Heartbeats at midnight

Melissa was a girl from a small town. She had lived there her whole life, being shielded from the real world. But thats about to change.
In this story Melissa travels to LA, where she runs into the obnoxious, big headed Harry Styles. Being from a small town, she has no idea who he is. Or what he does. She tries to stay clear of him, but Harry has taken a peculiar liking to Melissa, and plans on taking her out. What will Melissa say? What will Harry do when he figures out the one woman he wants, doesn't want him back?


1. A rude Awakening *Melissa's P.O.V*

I groaned as I smacked my hand down on my alarm clock, silincing the ear-splitting noise quickly and efficiently.
Moving day. Greaaatt. I rose up out of bed quickly, throwing my slippers on as I did so. I took a quick glance in my small mirror on my door, disgusted. My brown, wavy hair was in a clump on the side of my head. My hair always did this. Knotting itself up, then consuming things like bobby pins that I would find days later.
I lightly combed through it with my fingers for a minute or so, then decided it was as good as it was going to get. I grabbed my duffel bag from behind my chair and was ready to go. I thumped down the stairs, surprised to find my mom sitting in the kitchen, staring into space, clearly waiting for me.
I cleared my throat. She looked up and flashed me a smile. "Are you ready?" she asked me.
Most mothers would be freaking out if their daughter was moving hours away, to a brand new city, but not mine. I couldn't help but smile back. "I'm ready to start off my new life, as a preformer." my mom smiled again, but this time it was more of a forced one. I knew how she felt about performers. She had never liked the idea of me singing in front of big crowds. That had always been my father an I's dream together. I remember sitting on his lap, as he taught me how to play guitar, laughing, saying how I was becoming better than he was. I miss those days. When I could feel his warm embrace when I came home.
He had died in a car accident, being hit by a drunk driver. I was only nine.
This time she was the one to clear her throat. Realizing I was wasting time thinking about the past, I quickly got up from the table. My mother had said that she'd take me to the air port. I was grateful I'd get to spend a few more hours with her begore my new life started.
The ride was quiet, both of us lost in deep thoughts. But the silence said it all. I was going to miss my mother. She was the only family I had.
We pulled up to the airport. She turned her head so she was facing me and smiled.
"You be safe, now cuddle bug." I playfully groaned at the pet name that my mother had given me as a child.
"I will, mom. I love you."
Tears welled in her eyes. She was blinking them back, trying to remain strong. I pulled her into a giant hug, letting her cry softly into my shoulder. 'So much for the cool mom who was supportive and not freaking out.' I thought wryly to myself. But I didn't mind. It was nice having this time before I was gone.
"I mean it- if you get homesick you just call and I'll be here to pick you up, Mel. Any time."
"I will momma." I said as she gently released me.
"Sorry for the water works." she said with a giggle. I smiled.
She helped me get my belongings from the trunk. She kissed my cheek, then quickly went back to her car, probably trying to keep me from seeing her tears. Once in the car, she drove away slowly, waving goodbye.
I waved goodbye too. But not just to my mom. To the small town, and my old life there. But, I was also waving hello. Hello to my new life as a preformer, living out my dreams.
And with my guitar by my side, and the clothes in my bags, I walked into a whole new world.
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