The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


19. Confused

Andy left me with a lot to think about. I might never truly have Liam 100%, Dani was his first love and she'll always have a place in his heart but I had a first love too...I mean don't we all before we find the one? Liam set me down on the couch and then kissed my forehead, Before he could leave again I grabbed his hands and pulled him on top of me. "Please don't leave." I said softly pulling Liam closer to me "I have to go the boys are probably wondering where I am." he said smiling. I shut my eyes and tried to force back more tears "You're never going to be mine Liam." I cried, "Yes I will Elizabeth...tomorrow come to MSG" he slipped a ticket into my grasp and closed my hand around it, "If you don't show up that will mean it's not meant to be and if you do show up then I'm yours forever and you're mine." I nodded my head and put my arms around his neck "You love Dani Liam." I whispered, mostly because the fact of me not wanting to admit that it was true. "I do...but I love you more or I wouldn't be trying this hard...Dani isn't anything compared to you...please believe me." I smiled and nodded "I do but you just have to prove it to me okay?" he nodded his head and kissed me...this kiss it was different I felt his emotion "I love you Ellie" right before my eyes he left giving me no time to really respond. I closed my eyes wanting tomorrow to come faster just so I could see his face again and be held in his arms again. 

"Ellie!" I rolled over covering my ears "SHUT UP MIA LET ME SLEEP!" I shouted "Okay guess you don't want to see me then." Cami's voice said and I sprung up and saw her and Eleanor come in. "GUYS!" I shouted and stood up running into their open arms, "We missed you Ellie." Cami said I smiled and then squeezed them. "Shouldn't you be out with Dani or something?" I asked trying to pretending not to know anything about Liam and her breaking up. "Suuree play dumb Ellie" Eleanor said sitting on the couch "We over heard Liam gushing to the boys last night." I giggled but looked to my knees "Oh this is Mia." I said and looked at Mia who waved and sat next to us. "Yea and Ellie no offense but you and Liam aren't exactly quiet talkers." she said with a big smirk. "Shut up!" I shouted and then felt crumpling and realized that I was still holding the ticket in my hand. "No way!" Cami shouted grabbing my hand "He did it didn't he?" Eleanor said looking from Cami to me to the ticket. "He took our advice!" she added. I looked at them confused "Liam wasn't sure what to do to get you back so we told him to give you an option...and I guess we got our answer." she said smiling at me. I shook my head getting up "I don't know if I'm ready I mean he kinda broke my heart...and he still loved Dani." Cami shook her head and then walked over to me "You think Zayn doesn't love Perrie?" I shook my head and hugged her "But Dani just tries so hard." Eleanor laughed and walked over to the kitchen where we were. "One thing about Dani is she gives up easily so if you show her that you want Liam just as much and that you are good for Liam she will give up...simple as that." El said with a smile and then rubbed my arms "And I know you're good for Liam..." Mia added "Well I guess I should at least clean up." I said smiling and walking away to the bathroom. I came out wrapped in a towel and all the sudden there was a flash of light and then heard giggling "GUYS!" I shouted "That's one for the scrapbook" Mia said clutching her stomach "Yea and one to send to Liam." Cami added typing away on my phone "NO!" I shouted but before I got to her the phone made the swoosh noise...meaning the damn text sent. "Fine...just help me get dressed we have like two hours till we have to go!" I shouted stomping over to my dressers, "Fine missy pissy." Mia said, I giggled but tried not to show that much amusement. "This this! Ellie you never wore this!" Cami said pulling out an outfit, I turned and saw black leather high-waisted skinnies and then a bright neon pink half shirt. "Okay I'll wear that if you let me where matching vans" I smirked picking up the vans and shoving them to the outfit "Fine!" Cami said stomping out the room "Rest of you out" I said pushing them out. I let the towel drop and then quickly put on the clothes before they could come back in. "OH MY SHIT!" Mia yelled I ran out of my room only wearing one shoe and found them all looking at my phone. "What what?!" I shouted grabbing my phone, I looked at the text and then my heart sunk "I would love if you didn't text my boyfriend" I read aloud and then shrugged. "Well bitch he won't be yours for long" Mia said smiling "MIA!" I shouted "Hey I've heard you crying for too long and hell no one can top you tonight I mean how your body looks tonight makes me want to be a lesbian" I laughed and then Cami came and hugged me "She is right" she said slapping my bum. "Well that's good to know" I said walking back into my bathroom and starting the hair dryer "No no no we are doing you all up" Eleanor said taking the dryer and sitting me in a stool that she brought in. I sat down and closed my eyes and let them do as they wanted to me...personally I didn't care what I looked like I mean Liam should want me for me not when i'm all dolled up but whatever.

