Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


6. Truth or dare anybody??

After a long day, Zayn was taking me over to Harry's where we all promised to meet up. After the boys had watched me dance, I was kind of embarrassed. I mean, no one has really seen me dance before, let alone a guy seeing me dance. And the fact that there were five guys watching me dance, just made it all the worse. I was happy to be meeting up with Lexi and the boys. A little girl time could do good for me. Maybe Lexi and I could just run to Harry's room and talk for a while. I know for a fact she wouldn't deny the chance of going in his room. She would probably end up taking pictures with all his things too.


Zayn opened up Harry's door and as we walked in we could hear voices coming from one of the rooms.


 "Just tell her!" I could hear Liam saying.


"It'd be too weird." Harry said.


"How?" Louis asked.


"Jenna erm, just introduced us about a week ago." Harry said.


 "Jenna?" Lexi whispered to me.


 "Yeah?" I said back.


"Who... Who do you think their talking about?" She asked me with a longing look in her eyes.


"I-I don't know Lexi." I said in a complete lie. I knew for a fact that Harry was talking about Lexi. I knew this because the first time I said Lexi's name, Harry perked up at it as though he were already in love with her.


 "We should go in there." Zayn said while leading his hand down to mine and I twining his fingers with mine. He led Lexi and I up to the door where the voices from the boys had been coming from. Zayn knocked on the door then slowly opened it. When we walked in, Niall and Louis were staring at us like we were complete strangers walking into their house.


"Sup." I said while putting my hand in the air and then dropping it again.


"Hey." Harry said while staring at Lexi.


She brushed her hand through her hair and blushed a little right before saying, "Hey." Back to him.


 There was a few moments silence while everyone awkwardly stared at each other around the room, but we soon got back to our senses.


 "So, what are we going to do?" Louis asked breaking the silence.


 "I was thinking we could play truth or dare?" Niall said.


"Ooh! Spin the bottle!" Harry said while sneaking a glance at Lexi.


"I'll call Danielle and Eleanor." Liam said while pulling out his phone. He called up Danielle who said she would call Eleanor and said that they would be over here in about ten minutes.


 "After this we should all get something to eat." Niall said while running his tummy



 "Why don't you go get a bag a crisps from the cupboard?" Harry asked him.


"Good idea." He said while getting up and walking out of the room. He came back about five minutes later followed by two girls of whom I knew the names by Danielle and Eleanor.


 "Hello! It's so nice to meat you! Liam has been going on and on about Zayn's new girlfriend. Although I have to say that I do kiss Perrie." As Danielle said that I looked towards Zayn and saw him flinch at Perrie's name.


 "Ooh, sorry Zayn. Didn't mean to bring that up." Danielle said while scratching her head.


 "It's fine." He said while sitting down on the floor. I sat down next to him and soon everybody was sitting around a bottle in a circle.


 "Okay, who spins first?" I asked.


"I will!" Harry said while reaching his arm to the bottle. He spun it and it landed on Eleanor.


 "Hmm, what to do what to do." He said.


"Yes Harry, I'll take dare." She said in a sarcastic voice.


"El, I dare you to........... Eat a cheeto off the toilet seat." He said while smiling.


 "Ew! Harry that's gross!" She whined .


"Ah ah ah, you have three chickens."


"Ugh fine " she said while standing up.


Harry and her walked to the kitchen, grabbed a cheeto then Went to the bathroom. They came out thirty seconds later and Harry was laughing his bum off. "She did it!" He laughed.


"Remind me to never kiss you again." Louis said while looking at Eleanor.


"Oh but babe, it's only Harry's butt that's been on there." She said.


 "False." Harry said with a giant smirk on his face.


 "Harry!" She yelled while making a disgusted face.


"Next!" Louis called. Eleanor spun the bottle and it landed on Niall.


 "Niall, truth or dare?" She asked.


"Dare." He said while eating a crisp.


 "I dare you to let Jenna do your makeup." She said with an evil smirk.


 "We get our makeup done all the time." He said while eating another crisp. "Okay." He said after.


 "Here you go Jenna." El said while passing me her makeup bag.


"Thanks." I stood up and made my way over to where Niall was sitting and unzipped the bag. I pulled out some foundation and applied it on Niall's face. Followed by a bright purple eyeshadow with neon green tips, eye liner above and below his eyes, a medium pink lipstick and some blush.


"There." I said admiring my look.


"I wanna see him!" Louis whined. I scooted back over to my spot so everybody could get a good glimpse of him.


 "Jenna. I didn't think you could do it, but you made him look like a hooker." Lexi said while laughing.


 "Haha. Now let me see it." Niall said while standing up. He walked out of the room down the hall and into the bathroom. You could hear the lights click on and then Niall screamed. "What have you done!" He yelled while running back to the room.


"Say cheese!" Zayn said while holding up his phone to take a picture.


 "Very funny." Niall said while putting his face blank.


"And to twittah you go." Zayn said while fiddling around with his phone.


"Okay my turn." Niall said while sitting down again. He spun the bottle and after a few moments, it landed on Zayn.


"Haha! Truth or dare?" He asked with a devilish smile.


 "I'm feeling for the truth." Zayn said with a smile.


"Is it true that you....... Are or want to date Jenna?" He asked.


"Yeah. We are." He said while leaning over to kiss me passionately. I smiled after he pulled away and stretched his arm out toword the bottle. He spun it and it landed on once again, Niall.


"Truth or dare?" He asked.


"This time I think I'll go with truth." He said looking up at his forehead.


 "Is it true that you have found "your special someone?" He asked looking at him.


