The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


12. And all those things

I was slow dancing with Liam when he kept staring at my lips. "What?" I asked "Nothing" he said and then I laughed "Oh come on it has to be something" I said and Liam laughed I looked at Zayn and Cami who kept kissing and then they would move close together, I sighed and then tilted my head wishing that Liam and I were like that. "You know that could be us" Liam said and I circled my head to look at his eyes "Yea but wouldn't want that" I said and looked down "I do want that more than anything actually" I looked up and Liam had his head tilted looking at my blue eyes. "Wait really?" I asked him surprised "Yes really love" I laughed and then laid my head on his shoulder. "So you would want to be my boyfriend?" he asked "Maybe" he said I playfully hit his shoulder "Yea I do" he said "Well good" I said and then pulled him back into me and put my head back on his shoulder. "Hey now I said I do" Liam said and then looked at me. I laughed and then grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the crowd and then into a class room. I sat up Liam up on the desk and then wedged myself in between his legs. "Can I kiss you Liam?" I asked looking at his chest. Liam put his thumb on my chin and then pulled me up to his lips. His soft lips connected to mine and I never wanted it to end, it was such a good feeling like I was on cloud 9. "Well that was fun" I said and winked "You're just like Niall" Liam said and then I hugged him. 

*2 months later*

"I'll stop eatin' food and I'll squeeze into your dress so I can be like you and then I'll see your bitterness" I sang to the song dancing around my room packing things up. I was moving out and into the complex that most of the boys lived in! Liam and I have been dating for two months and it will be three soon. I really liked Liam and I hoped that he liked me too but honestly with Liam it was hard to tell because he was so nice to everyone and he called a lot of girls babe and love. Harry and I were friends but nothing was the same since that Rocky girl that he refused to just give up...meaning he kept her around but they were 'friends' I didn't like her and the boys didn't really either but I supported Harry and I will be here to catch him when he falls. Niall always acted weird around me and he would give me hugs for really long periods of time and always sit next to me it threw me off sometimes. I was brought out of my thoughts when there was a knock on the door. "Coming" I shouted and then I fluffed my hair and ran down stairs. "Hey" I said and hugged Liam, "Well come on" I said and pulled him in "Do you want anything?" I asked as we walked past the kitchen Liam shook his head and then kissed my temple. "Okay packing" I said and giggled Liam nodded and then I pulled him up stairs "Wow" he said looking at all the boxes I had laid out "Just wait" I said and then took him into my room. "Holy crap babe" he said and then looked around my room boxes piled high and clothes laid out on my bed and around my floor. "So can you help?" I asked and started to go and fold clothes "No I think that I'll just watch you" he said and then I looked at him shocked and then he pulled me into a bear hug "Just kidding babe" he said I gave him a small kiss but he pulled me in and deepened the kiss "Wait seriously I need to pack" I said in between kisses. 

After we were done loading my truck, yes I got a big truck, Liam took half of my stuff and then my furniture and things were already there too. Liam came and wrapped his arms around my waist and picked me up slightly "I'll see you soon Li" I said and kissed him "See you soon El bell" I smiled and then my feet found the dirt ground again. Liam helped me up into my truck and then gave me a peck on the cheek "Be safe babe" I nodded and then he closed my door and I started my car Liam waved to me as I drove out of the drive way. I got to the garage and then parked my car Zayn and Cami were waiting for me at the elevator. "Here my car is parked out there" I said and handed her the keys. I almost dropped the boxes but then Zayn helped me "I got it thanks" I said and then pressed the button with my knee. I got in as Zayn and Cami walked away and then I went to my floor and the door was already unlocked, "What in the hell" I said as I pushed the door opened Jake was sitting on the couch in full uniform. "Hey baby sis" he said and then took the box from me. "Why are you here? I thought you were with mum?" "Well I was but um I got a call" my stomach dropped and there was a lump in my throat "W-wh-what kind of ca-call?" I asked looking at him "I have to go back" I shook my head and hugged him "No you can't be going back" I said softly "I'm sorry Ellie" he said as he pet my hair. "What happened?" Liam asked and I heard a box be set down but Jake wouldn't let me look away or around "I have to go back" he said and then kissed my head. "What's going on?" Cami said doing the same thing as Liam. "Pl-plea-please" I sobbed I felt Liam's hand on my back rubbing he wasn't trying to take this moment away from my brother but more comfort me. "When?" I asked looking up to Jake "I have to go now my plane takes off in a hour." I shook my head and then fell back into his chest. "I can't let you go again" I said and kissed his chest "Don't worry I will skype you tomorrow night okay?" I nodded and then stepped back. "You can never get used to this" I said softly and laughed "At least you're positive" He said and then took my face into his hands and kissed my forehead "I love you Ellie" he said and then hugged me "Liam can I talk to you" Jake asked and then Liam nodded and they walked out.


