that connection first so I guess you could say that there was a little bit of jealousy. "Ellie" my mum called from downstairs, "Yea" I responded "Harry is here" I smiled and then got up "Okay tell him to come up" I said and then looked at myself in the mirror "You're fine Ellie" Harry said from behind me. "I know!" I said and spun around, Harry and I have become pretty close and I guess you could say we were best friends or something like that. I was still in high school where as all the boys were out and on with their musical career that I was so dumb to not know about. "Ellie I was wondering if you wanted to come to rehearsals's the last one before tour and Cami will be there." I nodded and smiled "Of course" "Okay real talk now why did I need to be over here quickly?" I laughed and pulled him onto my bed, I turned on the radio so my mom wouldn't listen. "So you remember about my dad...the story I told you" he nodded Harry was the only one that knew the full story the others knew bits and pieces. "I want to go back to the gym on Monday" I said and Harry looked at me "Are you sure Ellie...That's a big step I want to be there with you just in case" I nodded "Then let's go now" I said and jumped up "I have your clothes here Harry" I added running over to the drawer that Harry had made in my room his. I pulled out a tank-top shorts and some sweats and threw them at him "C'mon silly let's go" Harry always slept over at my house especially recently with me finally recovering from my dad. I grabbed a sports bra and then some spandex and laid them on my bed. I pulled my shirt off over my head and then took off my jeans. I looked at Harry who was starring at me "What you make me feel all self conscious when you stare" Is aid and laughed "There is no need to be you're beautiful" he said and stood up. He took off his shirt and I couldn't help but stare too "Ellie" he said and laughed "Sorry" I said and then turned away and unclipped my bra and took it off. I replaced it with my neon orange sports bra that I loved and then put on my spandex. I put on some of Harry's sweats and then my volleyball shoes. "You ready?" I asked and he smiled and nodded. I grabbed my gym bag and walked out of my room Harry following behind me. I zipped up my hoodie half way and then walked out the front door "Be home later mum" I yelled as Harry closed the door. 



"Are you sure?" Harry asked as I got out of the car. "Just keep my mind off of it okay" I said and kissed his cheek. he nodded and then followed me into the gym. I looked at the allyway and Harry took my hand "Leave it El" he said and pulled me through the doors. "Ellie" I heard a familiar voice call. "ADAM!" I shouted and ran and hugged him "We've missed you" he said and kissed my head. I laughed "Well I'm back there a free gym?" I asked and he nodded "You want me to come with you?" he asked I shook my head "No I have Harry" I said and turned to Harry who was off talking to some girl I rolled my eyes and then something inside me you can't like Harry. I turned back to Adam and smiled "Well it looks like my 'date' left me" I said quoting the word date. "I can go with you...if you want?" I nodded and then he lead me to a gym in the back. I put my bag down on the side while Adam set up the volleyball nets, I took off my sweats and then put on my knee pads. "Okay I'm probably rusty" I said as I started to stretch, he laughed and then hit a volleyball at me that I imeditatly hit back "WHAT THE HELL?"  I yelled and spiked a ball at him he laughed "Rusty huh?" I laughed "Okay well it runs in my blood so shut up" I smiled and then we started to actually play. 

About 15 minuets later I head someone calling my name...HARRY! "Shit" I said and ran out to the door "HARRY" I yelled and then his cute curly hair spun and bounced with his head. "There you are" he said and walked to me "I was in here" I said and pointed to the gym that I was in. "Someone was too preoccupied" I said and looked at my feet. Harry's finger went to my chin and then drew my face up to meet his look, his green orbs looking into mine. "Sorry" he said looking usually sad "oh it's fine babe just come watch...I don't want to hurt you" I told him and winked. He laughed "You coul-" he stopped dead in his tracks when he said Adam. 


Harry's P.O.V

"Who is this guy?" I said apparently a little to defensively because Ellie grabbed my bicep and gently rubbed it. "I'm not the one that was flirting with other girls while I had a girl here." I looked at this guy I could easily kick his arse, but then I felt Ellie's hand leave my arm "It's fine we're just friends" she said and then walked to the other side of the net "This is Adam" she said and then put her hand on his shoulder, the way he looked at her annoyed she was already his and has been. She wasn't his. "I'm Harry" I stuck my hand out for him to shake it but he laughed "Come on match" he walked to the door "Ellie can warm up with you" he said and then walked out the door. What was his problem? I mean was he jealous? "Sorry about Adam...I guess he has changed a bit" I laughed and hugged Elizabeth "It's fine" she nodded and then pushed me under the net "Okay Harry I'll go easy" she said and smiled cheekily. "No love, I want to see what you're made of" I smirked and then stood at the other end."Are you sure Harry?" I nodded and she shrugged. I watched as the unzipped her jacket revealing the orange she was wearing under. She smirked and then bounced the ball and next thing I knew it was flying at me and I was on the floor. "HARRY!" she yelled laughing and then she was by my side. "I told you! I should go easy" she took my hand and then laid my head in her lap. "Well I didn't know you were that good!" she giggled and then brushed my hair out of my face to asses the damage she had made. Ellie gently traced my lips with her thumb and then bit her lip. I have to admit right about now Ellie was looking amazing, like I felt something different just now. "I'm sorry Harry" she said softly and then looked at my lip which was obviously bleeding. Ellie reached down to asses any other damage that she may have caused. "Ellie I'm fine" I said and sat up "We should go" she said I shook my head "Only if you want to Ellie I'm fine" she nodded "How about you hit the balls to me now" she said laughing.

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