Finally making a difference

When Peyton finds herself in a bad situation, she relies on her new friends the famous boy band One Direction for help. Letting go of her old life to live her dream. Realizing what is going on she reaches out to old friends and as many fans as she can. Over obstacles and victories, holding onto the old fangirl life is the only thing keeping her from drowning in drama and reality.


23. Gifts


I woke up to find Niall and Zayn standing over Harry. Why was Niall sopping wet?

"Shh" Zayn mouthed to me. Just then they dumped water on Harry.

"Oh" I thought. Zayn dumped water on Niall? My poor baby. Harry shot up which woke up Liam

"Liam your lucky I think you were next!" I said

"Actually you were" Said Zayn.

"If you would have done it that would have been the last thing you ever did. If that made sense..." I said. We got up and got dressed. We walked down to Justin's car where he was waiting.

"Bye" I said, turning around to face the boys.

"Before you leave, I thought that since you were going away by yourself this time, It would be nice to have your own phone" Said Liam. He handed me the newest iphone.

"You can log into your old account and sync it so you can have all of your old stuff" He said. Then he gave me a One Direction case for it. I laughed

"Oh my god thank you Liam" I said, giving him a hug.

"I know its not as amazing as an iphone, but here" Said Harry, taking off his cross necklace and putting it on me.

"You guys are gonna make me cry" I said. They all gave me final hugs and I got in the car with Bieber.


Justin, Scooter, everyone was here.

"So, are you excited to in the video?" asked Justin

"Of coourrrse" I said. Just then Scooter came back with two girls

"Found some stowaways!" Said Scooter

"This is what you get for sneaking on the plane!" Said Justin. I moved to the other side of the private jet and watched as Justin 'tortured' the girls

"You know, Justin, you call it torturing but I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of their lives" I said. Someone came in the room and said we could use our phones now. I pulled out the brand new iphone and turned it on. I logged onto my itunes account and started sorting through all of my old files. The 'imagines' and all the pictures. I went on my tumblr and instagram for the first time, just to find tons of new followers. I smiled the most when I looked at my contacts. Liam put a ton of phone numbers in their for me. I went on Skype, to find many many requests. I did confirm a few just to 'rock their world'. I got a lot of skype calls so I logged off of it. We were told we were going to land so we had to turn our phones off.

"Just landing in LA!" I tweeted. Liam was the first to favorite it. 

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