Liam's P.O.V

I was really nervous about this it was scary he was in the army. Jake leaned against a wall and then I followed his lead and smiled at him. "Mate, I'm trusting you with Ellie." he said and looked at me serious "Ever since dad died she has been afraid and closed off but you open her up and according to mum you did before you two were together. All she ever talked about to me was all of her friends and primarily you. I was the man of the house and then I left too, I hate to say this but you kind of replaced me in a way." I laughed and then he smiled "No really" he said "Well I couldn't replace you she talks about you and how amazing you are and let me tell you this you are pretty amazing" he laughed and then looked at me "Liam, I want you to take care of my El bell okay?" I nodded and then he took my shoulder in his hand "And when the time comes if I'm not here I give you my blessing and if you choose not to marry her then I want you to make sure that the guy is good for her. I can see that you only want the best for her and I know that you would put her needs before your own and I would do that for Cami too so I get it." he said and sighed "Ya know at a time I thought I loved Cami" he said and huffed "That was a huge mistake" he said "So um Liam, will you promise me to protect her?" I looked at him and he was shedding a few tears but was completely serious, It scared me to have so much being handed onto me and I wasn't sure if I was suited to but I trusted Jake and if he trusted me with his sister than I must be qualified. I put my hand over his and nodded "Yea I'll make sure that she turns out okay" I said and he laughed "Well if and when I do come back you better still hold up to this promise" I nodded and then we hugged and he went back in said goodbyes and then left. Ellie broke down on the couch and was sobbing uncontrollably  It was hard to see her like this even if I didn't end up with her she was still a part of my life forever and held a piece of my heart. I went and pulled Ellie into my lap and she quickly fell into my chest and grabbed at my shirt crying my name and saying no. I rubbed her back and kissed her forehead over and over again telling her that it was going to be okay. "Babe it will be okay, I'm here forever" I said and she looked at me her makeup was running down her face and she was still sobbing "Please try to calm down it's hurting me" I said and she tilted her head and kissed my lips softly her soft lips sent a small spark through my body and then when she leaned away I wiped her tears with my thumbs and she smiled. "As long as you're with me I will be fine" she said and then sniffled "Go wash up El" I said and she nodded and ran to the bathroom. 

She came back out wrapped up in a blanket wearing one of my plaid shirts half-way unbuttoned and then she was wearing some shorts her hair was pulled back into a bun and she came and sat next to me. "You are going to share right?" I asked jokingly and she giggled her adorable giggle and then scooted under my arm and covered us with the blanket. We decided that the boxes in my car could wait and Zayn and Cami unloaded the rest of the boxes and then went into the guest room about an hour ago or more. "So Liam what are we going to do tomorrow after graduation?" She asked "Well Louis is throwing a graduation party and his house for you and Cami" I told her brushing her hair with my fingers, "That sounds great" she said and then pressed her head farther into my chest. "It's so weird dating a older guy" she looked up at me her blue eyes shaded slightly darker than usual tonight. I pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and she giggled "Well love, you're not that much younger only you're prettier than most girls your age." "So if I was ugly you wouldn't date me?" "No no I'm saying that you are mu-" "Liam when will you learn I don't care what I look like I was just teasing you" I laughed a little then she snuggled back under my arm. "Liam I think I might be falling in love" she said softly, I didn't respond but mearly kissed her head not wanting to tell her yes or no because I didn't want to hurt her "Yea I figured" she said and then I looked at her puzzled but she didn't notice because she had her eyes closed. I decided to brush it off and close my eyes falling to sleep.





Okay guys this is your chance to have an opinion please please tell me who you think she should end up with! By the way I really really appreciate all your comments and your commitment to my story you have no idea how much it means thank you!

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