Finally making a difference

When Peyton finds herself in a bad situation, she relies on her new friends the famous boy band One Direction for help. Letting go of her old life to live her dream. Realizing what is going on she reaches out to old friends and as many fans as she can. Over obstacles and victories, holding onto the old fangirl life is the only thing keeping her from drowning in drama and reality.


12. Change in pace


I cried at what Peyton had to say. She was right. I didn't understand and I couldn't. She ran out of the car when we got to the hotel and no one stopped her. She lost it at the video diaries. Did the video diaries really mean that much to the fans? She was right about Justin Bieber. I pulled a sharpie out of my pocket that i kept for signing stuff and wrote 'DIRECTIONERS' on my arms. The other boys looked at me. But soon did the same thing. We lined our arms up in a row and posted the picture on Twitter and instagram. Then we made a youtube video. 

"Sorry Peyton for not understanding. We are starting to get it a little bit more now. This is for you" We all said before showing our arms. We were all crying in the video. We owed Peyton a lot. She was a big eye opener. And she needed us. Actually I think we needed her more than she needed us. I went up to my room where i found her on the couch wrapped in a blanket. She reminded me of my sisters, I started crying again. 

"oh my god Liam" She said getting up.

"no no no sit down" I said.

"Why are you crying?!" 

"Over what you just said"

"What about it?"

"Everything" I showed her my arm. Then i took out the sharpie and wrote DIRECTIONERS on her arm too. I got to her wrist and lightly rubber her scars from where she cut herself. i started to cry harder. Not letting go of her wrist. She hugged me, and if people think Niall is good at giving hugs they've never had Peyton give them a hug.

"Liam why did you write this on my arm?" She said

"Because the group owes you everything. Your one of us now." I Said. She smiled and I whipped the tears from her face. She did the same to mine.

"Are you coming to the tour tomorrow?" I asked

"why wouldn't I?" She smiled. Thank god I went out for her that one night.

"I just have on more question" I said

"What?" She answered

"How did you run out of the car that fast with you leg?" I said. She smiled and we started laughing.

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