"No. Not yet." Niall said with a small voice.


"Aww mate, you'll find her soon." Liam said giving him a reassuring pat on the back.


 " I hope so." After a few more spins and Harry having to eat an anchovie, jelly, gummy bear, and cheese sandwich, Liam having to give Danielle a lap dance, Louis and me wrestling, and Zayn and Lexi switching clothes then going for a walk outside, we all decided to go out for some Thai food. We found a nice little restaurant and all sat down to eat at a table for nine.


There were so many of us they had to put three tables together just so we could all fit. Once we got our menus, me and Niall both decided to try the Pad Thai which was Thai styled fried noodles. And to go along, we decided to share Tom Kha Kai which is coconut and chicken soup.


 Liam and Danielle both got Yan Nua which is spicy beef salad, Zayn got Gaeng Daeng which is red curry, Lexi and Eleanor both got spicy shrimp soup, Louis and Harry got green chicken curry.


The food was good and we all tried a little bit of everybody's but my favorite had to be the noodles that Niall and I got. We both finished our plates of noodles and we battled over who would get the last of the soup. We ended up tipping the bowl and a little of the coconut splashed out onto the table.


"That was your fault." I said while looking at the mess.


"No, it was yours." He said while starting to back away.


"It's both of yours now pick it up." Liam said while looking at the both of us.


 "Ugh. Fine." I said while grabbing a napkin. I cleaned up the coconut juice and placed the napkin on Niall's plate.


"Hey." He said looking down at it.


"I cleaned it up." I said while staring at him.


"Fine." He said while poking it. I reached out toward the bowl of soup and slid it towards me. I picked up a spoon and watched Liam's face cringe when I dipped it in the bowl.


"I still don't understand this whole scared of spoons thing. Does it have to do with a childhood trauma?" I asked him while taking a bite.


"Haha no I just don't know where they've been." He said.


 "But you don't know where the forks or knives have been either." I said while taking another bite. When I said that you could see Liam's face crinkle with doubt.


 "Your right." He said slowly setting his fork down.


"Oh come on. You have to eat with something." I said while looking at him.


"I can use my hands." He said while holding them in the air.


"No, you cant. Come on Liam. You have to eat with utensils." I said while giving him what you could call, "the stare".


"Yeah. I guess I kind of have to." He said while picking his fork up again.


After dinner, we all went our separate ways. Lexi and I went home together. Louis and El, Danielle and Liam. Then, Niall and Harry. Zayn came over for a while but only to drop me off and say goodnight.


 "Well that was fun." Lexi said once I had walked in.


"Yeah. Counting the fact that Harry couldn't take his eyes off of you." I said with a goofy grin.


 "Ah, you noticed that too?" She asked.


"Yes Lexi. I noticed it along with probably the rest of the world. He could hardly take his eyes off of you!" I said.


"I know. But think about it. Has Harry Styles picked up a new mystery girl? The rumors may just be true." She said while putting her hands in the air and dating into the corner. I laughed it off and started making my way up the stairs.


"Goodnight Lexi." I called down to her.


"Night Jenna!" She called back up.



 "Hey. How are you?" Zayn said while giving me a little kiss before walking in the door.


Today was going to be a lazy day, and I could tell this by the way Zayn was dressed and his hair wasn't in its usual "up-do". He was wearing dark gray sweats and a tank top with a funky design on it along with his glasses. Me on the other hand, I was wearing my red shorts and a Superman shirt. He walked into the living room while carrying a box in one hand and his lanyard in the other.


"What's in the box?" I asked him curiously.


 "Food." He said with a smile.


"I thought you might be hungry." He sat down on the couch and put the box on the table in front of us.


"What type of food?" I asked him.


 "Nando's." he said with a smile.


 "I hope you gave some to Niall before you came over here." I said jokingly. "What did you get me?" I asked rubbing my hands together and licking my lips.


"I love it how you can be so....... You around me." He said with a giant grin as he opened the box to reveal two Nando's take home boxes.


"And I got you the double breasted burger." He said while taking out one of the containers holding the food.


 "Thank you so much Zayn." I said while ripping it open. "I'm so hungry."


"Your welcome." He said while laughing. I picked up the burger and practically stuffed my face with it. I could see Zayn laughing at me because the way I looked.


"What?" I asked him. "I'm hungry."


"I can tell." He said with a goofy smile.


"Don't be judging." I said while taking another bite.


"I'm not." He said while taking a bite of his own.


We finished our food in a few minutes and decided to put a movie in, only we couldn't agree on such movie.


"I say we watch grown ups." I said while looking through the movies. "How about we watch the hangover?" Zayn asked while holding it up.


"I've seen that way too many times." I told him while still looking through them.


 "Ugh what about zombieland?" He asked me while pulling it out.


 "That's a good one. Okay." I said while standing up. He walked over to the movie player and slid it in the disc thingy.


"Come." He said while wrapping his arm around my waist and started bringing me to the couch.


We both sat down, I lied my head on his arm that was wrapped around my back. I pulled my legs up onto the couch and he put his on the coffee table.


 "If Lexi sees that she'll kill you." I said while looking at his legs.


 "What? Oh. Let her." He said while smiling down at me before giving me a little pick on the cheek.


 Movies are always great. But I think I enjoy cuddling even more. I mean, who doesn't? It's always a nice feeling to have the one that you love with you, holding you and making you feel good. That's how Zayn is. He holds me, cuddles me, and plays around with me. He's like my best friend, and also boyfriend. Which I love. He's always so passionate, and polite wherever we go. That's what I thought about as I fell asleep on his shoulder.

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