Midnight Love



7. Sorry


Zayn: I decided to leave last night because I needed some space… So I decided to go for along walk in the park. I almost didn’t even come back but then I thought about Harry and I couldn’t just leave him. If I were the one hurt he’d be by my side no matter what. I came back about an hour and a half later everyone was still sleeping. I couldn’t sleep so I just sat there for hours. Harry would twitch and turn around every now and then but everything was quiet. Just the way I liked it. Around 11 I heard someone waking up. I wonder who it was not that I care. Then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, it was Maria. She was still wiping the sleep out of her eyes… Then she saw me looking at her which startled her. “Oh my Goodness Zayn” she said while putting her hand up to her heart. “You scared me!” Sorry I didn’t mean to. ” What are you doing up?” Well it’s clearly around 11 so most people would be up by now I said smartly. “Ok then… ” she replied. She got herself a bowl of cereal and sat down and ate.

Maria: I started eating my cereal, but then stopped as I thought about what Zayn said so I walked back upstairs and woke Aspen up. Then I walked back down stairs and I told Zayn to wake Harry up too. He did what I told him. After they were all awake I asked Zayn if he wanted anything… He answered “no” Ok I replied maybe he’d not a breakfast kind if person. Then I asked Harry… ” Yes Please!” What do you want? “I’d like 2 waffles please!” Ok it’ll be a few minutes until there done. “Okay” Aspen how about you? “I’ll get myself some cereal and orange juice” Alright I said. Everyone sat at the table while waiting for the waffles to pop up from the toaster. When my phone started buzzing. I checked it, it was Brian. I picked it up Hello “Hey baby” Hi Brian… What’s up? “Nothing really just can’t wait for our date tonight” with a slight chuckle. Neither can I … ” Hey baby can you wear a dress for me?” Brian you know I hate dresses… “Please baby I wanna see all your beautiful curves tonight” *sigh* Ok…*sigh* Ok… Ok I’ll wear a dress just for you. * waffles pop up* Hey Brain I have to go ill see you later Bye! “Bye Beautiful!” I blushed Alittle then hung up my phone and got the waffles.Harry: I was awaken by Zayn this morning. The pain has subsided Alittle bit but I could still feel it. Everyone was downstairs and Maria asked me if I wanted anything so I said 2 waffles please! Cuz I was starving. Maria is such a nice person. She just seems so carefree. Her presence is calming. We were waiting for the waffles to pop up when her phone rang. I wonder who it was… I heard her say “Hello Brian” . Brian.. Brian.. I swear I remember that name. Oh yeah I do he was there the day I was hurt. Is Brian her best friend? I turned to look at Aspen. Hey Aspen.. “Yeah” … Ummm can I ask you something… “Sure can, what do you have on your mind?” .. Who’s Brian? .. *she laughed* “Brian’s Maria’s boyfriend” Oh… *i looked down at my waffles* ” Why?” Oh no reason I just wanted to know… “Ok” she said with a small smile on her face.

Aspen: Hmmmm.. Well that was weird. I shouldn’t over think that question. It was probably harmless I thought to myself. I decided to ask Zayn why he wasn’t eating anything. Zayn you should eat something… “No I’m not hungry” he said coldly… Why not? … “I already told you Im Not Hungry and that’s that ok?” … No that’s not the end actually! I snapped back at him.. Then he looks at Harry and tells him “see I told you! Staying here would be a bad idea!” … No it’s not a bad idea at all! He’s alright it’s just you and your stupid ass attitude!! I can’t take it! You think your all badass and your not! If you really don’t want to be here be my guest and leave! The door is right over there!!! I said practically yelling in his face… “Stop Stop Stop You Guys!” I heard Harry yelling. “Aspen Stop! Your being rude!” I heard Maria say. “Zayn you need to calm down… Take deep breaths…” Harry said to Zayn. “Aspen come here” Maria said. No! I yelled back at her than ran up the stairs into my room… The tears were hot in my eyes…I felt the tears coming there was no way to stop it from happening. I just can’t stand his attitude I meant everything I said but at the same timebut at the same time I didn’t. What was wrong with me? I never act this way… I sat on my bed with my head in between my knees sobbing I grabbed my pillow and started crying into it… I sat there for awhile

Maria: Okay you guys lets settle down… Zayn have a seat and relax a bit. Harry help him calm down, please! I looked deep into his eyes with concerning eyes. Harry looked away and nodded his head and sat down next to Zayn. “Hey, you ok man?” Harry said, “Don’t let her get to you…” He also said. I heard Zayn reply “Well she is right, I do have an attitude. I can be so mean sometimes. I wish I could control my anger, but I’m not sure how to yet.” He said with a disappointed tone. “Well then, you should apologise to Aspen” he said assuringly then patted his back. Zayn looked up at Harry then he responded “ok I’ll apologise to her”. Harry called me over and told me to get Aspen. Alright I’ll be right back you guys! “Okay” they said together. I walked upstairs and knocked on Aspens door. Hey Aspen, open the door, it’s me Maria. She didn’t answer. So I tried again. Aspen, please open your door! Zayn wants to apologize to you I told her from outside her door. He says he’s sorry, but I want you to hear it for yourself. We’ll be downstairs come down when your ready. Then we’ll all talk about it ok? I still heard no response. So I walked away and headed downstairs.

Aspen: Aspen open your door! I heard Maria say. But I couldn’t respond back. I would choke on my words, I don’t want anyone to know I’ve been crying. So as much as it hurt I couldn’t reply back hopefully she’ll give up and leave me alone. Then I heard her say Zayn wanted to apologize to me? He wants to apologize to me? I can’t believe this is it true… It has to be true because Maria wouldn’t lie to me like that. Should I go down there? I don’t think I could forgive him just that easily. He had to have a genuine apology. I might as well give him a shot. So I got up and went into the bathroom. I looked like a mess I wiped the tears off my face and splashed some water over my face to freshen up. Then I reapplied my eyeliner and repowdered my face. Then I took a few deep shaky breaths in and out to calm myself down. Then I opened my door and headed downstairs were they were waiting for me.

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