Midnight Love



4. Dr. L...

When they got to The hospital Maria pulled into a parking spot And turned around to look at aspen.”Ok Aspen i need you to help Zayn carry Harry! Please! I’ll go inside and tell them so they’ll take him in immediately…” maria slamed the car door and ran off through the hospital doors, “Zayn we need to be very careful so we don’t hurt him anymore than he already is…” aspen was instructing until Zayn cut her off “Don’t Worry I Got This!” He said aggressively ” but You need help…” aspen said with concerned eyes “No I Don’t!” he snapped at her, “uh, Ok all I wanted to do was help you .. Sorry” she backed off, Zayn then pulled Harry’s body out of the car fast but gentle enough that he did even complain about pain, then he cradled him like a baby… Harry’s head was dangling back and forth his arm was around Zayns neck as he walked to the entrance He was to weak to pick up his head… He looked so pale and lifeless. He lost so much blood you couldn’t help but feel bad for him.They entered the hospital, They already had a bed waiting for him. Zayn put him down gently in it as they rolled him away and prepared him for the stitches. “Zayn you need to fill out these papers with his information” maria said handing the papers to him, “I don’t know any of his information…” zayn muttered “But they need a record if him…” maria insisted “I don’t know any if his information” He said coldly sending shivers down Aspens back “M..Maybe you should drop it…” aspen stuttered “Are you ok Aspen?” maria asked “Yeah, but I have to use the restroom will you come with me?” aspen asked urgently “Ummm ok.. Yeah I’ll go with you. Zayn stay here just in case they say anything about Harry” maria looked for an agrement. He just looked at Maria then slowly nodded his head, they both walked towards the bathroom “That boy is kind of scary” aspen confessed “Who Zayn?” maria asked confused “Yeah.., he wouldn’t let me help him with Harry and he seemed upset because I asked to help him.” aspen said “He seems like a little bit shy is all … but he’s probably acting this way because he’s worried about Harry” maria said reassuring her “Ok your probably right! I was probably overreacting” aspen chuckled lightly as they left the bathroom walking pass a few teary eyed people they eventually got back to Zayn, "Anything new with Harry?" maria asked, Zayn was starring at the double door they had just towed harry through moments ago, he turned around to face the tiny figure cmpared to his size standing behind him. "Yeah, they are about to put the stitches in they said he’s doing fine …" zayn replied with a saddened tone "Okay good… I’m happy he’s doing fine so far! Don’t worry he’s going to be ok Zayn?" maria patted his back reassuringly Zayn put his head between his hands hiding the tears that were dangerously flooding his eyes. "Zayn .. Are you ok?" aspen asked quietly, Zayn didn't reply he uncovered his face and walked past them to sit down still looking at the double doors. "C’mon aspen lets go get a snack from the machine over there… Hey Zayn you want something?" maria asked  Zayn shook his head no, the girls walked off grabbed a snack and walked back to where zayn was sitting. two hours later the Doctor walks into the waiting room towards zayn, who was sitting next to the sleep girls, the doctor approched and had the first word, "zayn?" the doctor asked for confirmation, "that's me" zayn confirmed "Harry is going to be fine… He is recovering very well , he had lost a lot of blood so we put him on the IV, but he’s resting right now as we speak. He’s very exhausted from the surgery. Would you like to see him son?" the doctor asked  Zayn sighed "Yes … Yes Please!" the doctor motioned him to follow him through the double doors towards Harry's room, Zayn walked through the door to see Harry wired up, he moved around the bed to a chair near the window, he then pulls up a chair to sit right beside him, he sat there just watching him… Waiting for any signs of waking up… soon zayn heard a knock at the door, he got up to see who it was, he opened the door to see two small figures standing in front of him, the first was smaller than the other sand blonde hair hazel eyes and light freckles sprinkled on her cheek bones, the taller one had jet black hair and hunter green eyes a serious scar under her left eye, the smaller one interupted zayn's analysis "we came to see if he's ok" the first figure said, "why?" zayn asked "we can't see old friends?" the second figure stepped into the light peering up at him smiling slyly "no" zayn boldly said "i don't think that works on us" the first figure answered, the figures invited themselves in without warning, "blaze..please leave him alone" zayn pleaded, blaze turned around from looking at harry, she pushed out her bottom lip "poor little zaynie poo, you want us to stop hurting your poor little friend?" blaze taunted, zayn looked at her anger with a hint of fear surfaced in his eyes, blaze moved closer to zayn running a finger down his chest "those little girls can't save you....i'd give it about a day until you both ruin it" blaze laughed "we're not staying" zayn snapped, blaze laughed grabbed her friend and walked out. zayn ran a hand through his hair and sat in the chair across from harry who was still asleep,He slept the night there right next to him.. The next morning Harry begins to wake up moving around on the stretcher waking zayn up as well "Harry?...Harry?" Zayn asked concerned, harry grunted trying to sit up "Harry are you ok?" Zayn asked "Uh Yeah I think so.. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck!" Harry grunted, Zayn laughed lightly "You look like it too!" "Shut-Up Zayn!" He said trying to hide his pain.. "Good to have you back! I thought I lost you…" He looked down at his feet "I thought I was gone too. I kept seeing the light … But something always brought me back like it wasn’t my time to go." Harry explained to Zayn "Do remember anything?" zayn asked curiously "All I remember is…" before harry had time to finish the doctor walked in greeting harry and zayn. " hello zayn! Hello Harry! How are you feeling?" "I feel like Hell!" harry proclaimed " well that's always normal, Any pain?" the doctor asked "Of Course I have Pain!! Can’t you tell?" harry raised his voice, the doctor checked his fresh stitches making sure there is'nt any excess bleeding "Looks like they are healing just fine. I’ll send you home today… All you need is 2 pain pills every 4 hours and to clean and replace your stitches dressing at least 3 times a day":the doctor reassured them "That’s all?" zayn sounded surprised "Yep, i have to go finish fill out some paperwork you all are free to go when you're all ready, your girlfriends..." the doctor was cut off "they arent our girlfriends" zayn interrupted. the doctor flashed a smile "Hope you guys have a nice day"

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