The Back Up Plan

Elizabeth has no where to go in life she plays the guitar and sings and wanted to make a living off of that but it didn't work out. Her best friend Cami drags her everywhere and that's how Ellie meets her friends. When ever she does meet a guy it's usually a bad one, she has no trust in men anymore. Until she meets someone knew, this guy sweeps her off her feet but she can't seem to trust him.


10. After Show

"Hi" I said as the girls came running up to me, "Thank you so much" Jennifer said "It's no problem" I said and then hugged her "I'm Melody by the way" the mum said and stuck her hand out I grabbed it and then shook it. "This is Cami" I stepped to the side and Jennifer's eyes lit up "Oh my gosh" Jennifer said "Hello there" Cami said and then smiled "Mum picture picture!" she said Cami and I laughed and then Cami went and took a picture "You ready to go?" I asked "Yes Yes" Katie said and jumped up and down. "Okay let's go" Cami said and then Katie came and grabbed my hand I looked down at her and she was smiling really big. Cami went around the back of the stage and they let us in. "Woah this is so cool" Jennifer said as Cami led us around. "The boys are probably out back signing things." Cami said "Awh" Katie groaned "Oh don't worry you can still see them" I told her. "Yea we can just chill in their room" Cami said "You girls are too sweet" Melody said I smiled and looked at Cami and Jennifer walking far ahead of us. "Here it is" Cami said and then opened a door the girls went in and looked at everything. "This is Harry's" she said looking at a blazer "Niall" Katie said and pointed to a pair of shoes. I laughed and then walked over to Katie, I looked at Cami and she shrugged and then smiled. "Hey Katie, you want to put them on?" I asked Melody laughed "Wait your serious" I looked at her and nodded "Really?" "Yea" Katie sat on the floor and took off her shoes and put her feet in Niall's shoes. I laughed as she tried to walk in them but they were so huge on her. "Look I'm Niall" she said and trumped around the room. I laughed and then I heard a familiar cute laugh from behind me. "Niall" I said and wrapped my arms around him. "I missed you so much" he said into my neck, cami cleared her throat and then I turned "Oh um...This is Jennifer and Katie, and their mum Melody" I said and Niall quickly knelt down by Katie and smiled "You like my shoes?" he asked and Katie nodded "Here let's take them for a spin" he said and then took her hand and walked her around. Melody was sitting on a couch face burried in her hands. "Are you okay Miss?" I asked and sat next to her "We barley had enough money for this concert let alone a house and you give us your pass and let us come back here it is  a privilege, these girls will never know how much this is but I will and I'll remember it forever." she wrapped me in her arms and Niall and Cami were staring dumbfounded. I looked at Niall saw me tearing up and he looked at Katie. "Hey Katie" he said and Katie looked up from her feet and to Niall, Melody let go of me and was curiously watching on. "Do you want to keep these?" "Yea Yea" she said and jumped almost falling over. Jennifer came and sat on her mum's lap and hugged her "You guys are too sweet" Melody said again. "Let me go find the rest of the boys" Niall said standing up and leaving, Cami followed. "Promise me you wont sell those...those are the pair I bought him" I said looking at my knees "Oh honey we don't need the money that day the girls will look back on this and see those shoes and remember." Melody said rubbing my back "Yea I promise I wont sell them" Jennifer said "Thank you" I said and looked up at Jennifer "So how old are you?" Jennifer asked smiling trying to change the subject "I'm old are you sweetheart"  "I'm 15" "I remember when I was 15." I said smiling "Elizabeth" Jennifer said softly "Yes sweetheart" "Did you date Harry? There were rumors that you did but I thought you were more a Niall girl" she said and then started rambling on. I laughed "Yea I did for a day...but it wasn't right to put such amazing boys through all the drama that the fans bring and press" "I will never ever be one of those fans....if you promise me something" I nodded my head "You keep them all together...If these boys break apart and One Direction is gone, I don't know what I'll do...they are what get's me through most days" she said I stuck my pinkie out and smiled "I promise" she took my pinkie and then we promised. 

