The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


20. I love you

I've been sitting in the back room for at least 10 minuets now and the concert ended about 6 so yea I'm impatient. Liam probably thought I wasn't here...he probably gave up. Well I should probably go to the back and get pictures. Walking over to the door I felt heavier and my body ached I opened the door and ran into someone "Sorry" I said softly looking down. To my surprise I was wrapped into none other than Liam's embrace and I couldn't help but cry. "I'm yours Ellie." Liam said pushing my head into his chest "Finally" I whispered and sobbed again. Liam placed his lips on the top of my head and I felt wetness on my hair "I'm sorry I ever left you. I just thought you were leaving me and I didn't know that you were gonna tell me that I just was confused and I didn't want to be hurt again so I thought" "Liam shut up." I said smiling my hands carefully holding his face and wiping his tears as he did the same for me. "I love you Liam" I said and smiled. For once everything was right I knew that it was going to be okay and that I had Liam he was mine he pulled me closer to him so that our lips were touching but we didn't kiss we just stood there enjoying this moment and taking it in. Our silence broke when there was a stumbling noise coming from behind us. "Liam?" A female voice rang, "Dani?" Liam said softly "Liam please just stay with're mine." I said holding his face "What if she is hurt? Or in trouble?" I groaned and stepped back "Don't come to me anymore Liam." I said softly sniffling "Ellie? What?" He said stepping closer to me "No Liam you love her and you're obviously not ready to let go. So go help your girlfriend...I bet you haven't even broken up with her yet Liam." I looked up at him my vision now blurred with tears. "You didn't." I chucked and then turned and grabbed my bag "Oh and don't bother calling Liam...I don't even know why I came." "Ellie come on I want you and only you how can I show you that?" I huffed and crossed my arms "Break up with her" I pointed at the door and there stood a smiley Danielle "Babe lets go back to the room. I have to leave tonight so I want to spend at least sometime with you." I looked at Liam tears still filling my eyes "Dani...we need to talk" he said smiling at me and then turning around. I really didn't want to be here for this so I snuck out back through another door and started walking down the hallway. I could hear Niall's voice booming about how much he loves the fans and then I remembered that the girls waiting for me. I ran into the room and grabbed Niall and Harry's hands and pulled them "Where are we going? Ellie?" Niall yelled "Just shhh I'm taking you to meet someone." I pulled them out back and then fans started screaming. "Shit." I mumbled, after looking around I saw Kelsey. "Do you have a body guard around here that's free?" Niall shrugged and I groaned "Do I have to do everything myself?" I stomped over to Sam and shook him "Can you get that girl over there with the blonde hair and purple shirt...she should have two girls with her. Just being them in please." He looked at me confused but nodded and then left. "Okay Harry let me brief you...this girl she has never met you she isn't a directioner but her sister is. She thinks your cute and wanted to get to know you, but there is a catch she has cut before I'm not sure why but you can see the scars. She just needs a friend and I offered me and you. So be cool okay?" Harry looked shocked but nodded "And Niall these two girls are in love with you and the band so I thought you should come because you love fans so much." Niall nodded and smiled pushing past me to give all three girls a hug. "That works" I mumbled. Harry came and kissed my head "You okay?" He whispered smiling at me "Yea I'm not sure Liam and I are gonna work out it's all up to him now." Harry hugged me and rubbed my back "He is stupid if he doesn't pick you." He whispered squeezing me. "Thanks now please go talk to them." He laughed and then left me.    Standing there looking at how happy these girls were just to see them made me feel stupid for wanting so much. I should be happy with what I have. I felt warmth around my back and I smiled "I'm yours." He said into my hair "Dani?" I questioned "Just left in a taxi for the airport...we're done Ellie." I smiled and flipped wrapping myself around him "Liam I'm sorry I made you do this." He laughed and hugged me "You didn't make me do anything. It needed to be done" After about a good amount of time of me and Liam hugging, I heard Kelsey laughing and I remembered we weren't alone. "I'll see you around babe" Harry said giving Kelsey's forehead a kiss and hugging her, the girls walked away and I waved to them. "Harry's got a crush" Niall teased poking Harry, he swatted the hands away from him but Niall continued to tease him, I felt Liam's arms make their way around my waist and pull me to him "What?" Niall asked dropping the Harry subject. "Are you two back together?" Harry I wish Niall was still teasing Harry. "Yea we are" Liam told them and then pressed his lips to the top of my head, there were awes and hugs and Liam told everyone the news that night. I personally didn't want to tell the fans yet because I didn't want hate...I told Liam he could tell them that he and Dani broke up but not that he was dating me again. Liam insisted on telling the fans and that they wouldn't be mean but girls are girls and I know they would send me so much hate. We all went back to the hotel and Liam was in a room with Zayn and Cami but they decided to go out and have fun where as I just wanted to go back and cuddle with Liam. The noise of the movie that we were watching filled my ears and I snuggled up to Liam, for once we weren't watching Toy story we were watching Paranomal activity. "Liam I'm scared" he chuckled and wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in between his legs, I happily laid back on his chest as his hands rested on my stomach lightly drawing pictures on it. I was wearing one of Liam's shirts and underwear but Liam had pulled up my shirt so he could rub my stomach freely. He really liked the feel of my skin apparantly. I remember one day I was sick and so I was wearing a sweatshirt and some shorts all wrapped up in a blanket. Liam came to take care of me so we were cuddling and I groaned as a wave of cramps came over my stomach, to make me feel better Liam laid me down on his lap and rubbed circles into my back but instead of being over my clothes he stuck his hand under my shirt to my bare back. Which was okay with me. "I missed this Ellie...I missed you." I looked up and kissed Liam softly and rolled onto my side wrapping my self around Liam's chest, "I think I love you Liam..." I said sighing "REALLY?!" he exclaimed happily squeezing me "Yes Liam...I probably wouldn't have come back if I didn't love you." he chuckled and started kissing me everywhere murmuring 'I love you' after every kiss.   
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