The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


15. Drunk

After getting pictures and other congratulations Cami, Capri and I went into Capri's car to drive to Louis' house. When we pulled up it was already packed with cars. Capri parked down the street a bit and then we walked up to the door. "THE GRADUATES ARE IN THE HOUSE" Louis said as he slung his arm around me, "How much have you had?" Cami asked "Not that many" he responded walking back into the crowded living room. Capri stood behind us shocked I mean she was a huge directioner and this was only like the second time she had met some of the boys. "Just be calm" Cami said and patted her then she went off to find Zayn. I smiled at Capri and then turned to walk away "Mingle" I said then walked through and into the kitchen. "Li" I shouted and ran to him I wrapped my arms around him and he squeezed me tightly "Ellie we need to talk" he said into my ear softly still hugging me "Yea I need to tell you something" I said and kissed his cheek. I pulled him up some stairs and into a room. "So what is it that you wanted to say Li?" I asked sitting on the bed Liam came and sat next to me. He put his had gently on my bare leg and then looked at me. "I made a promise to your always do what's best for you and put you first." he said and then sighed "So Ellie I think that....maybe we should just be friends." he said looking at me but not in my eyes. I looked at him tears on the edge of my eyes "What?" I asked confused and sad I knew what he said but I thought he loved me. "Bu-but you you love me?" I said looking at him my eyes roaming all over his face. "I do just I I don't think it will work out if we're's not best for you" I looked at him and then pushed his hand off of my leg I stood up in front of him and grabbed then collar of his shirt. "Ya know what Li-Liam....I was going to tell you something that I've never told anyone re-really ever." I said and gripped the fabric of my shirt in my hand "That so-song today Ye-yea that was for you....and I felt it ev-every word of it Liam. I me-eant every word to...until now. Now I don't know..." I said my voice trailing off. With my free hand I wiped my tears and then looked at him "What were you going to tell me...that you've wanted to tell me all day?" he asked softly  I let the fabric slip through my fingers and I shook my head then walked to the door. I opened the door and then stepped out half way. I looked at Liam "I love you" I said "What?" Liam asked confused "That's what I was going to say that I fell in love with you. But apparently I was wrong I wasn't in love" I said and before he could object I walked out and then into the bathroom. I fixed up my make up and then walked down stairs. 

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the vodka. I grabbed a glass from the cabinet and then set it on the counter "You never drink straight" Niall said from behind me I spun around and then looked at him the smiled "Tonight I do. Okay?" I said then filled the glass half way up with vodka. I drank it down and then filled it up again "Are you okay?" Niall asked putting his hand on my shoulder. "Just drink with me" I said, Niall looked at me and I gave him a puppy dog look and he shrugged "But not here" he said then took my wrist I grabbed my glass and the bottle then let him lead me. He pulled me up into the room where the first night we met we slept together. I went and locked the door then sat on the bed. Niall came and sat next to me, Niall nicely took the bottle from my grasp and started to pour it but I shook my head and stuck out my hand "Just drink it straight Ni" I said and then he nodded and started drinking from the bottle. After we finished that bottle I laid back on the bed slightly drunk. "So what's got ya down?" Niall asked laying next to me "Liam" I said and looked at him, he laughed and then turned serious "Wait really?" "Yea, I guess him and I are better off as friends...but it's okay because I kinda had this weird feeling like I liked someone else and I wasn't there 100% ya know?" I looked at Niall and he nodded his head.


Niall's P.O.V

I feel like she wasn't that drunk and I was a lot more than she was, but still she looked stunning. I've never really thought of it but she always has been a beautiful person inside and out. I don't know how Liam let her slip. According to her he was off today and apparently that was why, he didn't want to be with her. "Hey Niall" she said and smiled at me "Yea?" I responded smiling back. "Stay here I'll be back" she jumped up and then ran out the door, I sat up on the bed and looked at the room it wasn't completely blurry but it was hard to see somethings. Ellie came back in holding two more bottles of vodka and a case of beer. "What the hell?" I asked her as she closed the door. "oh please Niall just a few more" she said and then waved them in my face giving me a sad look. "Fine" I told her and then grabbed a beer "But I choose beer" I said holding the beer. "That's fine with me" she responded and then chugged down some of her drink. I felt bad for her drowning her feelings in alcohol but in reality wasn't I doing the same?


