Finally making a difference

When Peyton finds herself in a bad situation, she relies on her new friends the famous boy band One Direction for help. Letting go of her old life to live her dream. Realizing what is going on she reaches out to old friends and as many fans as she can. Over obstacles and victories, holding onto the old fangirl life is the only thing keeping her from drowning in drama and reality.


21. Crazy


We all got in the car to get food. I've never been through anything that crazy in my life. All the Directioners were there, along with Belibers. And cops. And ambulances. You could see Belibers and Directioners going at it. It was twice as loud and there was twice as much security. We walked into the restraunt where we would be getting our food.

"Holy shit" I said

"Our fans our crazy" Said Justin

"Hmm yea especially when they are together." I said. We heard even more screaming. We ordered our food and made yet another journey back to Liams house. We laid out all of the food.

"Did you guys get enough?!" I said sarcastically.

"Says the 13 year old girl to the six 19 year old boys." I heard Justin whisper.

"You not all 19! Only 2 of you are" I said.

"I. ROUNDED" Said Justin. I took my food and went off to sit down. They soon all joined me. Niall took out his phone and took a picture of his food.

"Niall wut r u doin??" I said.

"Taking before and after pictures for the fans" He said.

"For the Directioners I said." He smiled and started stuffing his face. I laughed and started stuffing mine. When we were all done, which was pretty soon, Niall, Justin and Zayn went off.

"What are they doing?" I asked Louis.

"They are going to cook Niall more food" He said.

"Ugh Niall" I laughed.

"Go help them, your probably a better cook than all of us" HE said

"What makes you think that?" I asked

"Liam told me about the list. I wanna help him make it longer" Said Louis

"Well cooking is one thing I have never tried." I said getting up to go into the kitchen.

"Hey Peyton" Said Justin.

"Hey. Louis thinks im some great chef or something and wants me to help" I said.

"Thank god we have no idea what we are doing" Said Zayn.

"here let me look" I said. they couldn't figure out how to turn the oven on.

"ummmm" I said. I didn't know either. I turned a knob and something went ding.

"See you did know!" Said Niall.

"I pressed the first button I saw!" I said.

"But it worked!" He said. I let out an angry sigh.

"Just stay in here in case we need you again!" He said.

"Okay.." I said sitting down. After Niall finally got his food made Harry showed up at the house, clearly still somewhat recovering from a hangover.

"Hello Harold" I said.

"hmm hi" He said. Justin went over to him and they had a little bonding session.

"So what do you guys wanna do now?" Said Liam.

"You all should do a twitcam" I said.

"okay...all of us?" said Liam

"Actually that might not work so well. If Belibers themselves can crash a livestream then imagine what it would be like with directioners." I said

"Worth a shot" Said Justin, starting to set up a livestream. The boys all went on their phones telling the fans about the twitcam.

"okay lets start this" He said

"Peyton get over here" Said Liam


"Cause your in this too" He said. We looked funny on the screen, all lined up. Surprisingly it worked, well it did for a little

"You guys just have to many fans" I said. Instead we made a video and put it on Youtube By that time it was maybe 10 pm and Justin had to leave.

"I'll be back after you get your cast off to go and shoot that video" He said.

"mkayyy" i said. Still starstruck.

"I can't belive you are going back to America so soon" Said Liam.

"Ugh I know" I said sitting down next to him

"So your not scarred to go?" He asked

"Yes of course, but dancing is my thing. I love doing it more than gymnastics or volleyball or anything else. And im going there to be in a Justin Bieber music video come on who would turn that down" I said

"Um Niall would turn that down" Said Liam looking over at Naill.

"What? Im just afraid of her!" He said I smiled.

"Hey, on your way back from America why dont you pick up your friends and they can come here" Said Liam

"Okay! How should I tell them, I want it to be big. Surprise them, you know?" I said.

"hmm" He said.

"Hey why dont we go to America to pick up Peyton, then surprise her friends at school or something" Said Zayn. I jumped

"Jesus Zayn! When did you get in here!" I screamed

"Oh...Ive been here the whole time" He said, then winked. I kinda gagged, but because he was so hot.

"Why did you just gag?" Said Zayn

"Your so hot" I said.

"Oh I know" He said.

"It would be a good idea, but how would we keep it a secret from our fans?" Said Liam

"Yea, us fans know everything about you. I even have a picture of Harry's ultra sound on my phone" I said.

"You had a picture of Harry's ultrasound?" Said Liam

"Um yaaaa. Now seriously, how would we pull this off." I said.

"We will think of it later, but Im tired therefore I am going to bed" Said Liam. Niall and Zayn agreed. I had no idea where Harry or Louis was.

"Well you kids have fun Im watching tv" I said. Zayn and Niall left and Liam went up to his room. Now it was just me and the tv. I turned it on, I knew Liam would have alot of channels but I never expected this many. I finally chose to watch Dance Moms. I missed dancing and I was happy to be doing it again soon. I got in a blanket and turned the volume down for Liam. I was still wondering what ever happened to Harry and Louis. Then I started laughing.

"Probably Larry Stylingson again" I said. It was actually pretty cold in the room, so I wrapped myself up more. All of the lights were off so it was just me and the Tv. It was about 10:45 when all of the sudden.

"AHHHHH!" Screamed Louis and Harry RIGHT into my hear, I jumped up and screamed, still in fear my reflexes reacted, and I punched Louis in the balls. Harry started laughing even harder. I saw a light go on and Liam came running down

"WHAT IS IT" He started saying before he saw Harry and Louis.

"ummm..." Said Liam. Harry stopped laughing.

"Dont ask" He said, recollecting himself.

"These little shits scarred the shit outta me" I said. Liam came down.

"Why is Louis on the floor?" HE said.

"Peyton hit him in the balls" Said Harry

"No I didnt! Well, I did...but it was just reflex cause he scarred me" I said. Louis stood up and caught his breath. He cleared his throat.

"You know how you always take pictures and videos of us and put them on Twitter and Youtube? Well, we just video tapped us scarring you. Now watch me post i!" He said.

"Louis no!" I said. To late he already uploaded it.

"Well jokes on you cause millions of people just saw me punching you in the balls" I said

"Dammit" Louis said,

"well Im going to bed....and locking the door" I said. I turned around and walked up the stairs, plopping down on my bed almost instantly falling asleep. 

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