Kiss Me I'm Irish

Louis Tomilson's little sister,Charlotte(aka Lottie) has a major crush on Niall Horan. Will Niall like her back? If so,will Louis allow it??


2. I Know They Will

Louis's POV

I swear airplane hours are longer than regular hours. I just want to be home already! I really want

to introduce the lads to me lil sis Lottie,Charlotte,because I just know they'll love her. Everybody

has seen her on Skype,except for Niall because of course he's always out eating somewhere,(big

shocker!) Only seven more dreadful,boring hours until we land in London. I guess I'll try to sleep,I

can only try however, because who can honestly sleep on this never ending bumpy plane? I lay

my head on Harry and fall into a fitful sleep.

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