"I found them" Niall said walking back into the room. "We can talk later" I told the boys and then got up. "Bye girls it was nice meeting you" I said and hugged the girls I went to Melody "Feel free to call if you ever need help with anything" I said and rolled my eyes to Jennifer she smiled and gave me a hug "I will thank you" Melody said I got up and walked to the door Harry stood and I shoved past him shoving my shoulder into his and then walked down the hall. I leaned against a wall a few yards away from the room the boys were in. I pulled out my phone and texted my mum telling her it would be a late night and I might stay at Cami's. "Excuse me" a female voice said I looked up and there was a blonde girl standing in front of me her hair was straight and long, she was wearing jeans and a very low cut shirt showing off her breasts. "Yes?" I said looking at her "Do you know where Harry is?" "Oh so you're her" I said and raised my eyebrow not impressed with his new choice, but I knew that he would go for something like this. "Who?" she said getting more snobby "Harry's new toy" "Um I am not his toy and you must be the ex who left him because she was too much of a hassle" I smirked "Yea and obviously it was a good choice" she laughed "Shut up Harry could easily do better than your bitch ass I mean obviously look at me" I rolled my eyes and laughed "You think you're better than me do you see what you look like?" she shoved my shoulders and smiled "At least I don't look like I'm trying that hard" she said and then pulled my dress hem "At least I look like I'm trying what did you just jump out of the dumpster?" I said and started to walk away she grabbed my shoulder and then slapped me as I turned "Um escuse you this is expensive" she said and laughed I laughed and then rolled my shoulder back winding up she had no idea who the hell she was messing with. "Elizabeth" Jennifer called "Bye" she said I turned and smiled as they walked away. "Who was that your attempt to impress Harry bringing some homeless fans backstage?" "No, actually I'm just a nice person" I said and then smashed my face into her face, unfourtenetly she returned the favor and I flew back and then she scratched down my arm "Don't fuck with me bitch" she said I laughed and then pinned her down "Just shut your mouth please" I said and held her arm to the ground "Ellie?!" Harry shouted I looked at him he was shocked and confused and then he saw his girlfriend "What the hell? Rocky? he said and then ran to us I looked under me and saw the blonde girl crying and then she smiled "Sucks to be you" she said softly and then started crying. I grunted and then got off of her, She didn't deserve that I just let my temper get out of hand. "Sorry" I said "Yea right" Rocky said as Harry led her away he was shaking his head. "Ellie are you okay?" Cami asked running over to me and then holding my face "I'm fine is she okay?" "Why do you care about her? She instigated the whole thing" I looked at her confused "I heard the whole thing babe" I sighed and then collapsed into her and started crying, I don't know why but I was so heated and I was thankful that someone heard and knew the truth. "Oh my gosh!" Liam said and then ran to me taking me from Cami's arms and then picking me up bridal style, my vision started leaving "She is going out" Cami said worried "I'm fine" I barley said "She is loosing blood" Cami said and then my eyes closed and I was gone.


Liam's P.O.V

I laid her on the couch in my dressing room and then Cami came in with a wet towel I put it over her eye brow and then her lip man she really got beat but I hadn't seen Rocky, so who knows the damage that Ellie caused. "Is she okay?" Niall asked running into the room. "Oh my god" he said and then fell to her side. I couldn't imagine what is going through Niall's head right now, he loved her and just that week when she was gone he broke I've never seen him like that before. "She is fine" Cami said unsure and looked at me "Yea she is" I assured them both and then I looked and Niall had her hand in his and he kept mumbling things. "Niall she is fine..." "How's Rocky?" Cami asked laughing "She is a lot worse" Cami laughed "That should teach her to keep her smug mouth shut" Cami said laughing I glared at her. "I'm going to go check on Rocky" Cami said and then got up and left. Paul came rushing in seconds after Cam left, "Let me see" he said and then knelt next to her, he let out a sigh of relief  Ellie was like a daughter to him she was with us a lot and he grew attached to us all but not Rocky he always said that she was bad news. "Liam put your hand two inches away from her mouth in a cup okay" I nodded and then did as he told me too I felt her warm breath on my hand "Why am I doing this?" "It allows her to breath the air in better" I nodded and then looked as Niall was still nervously holding her hand "Niall can you go get a wet towel" Niall looked at me and then I nodded "I'll be here and Paul" he nodded then took off. "Her cuts are pretty bad" 'Well Rocky has long nails so" I said and Paul glared at me. Niall came back in and knelt next to her "Put it over her cuts" he nodded and then carefully put the towel to her arm. Ellie really did look beautiful tonight, Liam you have a girlfriend stop. "She should be up soon and now I have to go check on Rocky...tell me if anything new comes up" Paul said and then left. Ellie's breath hitched and I jerked "What?" Niall said looking at me worried "Nothing" I said and then I looked and Ellie winked at me I looked at her confused and then she smiled and closed her eyes "How's Rocky?" she asked "More like how the hell are you?" Niall said she made a hissing noise and I looked at Niall's hand clenched around her arm "Mate" I said and put my hand on his shoulder "Sorry" "It's fine" Ellie said and smiled "Ouch man my face hurts" Ellie said and then laughed which cause me and Niall to laugh. She sat up and then winced "Careful" I said "You can move your hand Liam" she said and then I jerked my hand down and laughed "Sorry" I said and then she smiled "It's fine" she got up and then walked to the mirror and all her face read was fear and horror "Oh my gosh I am-" "Beautiful" Niall answered "No I look like crap" she said and touched her blood smeared face. "I think you still look damn good" I said and winked she laughed "Thanks guys" she said and hugged us both. "You guys are the best friends ever" she said and then I looked at Niall who was clearly hurt. "I need to be the bigger person" she said and looked at us "I have to apologize" "But you di-" "I know Niall but it doesn't matter, I need to apologize" she said and then walked to the door "Oh and sorry about our first night back together boys" she said and winked.

