Kiss Me I'm Irish

Louis Tomilson's little sister,Charlotte(aka Lottie) has a major crush on Niall Horan. Will Niall like her back? If so,will Louis allow it??


1. First look

Charlotte's POV


I was standing just outside the stage praying Lou would get through.The atmosphere here was

so tense,nervousness would soon slowly eat my sanity. I knew Louis could sing,but I was his

sister,I had to think so. There was no TV screen,so there was no telling if he got through until he


I suddenly hear girls' voices rise,he must've just walked out. Then this melodic sound enters the

room. The sound is as sweet as honey,and is smooth like butter. Louis has chosen "Hey There

Delilah" by Plain White T's. Suddenly a loud cheering noise erupts from the crowd. I move up next

to the door, and strain to hear the judges' reactions.A moment later I start to feel the door try to

move , and I jump back in curiosity. He stares at me with a long face. My face falls as I bring him

into a hug and say, "Lou I'm so sorry."

He then whispers," Lottie I did it!"

The tears start to peek as I hug him tightly, then punch him playfully.

*End of Flashback*

It's hard to believe that was only a merely few months ago. So much has happened since that

moment,Lou's music career,the band,the boys and Niall. Niall my blonde,Irish,adorable,food

loving crush. I still remember that precious moment I saw him on my flat screen.

*Flash Back*

I was sitting on my bed, watching The X Factor, waiting for Louis to possibly appear. When out

comes a blonde,blue eyed angel. This angel,however, seemed foreign due to his distinct accent.

(Which I later found out was Irish.) Every word that came out of his mouth was magnificent. I just

sat there on my bed in awe at this heaven on earth. Every time I called to vote,I made sure to

vote for him as well.

*End of Flashback*

Thinking back to those times only makes me miss those 5 boys even more. With them doing

interviews,photo shoots,and tours seeing them can become scarce.
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