The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


4. Fixing things

"Ellie" my mum said as I walked through the door. "Hi mum" I said and sat on the couch "A boy named Harry called" she said softly I looked at her and she had a worried look on her face "I just remembered dad...I'm going to bed." I said and stood up. "Okay honey I'm here don't forget." My mom always worried but I was fine I just needed to be alone.


Liam's P.O.V

I got in the car and was on my way to Ellie's house. We left on a bad note and I really wanted to see her I mean it's been 3 days and Cami also told me I should go and see her. I pulled up to a big house with a soft yellow color...this was it Cami told me it was yellow. I got out of the car and walked up the porch steps I knocked on the door and waited. "Are you Liam?" the woman asked I nodded and she pulled me inside "Can you please help my baby" she said and grabbed my hand. I looked at her confused "She has been in her room for three days. she refuses to open to me, Harry, and Cami." "Harry has been here?" "Yes everyday...Cami told me that at the party Elizabeth grew attached to you and honestly that's all I've heard her mumbling about you and....her father." I looked at her mum who was now teary eyed. "I'll do my best" I said and squeezed her hands she nodded and then followed her gaze to some stairs. She reluctantly let go of my hand and then I went to the stairs "Third door on the left" her mum said and I turned and nodded with a smile. Ellie talked about me to her mum, that must mean something. 

"Ellie" I said as I knocked on the door. I heard the pat of feet on carpet and the the door opened slightly. "Liam?" her small head peered out from behind the door "Ellie can I please come in?" I asked gently "Are you still mad at me?" she asked and then opened the door a tad more "Elizabeth I was never mad, I was upset...I had just met you and then you slipped through my fingers." she smiled and then opened the door "I don't know why but I feel really close to you." she said as she pulled the door all the way open. Ellie turned and walked to her bed, I watched carefully as she threw herself onto her bed. "Liam you can come in just close the door behind you." I nodded and then stepped through the door. I softly closed the door and then walked to her bed. She laughed and I looked at her confused. "Liam" she groaned and then pulled at my wrists. I sat on the end of her bed still nervous to even be around her.


Elizabeth's P.O.V

I really only trust Liam for some reason. He gave the impression that I could trust him and that he really cared. I pulled Liam back onto my bad "Please Liam" I said asking him to comply with me and move closer. He only leaned down and propped himself up on his elbows. I groaned but settled "So What's got you down?" he asked, I felt like I should tell him but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. "Okay Ellie, I think you should know that you can trust me." Liam said I looked at him tears brimming my cheeks, No Ellie don't cry in front of him. "It's just Harry reminds me of my past." I said and laid down. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked and moved closer to me "Not really I just want to forget it..." I curled up and hugged my knees holding back thoughts of my dad and how I just let him die. "What ever it is Ellie my opinion wont change" Liam told me and gripped my hand. I looked up at his soft expression and smiled. I pulled myself to his chest and he gently put his arm around me. "Can you just stay with me?" I asked. All I wanted was someone, someone to lay with me, someone to tell me it was okay that they would love me now matter what...I just met Liam so I didn't expect that but I knew he was capable of doing it. Liam looked at me and I groaned I knew he wouldn't do it. "Just go" I said and pointed to the door. He looked confused and hurt, but I just wanted to lay with someone and if he didn't want to then I didn't want him to be around me when I'm like this. "Ellie" he said softly "Please Liam I just want to lay here" I said and rolled over. I felt his warmth leave me and I couldn't help but sob. I cried not just because of my dad and brother but because of Liam...I wanted to feel his warmth and I wanted him, and he was gone. I let out another sob and grabbed my blanket. "Why do you let everyone slip away Ellie?" I said though my tears. I closed my eyes tightly "I don't want to cry" I hugged my blanket and then reached over and grabbed my picture frame with me and my dad in it. "I'm sorry daddy..." I said and hugged the frame to my chest.

"Is this what that's about?" I heard someone ask. I rolled over and sat up and there was my mum standing in the door way Liam, Harry and Cami standing behind her. I wanted to forget about everything move on but I couldn't. I nodded my head and then my mom took a step closer "Elizabeth it wasn't your fault" she said and then sat on my bed by me. "I should've gone with him" I said and looked at the picture. "Ellie you couldn't have done anything" Cami said and then pulled Harry and Liam through my door and closed it. "I could have....stopped the pain. I would take it all away for him...that should've been me" I said "ELIZABETH! DON'T EVER SAY THAT!" My mum shouted and grabbed my shoulders "Mum I shouldn't be here" I said and then saw Cami crying "Ellie you can't say that" Cami said softly. I looked at the picture "I'm sorry dad" I said "Ellie please let us help" Liam said and stepped closer. I nodded and wiped my tears. I stood up and walked to Liam "You shouldn't have seen me like this." I stood in front of him and his strong figure towering over my small dainty one. "It's fine Ellie I still like you the same" he said. "Can I hug you?" I asked softly earning a laugh from everyone but Harry. Liam pulled me into his chest and hugged me "You are still are beautiful" Liam said softly. I nodded "Okay let me get ready and we can go do something"  I said. I walked to Harry his curly hair was hung over his face I pushed it out of his eyes and he looked at me "I'm sorry Ellie" I hugged him I didn't need permission to hug him "Harry it's not your fault" I smiled and he tightened his grip on me. "Okay I'll be right back." I said and shooed them out of my room.

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