Not The Same (Zayn Malik love story)

I;m not that girl you see in the club, or with a big group of people.I'm Katalina Brooklyn Flores. I live with my loving family in a small house..Nerd? yes... i have straight A's. Everything changed when my' friends' sudggested to go a club in Vegas. That's when i met him. Zayn Malik.


2. Hi ?

a/n new chapter ^.^ Hope you like it (:

                                           ~~~~ Kathy's P.O.V.~~~~


What do I tell him. Oh god I was never good with boys. Well except for the presidents I was really good with them mostly Abraham Lincoln, he's my fav---. What Katalina Brooklyn Flores   get back to the topic and stop drooling over Mr. Lincoln. Why am I talking to myself.  

"uughh erm umm hi "  

I stuttered.  

I'm so stupid. Ahhh.  

He smirked.  

" Did I amaze you that much? " 

He said flirty.  

Wait what. 

Please I drool over Abraham Lincoln more than you.  

"Haha I don't know if that's a insult." 

The annoying guy said.  

Wait I said that outloud. Holy macaroni. Why am I so lame. Forever Alone.  

"So what's you're name beautiful? "  

He said giving me a cheesy smirk.  

Should I give him my name?!  

"Erm my name is Katalina ? "  

I said more of a question.  

"Well Katalina, that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. " 

He said winking at me.  

I blushed light pink. Omg what no Kat stop.  

"Uhh thanks, erm what's your name? "  

I said a little bit more confident. 

"You don't recognize me? " 

He said.  

I shaked my head. 

"Oh well I'm Zayn Malik, hottest guy around! "  

He replied smirking.  


"Why does it turn you on? "  

He whispered in my ear in a low voice.  

"Eww no get away, you horny bastard. "  

I said pushing him away.  

"You know acting hard to get turns me on. "  

He said in a husky voice.  

"I'm not acting hard to get, I am okay! "  

I replied sending him a glare.  

"I never had a boyfriend, and I don't want you being first! "  

I continued.  

He smirked.  

What do you understand me?

" I said it before, I love it when girls are hard to get. "  

Zayn said sweetly.  

Woah what a change of personalities. I ignored him and sat in my table. 

I looked around and guess what now I saw blondie & Josie dancing while whispering things in eachothers ear. They both blushed.  

I looked around and saw Anna having a nice conversation with Buzz cut guy. Last I saw Kim & Curly drinking and dancing. This is going to be a long night.  

~~~~Zayn's P.O.V. ~~~~ 


"Mate are you alright? "  

Louis asked out of no where.  

"Yeah, where we're you? "  

I asked.  

"I went outside to ask if Eleanor & Danielle can come, to bad they can't. "  

He replied sadly.  

He really loved Eleanor and Liam only dates Danielle because she needs publicity, I'm the only one that knows. I hate her. Seriously. She tried to kiss me 738262910 times! ._____. She's jealous of every girl Liam talks to. Btw. Liam looks very comfortable with the new chick. She's alright I guess. But Katalina  was beautiful.  

She's hard to get though. My charm has never failed a girl but now it did. She had a slim body,  hair, and her eyes 'irresistible.' Haha. Anyways she was perfect, I made the wrong first impression though. She thinks I'm a horny bastard when I know I'm not. I show respect to every women ... sometimes.  

"Lad seriously what's wrong? "  

Louis asked again.  

"I saw this girl, she's perfect, she's not like the rest, I made the wrong first impression. " 

I confessed. 

Wow I sound depressed. 

"First of all, show me the girl. "  

He replied.  

I pointed at Katalina , which was 1 table away.  

"Holy shit she's hot Zayn, got get her man! "  

Louis said grinning like a Cheshire cat.  

"Weren't you fucking listening she has a wrong impression of me! "  

I half screamed.  

He looked taken back then he did a thinking face.  

"Oh, well why don't you go and talk to her nicely, I mean she looks lonely. " 

Louis said shrugging. 

"you're a genius, Lou! "  

I screamed happily.  

He smirked and mumbled 'I know.'


"Hey Katalina. "  

I said as nice as I can.  

She looked up and frowned.  

"What do you want know, Zayn? "  

She asked clearly annoyed.  

"I wanted to say sorry for being a jerk, lets start all over. "  

I said giving her a hand to shake. 

She smiled and shaked my hand. She has a beautiful smile.  


She replied.  

"Well to start if off why are you here, well not rudely but you look bored and.... annoyed?" 

I asked. 

"Erm I just don't like clubs and all this. Fist time actually. "  

She said quietly.  

"Wait so you have never drank a beer? "  

I questioned.  

She mumbled 'no ' quietly. 

"Do you want to try it. " 

I randomly asked. 

"Erm uh no. " 

She said. 

"Why not, C'mon give it a try. " 

I said enthusiastically. 

"Uh okay. " 

She said shyly.

I got her a beer. She drank it..... 

Her face was priceless. O.O 

"Ewww! " 

She muttered. 

"Don't like that one? Here try this one."  

(*) 2 hours later .... 

Katalina  was drunk as ever. It was actually a funny sight. She was hilarious. 

"Lemme tell you a joke hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaha. "  

She said laughing. 

"Omfg Zaynie I spilled beer all over my dress haha. " 

She said pouting. 

"Oh did you come with someone her? "  

I asked. 

"Umm I don't know hahaha. " 

She said laughing.  

"Oh umm I can't take you to my flat, I haven't drank so I'm alright. "  

I said hoping she would say yes. 

She nodded her head. YES. 


We arrived at my flat. Lucky I tidied it.  

"Hahahahahahhhhahahahahahahahahahaha! " 

She burst out laughing for no reason.  

"What's funny? "  

I asked amused. 

"You hahha omg I have two hands. " 

She said looking at her hands.  

Okay ... O.o I regret giving her beer. 

"Okayy, umm you can sleep in my room, I'll sleep in the couch. " 

I said gentlly. 

She pouted. 

"Can you sleep with me, I don't want to be alone in the dark." 

She said pouting. Awe.



                       ~~~~ Kathy's P.O.V.~~~~

I woke up with a massive headache. UGGGGhhhhh. Today is not my day. Wait why do i have a headache... Wait ..

All i remeber is going to a club and getting left alone...

I felt someone move a little bit next to me. Then i saw him. SHIRTLESS. I checked if i was wearing clothes and i was THANK GOD. Im a virgin.. Then i saw him moving again. He was waking up.


I yelled.

'' shh babe i have a headache ugh you're so loud.''

He replied angrily.

'' Where am i OMGOMG Did you steal my virginity omgomgomgomg Why am I here ?''

I said back scared.

I got up from his bed and ran to the restroom. EWWWW my reflection. YUCK. Did i drink beer. Oh god i do smell like it. I went slowly back in his room with him looking at me curiously. I got my purse and ran back to the restroom. I locked the door carefully.

I quickly took a shower and got dressed in jean shorts and a white tank top with a brown scarf and cardigan. Casual. I got my comb in my bag and brushed my  hair. I looked better than before. I put some perume on and sighed loudly. WHY ME ? Why do i have to be with a stranger in 1 room. He doesn't even look like a nice guy.

'' Who are you ?''

I asked as i got out of the restroom.

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