Midnight Love



2. Tonight, Tonight

She held the other end of the heavy white and blue cooler “Ughhhh this is sooooo heavy! We have enough to last a whole month” she chuckled lightly looking behind her, making sure her foot found the step, “I know but we are almost at our flat… This party is going to great Maria!” Her friend replied excitement in her voice. “So who’s coming anyway?” Maria asked with a hint of laughter in her voice. “I want Amelia and Bridgit to come for sure!” Her friend answered “Ok can they bring friends?” Maria asked “Sure if they want to… But I don’t want this party to be too big! The mess afterwards will be a hassle to clean up!” The friend exclaimed “ok… Your right it would take a long time to pick up. I want to bring Brian! Of course!” Maria gushed “I know what you guys are going to be doing!” She replied winking and taunting her with kissy faces. “Shut Up Aspen! Well maybe just a little..” maria hissed giggling kinda starting to blush. they both laughed entering the flat they placed cooler down, Maria sat on the couch turning on the tv while aspen went into the kitchen to wash a few dishes that were left in the sink.” I also want to bring Jennifer and Samantha! Maybe even Sarah but she’s going to bring Zack for sure….” Maria said breaking the short silence. “Ok… So seems like we are going to have a great little get together!” Aspen replied placing paper plates and cups out on the counter. they each called and texted their friends telling them about the party. a few hours until the party starts. “What should I wear? I can’t decide between my black skinnies or my tight black skirt?!?! Help me please Aspen!” Maria yells from her bedroom, “ok.. Ok calm down try them on.” Aspen said walking down the hallway to Maria’s bedroom cluttered with clothes. Maria tried on the black skirt first, “what do you think?” She said turning around looking at her reflection in the mirror. “Definitely the Black skirt! He won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you!” Aspen exclaimed smiling. “Thank You so much! What are you planning on wearing?” Maria asked.”Im not really sure yet… Doesn’t hurt to start looking” she searched through her closet to find something to wear. “No.. No… No… ” Aspen exclaimed “Uh I can’t find anything I really feel like wearing. Damn it! I hate when this happens. I’ll just wear my faded ripped skinny jeans with a white crop top . Simple but it works no?” Aspen asked Maria. “Damn we look good! Look at you… I love your outfit. Want me to curl your hair?” Maria asked ” No… I’m ok I’ll just leave it natural today” aspen replied “Okay! Well I’m going to curl mine” Maria said with a huge smile on her face. Aspen walked out of the bathroom into the kitchen ‘This girl is falling hard.. I think her and Brain are the cutest couple ever though! I’m happy for her’ aspen thought.

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