Midnight Love



3. Dangerous

people started arriving to the small intimate gathering soft music playing from aspens iPod hooked up to an ihome. Maria was downstairs greeting from the door “Hello, Im Maria if you need anything just help yourself the drinks are over there… Have fun!” She smiled at the happy faces. “Wow.. This place is getting packed fast! I don’t even know half these people… ” Aspen spoke to maria who had quietly removed herself away from aspen. maria let out a high pitched squeaI when brian walked in. Hours later aspen had a few drinks in her and wanted to dance. She looked around for someone to dance with. “Come on Brian! I want to show you something…” Maria led him down the hallway to her bedroom, “What is it love?” Brian asked curiously,”You’ll see if you follow me..” Maria insisted “Holy Shit Maria!” He almost yelled astonished by his view, “What?”she asked concerned. “Your ass looks so fine in that skirt! The things I want to do to you right now baby… ” He replied taking his bottom lip between his teeth. “Thank You Brian your looking good yourself!” She said smiling. He grabbed her waist pushing her against the wall. He placed his lips at the base of her neck grinding his hip into hers grabbing her from behind, “the things I would do to you right now” he mumbled into her neck leaving wet slow kisses down her neck to her chest a soft moan exiting her mouth. She led him to her bedroom and closed the door. It was nice and dark in their just the way they liked it. Aspen wondered where Maria was, she shook her head at the thought of Maria and Brian having a make out session. there was a frantic knocking at the door all of the sudden our landlord Miss. Elsa breathing heavily stood in the doorway, the woman had to be around 67, as if she’d seen a ghost the woman looked as if she ran up the stairs, she most probably did. “Aspen! Where’s Maria?!?” She frantically asked “I..I don’t know” Aspen stuttered looking around scanning through the few clusters of people “wait here” Aspen told her quietly “hurry” elsa’s voice impatient now. Aspen ran through the hallway hearing voices coming from Maria’s bedroom. Aspen opened the door to find Maria and Brian making out, just as she thought, “Maria!!!” Aspen yelled, Maria stopped what she was doing and looked at aspen, “yea..yeah?” Maria stuttered. “Miss. Elsa needs you looks like there’s trouble come quick!!!” Aspen frantically called running down the hall with Maria to the front door. Miss. Elsa was right where aspen left her. “Oh goodness Maria your here, come quick there’s a injured boy outside” miss. Elsa explained. Maria grabbed the first aid kit and her theta-scope. “Tell me what happened” Maria said closing the door behind her which then had a slew of people following out behind the three women, “well I was calling out for my poor kitty, as you know he likes to wonder about, and I was going to close the door when the dark haired boy asked for help and I asked why, and there was the curly haired boy in his arms covering his abdomen and there was blood, so I told him to wait here I’m going to get Maria and so I did, and here you are” miss. Elsa answered, they stopped in front of the dark haired boy, dressed in black hovering over the curly haired boy, the boy on the ground was fading in and out of consciousness that was a no brainer, “please help him” the boy in black pleaded, “i’ll try” Maria got on her knees and took out her theta-scope and looked for a pulse. She moved up the shirt drenched in blood and examined the large cut on his lower abdomen, she looked up at the dark haired boy questioning the injury. Maria looked back down and tried to be as gentle as she could while cleaning it. “Ow…” Maria heard the boy complain at the touch. “Take your jacket off” Maria sternly said to the dark haired boy “w..what” he stuttered “off” she hissed, he took his jacket and handed it to Maria, she balled up the jacket and put it under the boy on the floor. “Name?” She asked the boy “Harry, I’m zayn” he answered “Harry I need you breath in deeply honey” Maria explained, he tried to finish clean but her bottom lip found its way between his teeth. “He needs stitches” she told zayn quietly “ok, can’t you do it here?” He asked “no, he needs a hospital, my car is outside I’ll take you” she reassured him, zayn picked Harry up Maria opened the door and went to the car aspen and Brian followed “babe, you’re not really helping them are you? You don’t even know them” zayn glared at Brian “I’ll be back soon” Maria answered “do you need me ria?” Aspen called “yes can you sit with Harry in the back please?” Maria asked “ok” aspen sat in the back with Harry’s head on her lap “babe?!” Brian called out again “later Brian, not now!” Maria hissed getting into the car with zayn in the passenger seat. Maria drove off to the hospital without wasting time. it didnt take long until they arrived at the hospital.

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