Not The Same (Zayn Malik love story)

I;m not that girl you see in the club, or with a big group of people.I'm Katalina Brooklyn Flores. I live with my loving family in a small house..Nerd? yes... i have straight A's. Everything changed when my' friends' sudggested to go a club in Vegas. That's when i met him. Zayn Malik.


3. The lads ?

ok im updating Cx read my other stories ? X

                                   ~~~Kathy's P.O.V. ~~~

'' WHO ARE YOU ?''

I  asked a bit scared and confused.

''I'm guessing you don't remember me !''

He stated looking at me.

'' Umm no but why am i here ?''

I asked totally lost.


i heard someone yell interupting zayn. Zayn eyes open wide and he tried to hide me ...

'' oooooooh who is she Zayn?''

Someone with blue eyes and blonde hair asked smirking.

''this is umm errmm Katalina.''

''Holy shit Zayn had some fun last night.''

A boy with green eyes and mop of curly hair.

'' umm erm no.''

'' Damn Zayn good choice.''

A boy with brown hair and blue eyes said.

I didn't know what to do.

'' We didn't do anything ." I quietly said REALLY SCARED .

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