We followed her into the big dressing room where everyone was. "Hi" Ellie said softly. I put my hands on her shoulders and she smiled at me "Thanks" she said softly and then I walked over to the counter and sat up on it all eyes were on Ellie. "Are you okay?" she asked Rocky, Rocky scoffed and then looked at her "Why do you care?" she asked "Because...I don't but I'm not a horrible person that you may've made me out to be. I'm still a nice girl who cares about the well being of others" Ellie took a step closer to Harry and Rocky "So I'm sorry I let my anger get the best of me" Ellie added and then I watched her gaze travel up Rocky and then she sighed and looked at Harry in the eyes "And my jealousy" We all stared at Harry for his reaction which was surprise and then Ellie retreated a bit and looked at Rocky "Really I'm sorry" "Well, I accept your apology I mean someone a low as you it's expected." Rocky said and Cami stood up and ran to Rocky "Excuse you?" she spat "Did you just call her low?" "Yea she is picking up homeless people and bringing them in and obviously I mean look at her outfit." Rocky snarled and then Ellie covered Cami's mouth and smiled "You're right I am a bit lower than you aren't I" I looked at Ellie who was smirking and I was shocked Ellie is anything but low she is so much higher than any of us. She was and beautiful and everyone loved her but Rocky so far even Dani and Eleanor loved her. I stood up and walked in front of Ellie and Cami and glared at Harry "If you don't escort her out mate we will" I said and Harry looked at me shocked "What?" Harry asked "Out please" Zayn said joining us. "Guys no no" Ellie said "No this is why I left" she said tears coming down her face "This is why I didn't want to come back" she said and then walked to the door. "I'm sorry guys I did it again...I promised her I wouldn't" she said and then left the click of her heels could be heard as the room was silent. "ARE YOU HAPPY?!" Cami yelled and then stomped her foot. "Look she is gone again and this time it is your fault Harry!" she said and pointed at him "And yours you you you" Cami said but the Zayn pulled her into his chest before she could continue. I saw Niall who was curled up in the corner upset I walked over to him and sat next to him "I need pizza" he said pain written on his face. "She doesn't deserve any of you guys" Rocky said "JESUS DO YOU SHUT UP!" Cami yelled into Zayn's chest and I let out a chuckle. Suddenly Paul's figure was standing in the doorway "What did you do?" he asked confused "What do you mean?" Harry asked quietly "Elizabeth just ran to her car and told me that she wasn't coming back and she was sorry she caused so much trouble all the time." Paul was glaring at Harry and Rocky. "She didn't" Harry said softly "Rocky" Harry said and we all looked at him was this the moment we wanted "Rocky you need to's not working out" "Harry babe, we can fix this I mean the problem is gone." "Ellie was not the problem" Rocky looked shocked but not hurt "You know how many people would kill for me? A lot Harry so fuck you and fuck you all" she said and then walked out of the room. "That's enough for tonight" Paul said and then he gathered us and we left.

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