Midnight Love



5. Voices

zayn had called the girls to help him and harry to the car, "Ok Harry … Slowly but gently slide off the bed…. But be very careful' maria instructed "Ughhh Fuck This Hurts Soo Bad! I Can’t !" harry protested "Yes you can … You can do this it just takes longer because your in pain Harry" maria informed him,  Harry Tried to lift himself up to a sitting position… Slowly he foughts through the pain tears surfacing his eye jaws tightening… "Your doing great Harry! Ok now slowly put your legs on the side of the bed. While I get your wheelchair." maria encouraged turning towards the door to get the wheelchair Harry started to move his legs to the side of the bed the pain was an obvious discomfort "Oh God" he gasped, he grasped the side of the fresh stitches, bending in pain as if he wanted to cry he didn’t want anyone to see him like this.. he bit his lip and pushed himself as far to the edge of the bed as he could "Wow Harry! Alright stay there I'll help you down and help you to your chair ok?" maria asked him smiling "Yeah ok, just hurry please?" harry asked almost in a hiss "Ok" she answered turning to get the wheelchair, she wheeled it over to him and helped him as much as possible to get into the chair. "thanks" he smiled up at her, "no problem" she replied as she pushed him out the door getting to where aspen and zayn were standing, zayn took the handles from maria as they began to leave the building, Zayn rolled Harry to the car and helped him into his seat and buckled him in… Zayn sat next to him and Aspen sat next to maria in the front. it was silent for a while then maria broke the silence "Harry… Zayn if its ok with you guys I was wondering if you’d like to stay with us. So that I can help you take care of his stitches. I don’t want them getting infected." maria suggested Aspen Whispered "What are you thinking?" maria whispered back "It’s for the best I can’t take a chance and let him catch an infection he could die and then it would be all my fault I can’t let that happen!" Aspen thought about it then agreed "what do you guys think? Will you let her take care of you Harry?" "Ummm not sure… There is no need we will be ok …" zayn began to speak until he was cut off "Yes please… I think I’d be better off getting treated right so I can heal faster Zayn." harry interuppted Zayn Thought about it then agreed but he was'nt too happy …

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