Not The Same (Zayn Malik love story)

I;m not that girl you see in the club, or with a big group of people.I'm Katalina Brooklyn Flores. I live with my loving family in a small house..Nerd? yes... i have straight A's. Everything changed when my' friends' sudggested to go a club in Vegas. That's when i met him. Zayn Malik.


1. What just happened?

A/N Hi Lovely Readers >,< This is totally new! <3 Hope you enjoy! :P 



I screamed at my not so friendly friends. Where are my manners, I'm Katalina Brooklyn Flores, but you can call me Kathy or Kat . I'm an A+ student. Always am and always will.  

Myfamily adore me and understand the love i have with school.

"C'mon Kathy, don't be such a party Popper, its Friday!"  

Kimberly screamed annoyed.  

I refused to go to a club with them the whole week why are they still bothering me. xc 

"C'mon Kathy  you'll have the best time! "  

Josie yelled happily.  

"How many times do I have to say this N-O! "  

I replied annoyed trying to read about the World War 3.


Anna pleaded . How  can i say no. Gerrrrr.

'' pwetty pwease!'''

Anna continued whining with the puppy eyes.


i repkied unsure. I instantly regrettted it.. They did their 'magic'



To say that I looked like a slut was a underestimate I looked like a whore wanting to get raped.I was wearing a black, strapless dress with high black pumps. My hair was curled. No make up! xD I was a natural. Josie and I were, we we're actually the closest. We had a lot in common except she hates schools and loves partying. Many guys fall for my friends but they hardly look at me. I had brown hair with green eyes.. My hair is really wavy. What's so interesting about me? I'm nobody, just that nerd you see walking in the hallway. I don't know why I hang out with Josie & Kim & Anna!? They're so pretty and popular. I'm not. :/ They were so close to perfection, I'm just a piece of garbage compared to them.  

"You look gorgeous hun! "  

Anna said inspecting me.  

"I look like a whore. "  

I mumbled to myself.  

Kim shook her head at me, she heard me.  

"You're gonna come thanking us for this amazing night. "  

Josie said leaving the room.  




Anna yelled running out of the car.  

Well someone is excited. -.-  

We went inside and I felt my bum being slapped 2 times. What The Fuck. oops excuse my language.  

"I'm going to get a drink! "  

Josie said standing up. I saw her go up to the bartender and get a drink in a snap of a finger. I turned around and saw I was alone in my table. They left me alone. Wow.  

I turned back around and saw Josie making out with a blonde boy. Yuck, show respect Josie. I searched around and saw Anna flirting with a guy with a buzz cut. I ignored the 

and saw Kim dancing/ grinding with a boy with a mop of curly hair. I want to go home!  

I stood up and froze. I saw a perfect figure. Perfect black hair with and hazel/brown eyes. Tan skin. Wow just looking at him gives me the goosebumps and chills. He was staring at me and smirked. He came walking to me.  

"Hi! "  

He said in a perfect British accent.  



Tht was it ladies nd gentleman. cx 

Cliff hanger!! Worth continuing? <3

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