The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


9. Concert

"Let's go" Cami said jumping into my car, "Calm down" I said and then got in staring the car. "Oh my gosh I can't wait! We bought these tickets before we were this close to them and now we get to go back stage and everything and I'm dating one of them and" "Cam shut up" I said and laughed "Sorry I'm just excited" 'Starbucks?" I asked she nodded eagerly. When we got to Starbucks I ordered a drink for me and then I ordered Niall's favorite drink and then Cami ordered a drink for her and Zayn. "Why did you get Niall's drink?" she asked confused "I want to be nice" I said and smiled to the cup "Ohhhh" she said and winked "No" I said and got int the car "Not like that just...ya know" "yea I do" I laughed and then started driving again. When we got the Cam almost flew out of my car "Wait take Niall's I'm not going in..." I said and then leaned against my car "What?" "I mean I want me to be a surprise so don't tell them I'm here okay?" I said and glared at her "Okay but what do I say about the drink" "Say it's from an admiring fan" I said and winked "Yea a fan" "Shut up and go see your boyfriend I'll see you at our seats" She nodded and then ran into the back gate they nodded and then let her through a door she waved to me and then disappeared. I got back in my car and then went and parked around front. I plugged in my phone and started charging it, I scrolled through my old messages with Harry and Niall and every one of those boys. 'To Nialler: Good luck tonight babe I know you will do great:) xx' I sent the message and then could not stop smiling at it. Then a knock came on my window and I saw Paul, their body guard, I rolled down my window and he smiled at me "Well you're here early" he said smiled and leaning on my car "Yea, I dropped Cam off" I said and then gestured to her crap in the back of my car "Well why didn't you go back with her?" "I don't want the boys to know I'm here" he nodded and then smiled "Well hopefully if you come back the dynamic will shift a bit better" he said "I hope" I said and smiled "Well I will see you after eh?" I laughed "Yea you will" "Oh wait here just in case you want to come back at any point" he said and pulled out a back stage pass "Oh thanks Paul" "I will see you soon" he said and then walked away "Hey don't tell them okay!" I shouted and pointed my finger at him frowning my brow "Yea" he said and gave me a okay sign and then went around the back. I rolled up my window and then there set an alarm and fell asleep.


When my alarm went off there were cars surrounding me and I was surprised there was still 2 hours left. I picked up my phone and saw a text from Niall and Liam 'From Nialler: Thanks, I really wish you were coming...It's nice to finally hear from you by the way' 'From Li Li: Hey you text Niall but not me...not cool ;(' I giggled at both of their texts 'To Nialler: Well I'll watch a Live Stream or something I know there will be one...and I just needed some time to get my head together. Good luck x' 'To Li Li: Sssoooorrrryyyy!! You know I love you most ;) good luck tonight babe! have a blast! xx' I sent the tests and then locked my phone. I checked myself out in my car mirror and then got out. Fans didn't really know who I was so I didn't get mobbed that bad but some fans noticed me and I heard little whispers. I showed them my ticket and then went in. I walked past all the girls that were wearing booty shorts and half shirts and I giggled, then there were the small young fans that were just too cute. I walked into the bathroom and washed my hands and then walked out and there was a little girl looking very lost. "Mum!" she was shouting I walked over to her and knelt down to her eye level "Hi hun, would you like help finding your mum?" I asked and she nodded and then held out her arms for me to pick her up. I picked her up and then wiped her tears "What is your name love?" I asked her smiling and then walking around "Katie I'm 4" she said and held up 4 fingers I giggled and then smiled and nodded "Who is your favorite boy?" I asked and scanned the crowds for a frazzled mum "Niall and Louis" she said and smiled wiping her tears. "Niall is my favorite too" I told her "There" she said and pointed "Mummy" she said and then held her arms out "Is that your mum?" "Yea Mummy!" she shouted I put her down and grabbed her hand. She started pulling me to a mum wearing a black one direction t-shirt, "KATIE" she said and then held her arms out. I let Katie go and she ran to her mum, there was a older girl but still not that old with her. "Thank you" she said as she kissed Katie all over, "No problem" I said and smiled. "Mum I really want to meet them" the girl whined "Shh Jennifer" the mum said "What is your name?" "Oh Elizabeth" I said and smiled "That is a beautiful name! Thank you I was so worried." she said and then hugged me "Really it was no problem she made it easy" I said and smiled to Katie. "Mum please" Jennifer said "I want to get to our spots" she said "Thanks again" I nodded and smiled then reached in my bag to grab my ticket but then felt the backstage pass. "Oh um Jennifer" I said and she turned "Here" I said and handed her the pass. I took out a paper and then wrote my number on it and handed it to the mum "What is this?" she asked "It's my number and a backstage pass...I only have one so after the show call me and I will lead you backstage." I said and smiled "But how?" Jennifer asked looking at the pass "Let's just say that I'm friends with the boys" I said and smiled "Wait are you....Oh my gosh why didn't I see it before you're that Elizabeth!" she shouted and then hugged me "Mum Mum get a picture" she said. I laughed and then stood next to her and took a picture. "Oh my gosh" "Shhh Jenny...So um I will just call you after and you will meet us?" I nodded and then smiled "You are just too sweet thank you so much" the mum said and hugged me. "No problem", the family walked away Katie shouting Niall and Jennifer totally fangirling. 

