The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


7. Decisions


I woke up to my phone going off and I wiggled out of Niall's grasp and grabbed it. 

'Hello?' I said sleepily 

'OH Ellie Thank god, Please come see me' Harry said 

'Okay Harry Okay, will you pick me up at 10?' 

'Yes I'll do anything'

'Okay I'm at Niall's...Actually I can walk'

'No Ellie I will be there soon' he said and hung up. Soon what time "SHIT" I said and jumped up. "Elizabeth are you okay?" Niall asked "Guess I'm not going to school today?" I said and shrugged "You can come to rehearsals" Niall said sitting up "Oh no it's fine" I said and put my pants on. "Hey Ellie?" Niall said softly "Yea?" I said running around his room gathering my things "That kiss what...well...where" "Niall I don't know but can we just be friends that's what I need right now" I said and then turned and saw Niall a little rattled "What's wrong?" I asked "Nothing I'll see you later right?" Niall said standing up and moving to the bathroom "Oh um yea" I responded I went to hug him but he shut the door to the bathroom. "Ouch" I said softly, well it was my fault he was like this. I was torn there where two amazing guys...two amazing guys that I had kissed which one. 

'WHERE ARE YOU?!' My mum yelled 

'Calm down I'm sorry can you call the school I'm having a really bad day and need a day off mum' I said 

She let out a heavy groan and then I felt her grip the phone 'Yea can you come home tonight please?'

'Of course I can' I said 

'I love you El bell' Mum said and hung up. "Bye Niall" I said to the bathroom door, nothing no response. I sighed and then grabbed my bag and went to the front door. "I'm sorry" I said softly and then left, I walked to the elevator and then got in when I got to the lobby there was Harry standing there eyes slightly red and puffy. I ran and put my arms around him "I'm sorry Harry I'm really really sorry" I said into his chest "For what?" he asked "I kissed Niall" I said "You what?" he said looking at me "I didn't mean too well I did but I was in a bad place and Niall was there he was I'm sorry" Harry sighed "It's fine" Harry said and then pulled me back into his chest "It's my fault" "No Harry I I mean yes but no because I like you" shit Ellie did you really just say that. "Really?" "Um Yea" I said "Ellie, will you please be my girlfriend?" Harry said smiling at me. Woah Woah this is so god what? What do I say? Awh shit I god I don't know what to say? Just say something "Um Yea sure Yea Harry I will" I said and then Harry hugged me again "Thank you" he said into my hair. "Yea" I said a little frazzled. Harry took me through some of the fans and then into the car "So I don't have to go to school today" I said and smiled at Harry "Great, you can come with me" Harry said "Can I get some clothes?" "Oh yea" Harry started driving to my house. "Just wait out here okay?" I said and Harry nodded then I got out and walked into my house my mum was gone probably at work. I went upstairs and then changed into a pink zebra print sweater and some black leggings and a hot scarf and then my white mini uggs. I went into the bathroom and put on my makeup adding a light pink under tone and then I put on a white beanie and then brushed through my curled hair. I grabbed my I phone and then my purse and then went back to Harry's car. "You look cute" Harry said as I buckled in "Uh huh" I said and then sat back Harry started the car and then started driving. "Would you like Starbucks?" Harry asked "That would be awesome" I said smiling at him. "Finally you smile" Harry said laughing "Hey sorry I've been through some traumatic events" I said winking Harry laughed and then we pulled up to a Starbucks "White Mocha" I said Harry nodded and kissed my cheek then left, he locked the door leaving me in the car alone. I picked up my phone and scrolled through Instagram, I didn't have a twitter still Harry said he wanted to be there when I made and be my first follower. I scrolled through and saw pictures of fans with Niall and I laughed god how did I not know that they were in a major boy band I honestly feel so stupid for not knowing that. "Hey babe here" Harry said climbing back in the car "Thanks" I said and then grabbed the cup. 'Ellie you have to stop being so rude Harry is your boyfriend you can't just deny it anymore just take it in and live with it...You have feelings for him, you've always wanted him and now you do so go' I thought to myself. "Hey Ellie" Harry said I looked at him with a smile finally coming to my senses I really liked him "Nothing" Harry said and then looked back to the road "I'm happy about this Harry" I said and gripped the mug "I really like you and I have...I just hope that this doesn't blow up in our faces" "Why would it?" "Well Niall and I slept together last night" Harry slammed on the brakes "WHAT?" he said looking at me "No no Harry I mean like we cuddled" I said and then he let out a huge sigh of relief and kept driving. "Sorry" I said and Harry laughed "It's fine this wont blow up I promise" Harry said and then put his hand on my upper thigh.

"Hello" Harry said walking into the studio "Oh hello Harry" Louis said I went to a corner and sat drinking my coffee and trying to go unnoticed. Thankfully it worked Harry barley noticed me walking in behind him, everyone was too preoccupied with Harry than me. I sat in my little spot drinking my coffee and watching the boys practice. After about an hour they were going to take a small break but I didn't dare move afraid of facing Niall. "Has anyone seen Ellie?" Harry asked looking around "She is here?" Niall asked confused "Yea she came in with me" Harry said but everyone shrugged. Liam spotted me but I gave him the shhh and he nodded. I carefully snuck out and back into a small empty room. Liam opened the door and then came in shutting it behind him. "Why are you hiding out Harry is worried sick" Liam asked "Liam can we have a heart to heart like old times?" I asked putting my coffee down and sitting on the ground "Yea what's on your mind babe?" "Well what did Harry tell you?" I asked and Liam looked at me confused "Nothing" he said shaking his head "Well where do I begin" I said Liam put his arm around me "The begging"

After telling Liam about everything it made me feel a lot better, Liam told me to listen to my heart and not what anyone else said. He really was a smart guy and a nice one "What do I do about Niall" "I mean you can't hide in here forever...and Niall will have to find out sooner or later and if I know Niall he will still be here for you" I nodded and then hugged him "Thanks Liam" I said and kissed his cheek "Anytime babe" I walked out behind Liam and went back into my little corner trying to stay unseen. "Hey babe" Harry said and sat next to me "Oh hey love" I said and kissed his cheek "Why are you over here all alone?" Harry asked putting his arm around me "It's quiet and I'm not in the way" I said with a small smirk "No you're worried about Niall" I looked at my knees and nodded "Maybe a little" I said Harry chuckled and then kissed my head "You'll be fine" Harry said pulling me up I nodded and then Harry put his hand in mine entwining our fingers. "Woah Woah Woah what have we got here?" Louis said smirking "My girlfriend" Harry said squeezing my hand, Niall dropped his water bottle and his jaw hung open. Zayn chuckled and then Liam attended to Niall. "Your what?" Niall said through gritted teeth "My girlfriend" Harry repeated smiling "How long?" Niall asked Liam putting his arm around him trying to calm him down. "Well after you so nicely let her leave she came to me" Harry said "Stop mocking it Haz" Louis said "I'm sorry" I said softly a tear escaping my eye "I know" Niall said and then left Liam shrugged and then followed after him. 

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