After about an hour they finally let me see myself and well let me just say I looked irresistible...they were right if I was walking down the street and saw myself I might just get very turned on. They curled my long brown hair just to make my natural waves more defined and then they only put a bit of make up on so I still look normal but I just had a thin line of eyeliner and then my lashes looked especially long. "DAMN!" Cami shouted and then they all started fanning themselves. "Oh shut up and let's go." I said and pulled them out the door "Maybe or maybe not seeing you later Mia keep the door locked!" I shouted as I shut the front door. When we got to the stadium I put up my little one direction hoddie trying to go unseen "I'll see you girls after" I said and hugged them then faded into the crowd. I looked back as they signed things and took pictures but continued to walk into the stadium. I found my seat rather quickly it was on one of the sides up a bit in the crowd, so not that close. I sat in my seat and pulled out my phone and texted Liam.

'Ley-um baby :) - Good luck tonight xx

I felt someone bump into me "Oh I'm sorry!" she said and patted me I turned and smiled at her "No problem." I turned back trying to avoid anymore eye contact. The girl had long blonde hair that was straightened she looked about 18 and she was wearing light blue high-waisted jean shorts with a light purple scoop neck shirt, she sat down in a huff and then a little giddie girl sat down next to her. "Hi" she said softly. I looked around confused and then back to her "You're my age right? just graduated?" she asked me I nodded my head "Thank god!" she threw herself back and sighed "My little sister right here just had to come to this concert with her friend...and my mom couldn't take them so I'm stuck here." I nodded and smiled at her "Man you're really pretty" she said and then looked at me "I'm Kelsey" she stuck out her hand I happily took it and shook it "Elizabeth" she smiled and then leaned back in her seat "So why are you here?" she asked looking at me "Oh um the guy I like is here and I guess you could say I'm here for him." she smiled and shrugged "Hey whatever floats your boat. Anyways I like your outfit." "Thanks" the lights turned down and the place erupted with screams "SHIT!" Kelsey yelled covering her ears I giggled and put in my earplugs and offered her some which she took. "How old are they?" I asked looking at the girls to her left "16!" she shouted "Ah they look older but whatever" I shrugged and continued to look on at the stage. "THANKS KELSEY!" One of the girls shouted and then looked at me "HOLY SHIT!" she yelled and leaped across Kelsey's lap. "YOU'RE THAT GIRL! THAT LIAM LOVES AND HE CHASED HERE!" she shouted hugging me "ELIZABETH!" the other on shouted joining her much for not being noticed. "I'm here on the DL!" I said to them they nodded and then smiled "Can we get a picture after?" I nodded my head and ushered them back to their seats. "So what was that?" Kelsey asked confused "I'm one of the boy's ex girlfriends..." I said giving a half smile "So why are you here if you're an ex?" she asked confused completely disregarding how the fact that I just said that I'm here for one of the boys...the famous boys. "Winning him back." she laughed and then smiled "That's the guy you're here for. I was wondering why there was no guy next to you." I laughed and then nodded "Yea I'm meeting him after" "Oh cool!" she yelled and then turned to look at the stage "I've always been more of a Niall or Harry girl...well from the month lessons I got from this little one." she said and tilted her head to the little girl. "Yea they're both super nice." she smiled "Tell him if he is free to contact me." she said handing me a small piece of paper "What's this?" I asked "It's my number. I mean it sounds stupid but I'm not really a fan I kinda just want to know someone new...and different and they are new and different." I shrugged and she looked at me "I'm not gonna use him. hell I'm still a virgin...I just want a friend ya know." I smiled and nodded "Yea actually I do... here is my number text me anytime." "Thanks and use my number as you will I could care less if you give it to them." I nodded and then noticed that the concert was almost done. "OH shit I should probably get going...tell the girls to wait around back and I'll be out maybe even with one of them who knows." she nodded and then hugged me "I seriously just need a friend anyone to help me." I looked at her confused but decided not to press the situation until as she pulled away I saw small scars. Damn. I smiled and nodded then walked away. Quickly rushing through raging fans and to the floor I put my hood up and tried to walk to the side of the stage, "Sorry go back to your seat please miss." Sam one of the body guards said I giggled and looked up "Is Paul here?" I asked and he looked shocked but nodded clearly remembering me, he walked away and soon returned with Paul "Why are you here?" he asked somewhat angered "It's a small surprise Pauly" I said and smiled "Come on please?" he crossed his arms and then shook his head "You stay in the back room until it's all clear okay? I will come and get you when it's over and you can come out." I nodded and hugged him over the bar "Sam take her to the back room away from the boy's rooms." Sam nodded and took my arm pulling me away and into the dark.

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