Finally making a difference

When Peyton finds herself in a bad situation, she relies on her new friends the famous boy band One Direction for help. Letting go of her old life to live her dream. Realizing what is going on she reaches out to old friends and as many fans as she can. Over obstacles and victories, holding onto the old fangirl life is the only thing keeping her from drowning in drama and reality.


4. The start of something new


I woke up and went into Liam's room to see Peyton.

"Shes not awake yet" Said Liam when he first opened the door. I smiled.

"Lets let her sleep this time." I said. Liam nodded and I left the room.


I woke up to an unfamiliar ceiling. Then I remembered I was in Laim's hotel room. I smiled. I was in Laim's room. I remembered the night before but just now did I realize how big this was. I sat up and opened the door to find Liam watching tv.

"Hello sleepy head" He said

"haha what?" I said

"haha what? Its almost 2:00 pm!"

"Oh my god your kiding."

"Um, look at the clock."

"gosh your right" I said smiling. He stood up. He was so tall.

"Um, Louis offered to take you shopping for some clothes. I can come with if you......" He said.

"haha of course Louis would volunteer. I didn't see him last night, how did he know I was here?"

"Probably Harry."

"Ah yes. For all we know Louis was in his hotel room last night when He was naked." I said. Liam started laughing. 

"Ill find some other clothes for you now!" He said before disappearing into the other room.


She seemed so happy, unlike last night. I was curious why her mood had suddenly changed, and why she was so happy to go off with Louis. With a past like hers I'd be afraid of almost anyone.

"So why are you so happy today." I asked, scared of the response.

"Well Im still kind of creeped out of just leaving with Louis, but this morning I woke up and realized I'm still a Directioner and I have nothing to be afraid about. I know the five of you better than you know myself." She said.

"Oh really?" I said. She started shooting these complex facts at me.

"To say the truth my mind is blown" I said. And It was true.

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