Midnight Love



6. Animal


Harry: We arrived at their flat around 10 at night. My side was throbbing, I felt so tired and drained. All I wanted to do was sleep. *large rumble* Whoa was that my stomach? I must be starving! I saw Maria look up and back at me and giggle “Wow you must be hungry” I nodded my head… So she asked if I wanted anything but I kindly obliged I really didn’t want anything to eat. Nothing really appealed to me. Ill eat in the morning I said. She set up my bed which was on the couch. She helped me slowly get into it. I’ve never been in so much pain before! So I took some pills and fell asleep.

Maria: Hey Zayn would you like to sleep here with Harry? Or go upstairs and take a bed.. Aspen and I can share. He replied bitterly “No Im Fine. Ill just sleep on your recliner” Okay then I’ll get you a few blankets so you won’t be cold… Would you also like a pillow? “Sure” I heard him say. So I went upstairs and got his stuff then gave it to him. I saw him get comfortable and then I looked at Harry he was fast asleep. So I went back upstairs and got ready for bed. I was brushing my teeth when I heard my phone buzz … I put down my tooth brush and read the text Brian: Hey Baby:) I miss you, sorry for being a jerk the other day. Would you like to hang out with me tomorrow? 
I thought about it and replied Hey Hun… It’s ok and Sure I’d love too! :)
Brian: ok so it’s a date! Ill pick you up around 7 ok? 
Okay :) See you tomorrow! Night
Brian: Night Doll xx
Aspen: I woke up around 11:49pm because I heard a noise. It sounded like something was moving downstairs, I got scared but I wanted to know what it was that woke me.. I tip toed downstairs to check. I peeked down the stairs to see someone was moving but I couldn’t see who it was it was to dark. I heard it say ” ill be back an like an hour ok? Stay here….” Then I heard someone reply ” Mmmmhm whatever” Wait this voice reminded me of Zayn. Was it Zayn? But why is he leaving at this time at night? It’s almost 12 at night. Then I heard him slowly open the door and leave . So I creeped back up the stairs and into Maria’s room.

Maria: “Maria wake up!” I felt someone gently shaking me to wake up so I did. I turned on my light and sat up. I rubbed my eyes to check the time and it was 12:07. “Maria I saw Zayn get up and leave…” So I responded ” What if he’s up to no good?” We’ll that’s none of our business then… ” but he said he’ll be back in an hour” Okay and you woke me up why? ” Well I heard something moving downstairs and it woke me up so I went to check and then I saw Zayn leave” Well ok then can I please go back sleep! I snapped ” ok ok ill talk to you tomorrow, go back to sleep Night” Night…

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