Elizabeth's P.O.V

"Well El let me tell you that I really really like yo-you. You're su-such an am amaz-amazing person." Niall slurred I giggled and then took the case of beer away from his grasp "Okay Niall you're done" I said. He had gone through half of the case in the time I went through one of the bottles and I was only just now feeling a bit drunk. "We should probably go down stairs" I said Niall smiled and then stood up I ran over to him before he fell over and then we walked down stairs. The music was still pounding and people were still here. I found Zayn and Cami slung over each other out on the back porch talking. I put Niall's hand in mine and then walked out the door and sat across from them. Niall put his arm around me and then leaned back in the chair I giggled and then Zayn and Cami looked at each other and then to me. "What?" I asked giggling "Are you okay Ellie?" Cami asked "Yea fine" I responded looking at Niall. His eyes so perfect and blue his smile was just a perfect even with braces. The shirt he was wearing showed his muscles and then the neck line made me want to kiss his neck. He winked at me and I blushed then looked at Cami and smiled "Hey Ellie can I see something?" Zayn asked then got up "Yea sure Zayny" I said laughing at my nickname and then Niall laughed along with me. Zayn came and sat next to me and then pulled my face close to his looking at me "WOAH ZAYN" I said laughing "Blow" he said to me "What?" I asked confused and then tried to turn to look at Niall but I was held in a firm position "Just blow air babe" he said and then I shrugged and blew making him cough and get up. "What really?" I asked angry Niall put his hand around my waist connecting it with the other one of his hands. Pulling me into his body I felt clam and I smiled again "How much have you had?" Zayn asked me, Cami got up and then left leaving Niall, Zayn and I. "Not a lot?" I said and leaned into Niall "Yea" Niall agreed hugging me tighter "Just a few" I said "Doesn't smell like a few" Zayn said and then Cami came back in. "Two bottles bare" she said and then I looked at her confused "Since when do you drink it straight?" Cami asked confused "Since now" I argued and Niall squeezed me calming me again. "What happened?" Zayn asked "Liam" Niall responded defensively "What did that cuddly bear do?" Cami asked smiling at Zayn "A lot why don't you ask him?" I said "Fine" Zayn said and stood up leaving the room. I chuckled and then grabbed a beer from the counter "Elizabeth put it down please" Cami said nicely "Just this one" I said knowing she was a push over. "Fine one" Cami said then leaned back. I leaned back and then handed Niall the beer to sip then took it back. "Ellie" Liam called I rolled my eyes and then took another sip from the beer. "Ellie oh tha-....Ellie?" Liam said shocked. "Just forget it Liam" I said and then closed my eyes "How many has she had?" Liam asked Zayn as if I couldn't hear "I can manage myself" I said standing up not letting Niall hold me down. "Babe you re-" "No Liam don't babe me. I'm not your babe. Not anymore. Just don't even pretend that you care" I said standing up to him. I stood as tall as I could but I knew that Liam was still much bigger. "Of course I care Ellie" he said smiling I grunted and then turned "Seriously Liam, just save it. I thought you loved me" I said pulling Niall up and into the house. "Were are we going?" Niall asked gripping my hand "I'm tired of this we're going to a hotel." I said. I turned and then ran into someone "Sorry" I said and then looked up to see Harry "Woah where are you...Ellie have you been drinking?" Harry asked I rolled my eyes "Yes I have Niall and I are leaving" I said and pushed past him. After walking down the street a while I got a cab and then it took us to a hotel.

After getting a room Niall and I opened the door and then walked in. I yawned and then locked the front door Niall was already asleep on the bed when I turned around. I laughed and then walked over to him and laid next to him. He pulled me into his chest "Wait I thought you were asleep?" I said "I was" he responded then kissed my head. "Night Niall." I said and then closed my eyes, "This is kind of like the first time we met." Niall said softly "Yea I guess except you're fully clothed and not humming" I responded looking up to him. Niall smiled and then shut the light off, he pulled me closer onto his chest and then started humming while drawing circles into my arm. "Night Niall" I said softly "Night Ellie sleep well" he said then went back to humming.

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