"What took you so long?" Cami asked "I ran into a lost girl and helped her find her family" I said and smiled "God you are too sweet" she said "Oh after we have to go and find them to bring them backstage" I said and Cami nodded "Seriously too sweet" she said. I leaned back in my chair and everyone around us wanted pictures with Cami since she was dating Zayn but I wasn't really upset they didn't want any with me. I noticed Paul come and stand in front of us and I laughed "Funny meeting you here" I said leaning on the bar fencing off the stage and a walk way thing "Well well well" Paul said I laughed "Did you keep quiet" I asked him and he nodded "Didn't say a peep love" "Good" Cami noticed Paul and then stood up and leaned on the bar with me "He knows?" "Yea he found me in my car" I said and laughed "I know you girls much to well" he said. It was really annoying all the screaming girls yelling for Paul. They were literally right next to me, "What if the boys see you during the show?" Cami asked suddenly "Do not distract" Paul said waving his finger "I'll try but I'm pretty distracting." I said and smirked "Really" Cami said and shoved my shoulder, "I'll just smile and wave" I said "Uh huh" Paul said and then rolled his eyes "Shut up" I said and they he started listening to his ear piece "Okay, yup we are clear here" he said "It's a go" he said again and then he smiled at me "If you are a distraction I will have to move you" he said and smiled "You wouldn't" "I would" I rolled my eyes and then crossed my arms "I would move you in front of me so that I could watch you" he said. "Well that's a damn better seat" I said and winked Paul rolled his eyes and then put on a serious face. I leaned back from the bar but was soon pushed back against it as girls crowded around us. "Jesus" I said to Cami and Paul smugly laughed. The boys came running on stage and opened with Live While We're Young. I stood there arms crossed with a small smile. During 'I Would' Zayn came over and winked to Cami but the noticed me, his jaw hung open and then his eyes wide 'Go' I mouthed and he started to slowly move and then sing again his eyes still fixed on me. When they were answering some twitter questions Zayn went over to Liam and whispered in his ear and then Liam's eyes fell on me his eyes wide and his face in a smile. He walked over to our section and then the girls went crazy I waved a little and then Paul glared at me and I stopped and crossed my arms "Hi Liam" I shouted and then he smiled "HI" I shouted back and then the girls screamed assuming it was them. All the boys but Zayn were dumbfounded at Liam's actions because they thought I was just a fan. The next song came on and it was 'Over Again' and this time right after Niall's solo Liam leaned over and whispered and pointed to me, Niall squinted his eyes but shook his head and said "I don't see her" Liam shrugged and then told him to check. Niall casually walked past me and I smiled at him and blew him a kiss "JESUS CHRIST" he yelled and then rounded back to Liam. Yelling was still barley audible but I learned to read these guy's lips pretty well. Louis looked at the three boys confused and then walked over to them during Harry's solo "Really?" he said and then they nodded "Lace" is all I could make out of Liam's words Louis nodded and then they sang the chorus. Louis walked past me and winked I pretended to faint and then Lou laughed. The next song was 'Back For You' and Niall came and pointed at me and knelt in front of me, refusing to move even though the boys tried to get him to. Finally Harry came by and patted his shoulders and then spotted me he stopped singing completely, thankfully it was the end of a song and they had to go backstage to change. "You're a huge distraction" Paul scolded "Move me" I said "No then it would just be where's waldo Elizabeth edition" he said and turned back around and pulled some girls off of the bars. "Come on just let me back it will be fun." I said and pouted my lips "Fine you get two songs and one of their twitter questions" he said I fist pumped the air and then moved out of my section and to the end Paul let me in and then I stood next to him. "Watch this" I said and then moved two steps away from him and stood next to another body guard, "HELLLOOO" Niall said as they came back on stage Harry made his way to where I should've been standing but then when I wasn't there he frowned and then waved to some fans. While Louis was talking Niall came to the edge of the stage "What are you doing?" he asked "Playing where's waldo Elizabeth edition" I said and winked and then looked at Paul "What the hell" he said and then took a step back and walked away. I laughed and then he looked at me "Watch" I said and then moved all the way to the far corner 'See' I mouthed and he burst out laughing Harry came and looked where Niall had perviously been standing and talking to me and then shot Niall a glare Niall shrugged and then laughed and skipped to Liam. During the second song, 'She's Not Afraid' all the boys were in on it which sucked because I kept having to move. 

"I would stop" Louis said to me I shook my head and then moved right as Harry was walking to the spot while singing. Paul grabbed my arm "Okay stay" he said "Enough games" I nodded and then leaned against him. I almost fell when he quickly moved because Harry was throwing himself into the crowd and Paul had to grab him. "Where are you" Harry said into the mic I giggled and then looked at all the boys laughing. I looked at the screen and someone tweeted, 'What/Who are you guys looking at all night?' I laughed and the the boys and moved to my side of the stage and huddled "her" Niall said into the mic "A friend that we've missed a lot" he added and all the boys agreed, Harry got back on the staged and then ran over to the boys and saw me. 'Shit' he said softly and then I glared at him "You're done" Paul said and pulled me away I waved and blew kisses to the boys as I walked away "Awh Paul ruin our fun" Louis complained. I joined Cami back at our seats which had now become a mosh pit. Once the concert ended the boys took a bow and a very nervous Harry waddled off stage and kept looking back at me while Niall blew me a kiss and winked. I almost imediatly got a call from the mum and told her to meet me at the ground floor. Cami and I waited and chatted laughing about the previous events. "Best Concert ever" she said and I laughed and agreed.

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