The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


8. I miss you

"Harry" I said and punched his chest "Hey he is the one that let you slip away." Harry said shrugging "God Harry" I said and stomped away after Niall. I ran through the hallways pushing on each door "Niall Niall" I said on each door. "Niall" I shouted and slumped to the floor crying. I put my face into my hands and shook my head disgusted with myself, "You don't deserve any of these boys" I said and wiped my tears. Standing up I walked to the practice room and straight to Harry, "Have you...Are you crying?" Harry asked looking at my face and then pulling it up to meet his strong gaze "Harry I can't do this.." I said looking down "What do you mean?" "I mean I don't deserve you any of you...I can't let you Harry, be with me you could do so much better." I said and pulled out of his grasp "Wait Elizabeth" Harry said and then pulled my face to his kissing me, I sobbed tears hitting our connected lips. "Please don't go" Harry said looking at me I looked up into his green eyes starting to get watery "I'm sorry" I said softly and then turned and walked to the door, I turned back one last time and saw every boy now confused and upset. I then walked out the door and into a car. "Home Miss Durang?" The driver asked "Yes Please my home" I said and sat back in the car. I was tearing Niall and Harry apart and I could tell if I stayed it would only get worse. Anyways I didn't deserve anyone like those boys.*** "Thank you" I said and then got out of the car "Not a problem" I nodded and then walked into my house and sat on the couch. I pulled out my phone and not to my surprise at all there where texts and calls from all of the boys. I shoved it back in my pocket and then went up into my room and turned on my ipod, specifically Ed Sheeran. When 'U.N.I' came on I couldn't help but cry, as I was taking off my pants I replaced them with some shorts and then I replaced my shirt with a sports bra, I put my hair up in a bun and then laid on my bed. "So am I close to you anymore if it's over?" I sang and then rolled over to grab the picture frame of me, Niall and Harry. I stood up and walked to my window and stared at the sun setting, "What have you done?" Cami voice rung from behind me I spun and saw her standing there very angry arms crossed "The right thing" I said and then went to my bed "No you did the stupid thing" she said and walked closer. "Oh Cami it's not like you've never made bad decisions" I snarled "Not this bad" I rolled my eyes and pulled out my school work "It's not that bad Harry will live" "What about Niall and Liam? Oh and Louis and Zayn they've all grown attached to you. In fact Zayn just called me really upset because you left" I groaned "Why do I matter Cami I don't understand I was just a hassle a distraction" "Well you were a damn good distraction because now Harry left rehearsals and Niall was in full tears" I stood up and stomped over to her "How did you even get in?" I asked teeth clenched "We all know where your mum hides the key" she said and then smirked "God!" I shouted and turned she put her hand on my shoulder but I shrugged it off "Liam is on his way" she said and sighed "No go down stairs and when he gets here tell him to leave" I told her "You can't just do that" "Yea I can Cami" I said "FINE THEN IF YOU WANT TO JUST THROW THEM AWAY I GO WITH THEM" she yelled "Cami" I said all breathy "Yea Ellie I'm gone too" she said and then slammed my door. Fine. 

* 1 week later *

I woke up and looked at time 9:30am good. I got up and then went to the shower. "Elizabeth are you up" my mum yelled "Yea I am" I shouted back and then wrapped the towel around me I brushed my hair and then walked into my room "Here" my mum said handing me a cup of tea "Thanks" I said softly I took the tea and then she smiled gently and walked out. I turned and then grabbed my nude lace dress and then my nude ankle boot heels to match with it. I put on my clothes and then went into the bathroom and did my make up and then I french braided my bangs back and let my natural brown waves fall. I added a line of eyeliner and some sparkly eye shadow, my eye lashes were long and curled up with mascara lining them. I grabbed my fringe bag off my bed and then my keys and my tea going down stairs. "Don't forget I have the concert right after school" I said as I went into the kitchen. I gulped down the last of my tea and then rinsed my mug "I remember call me when you get there okay?" "Yea mum" I said and kissed her cheek "Be careful love you" I smiled and then closed the front door. I got in my car and then drove to school. "Ellie!" Capri yelled one of my new friends since Cami left me, I waved my hand and then walked over to her while putting my keys in my bag. "You look cute today" she said raising her eye brow "Special occasion?" she asked "The concert is after school" I told her "The One Direction one?" she asked shocked "You are still going?" "Yea Cami and I planned on going a long time ago and I plan on going I got front row tickets." I said and smiled "Oh El" Capri said and laughed. The bell rung and we both quickly rushed into our class. I sat down in the back next to Capri and some of her friends. They were all talking about gossip and other crap that I didn't much care about I actually focused today in history for once. Cami would look back to me every once in a while and honestly I missed her our late night talks our parties...our friendship. After class I grabbed her arm "Can we talk?" I asked she looked at me upset and then nodded I pulled her off into a bathroom and then the girls in there imediatly because we were the popular duo and when we broke apart everyone cleared pathways for us when we were together just in case. "I miss you" I said leaned against the door, "I do too" she said "Can we please be friends" she nodded and then hugged me. The bell rang and I looked at her and smiled knowing we were going to be missing our next class "So how are the boys?" I asked "Well um Harry go-" "Got a new girl" I finished her sentence "Yea" "I thought so..." "Awh Ellie I mean you had to have seen it coming?" she said and put her arm around me "I mean yea but you never want it to actually happen" she nodded "How are you and Zayn?" I asked smiling at her "Great! I'm hanging out with him after the concert." she said and smiled "Nice" I said a bit upset and jealous "You should come the boys miss you" "I'll think about it yea?" "Okay hey can I get a ride to the concert? I kind of had to walk this whole week" she said and shrugged I laughed "You still have your keys taken away?!" I asked "Yea" she said and half laughed. 

Cami and I walked to lunch laughing our asses off at everything. We sat at our table and then Capri and more people joined us "Is the duo back" Destiny, one of the girls asked "Yea" I said and smiled at Cami. I pulled out my apple slices and started munching on those "Still on that healthy fad?" Cami asked "Yup" I said with a mouth full "You don't need to be" Capri said "I know but I still would like to loose a couple pounds" I said shrugging and shoving more apple in my mouth. "Hey babe" a familiar voice said from behind me and Cami "How did you get here" Cami shouted and her chair slid out from under her as she stood up, I refused to look up knowing who is was. When I did look up there was Zayn standing before me hugging Cami and they were talking. I shut them out everyone and munched on my apples. "Elizabeth!" Cami shouted "Huh" I said looking up from my apples "Ellie Oh my gosh" Zayn said and then looked at me I stood up and smiled "Hi Zayn" I said shyly he came and hugged me "We've...I've missed you so much" he said "Uh I've miss you too Zayn" I said and smiled "God you look amazing" Zayn said eyeing me "Oh thanks" I said blushing "Hey standing right here!" Cami said and then Zayn went and gave her a small kiss. "Well I should get to class I will see you around Zayn" I said and gathered my things "Woah woah you can't just leave" Cami said "Well babe I need to get to the stage" Zayn said "Oh well I'll see you there love you" Cami said and then kissed him "Bye Ellie" "Bye Zayn see you later" I said and then walked away. 

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