Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


2. The ice rink and London Eye

After Lexi and I had talked about my new found "relationship" with Zayn, I decided to go upstairs and take a nap. I closed the door behind me once I got into my room and plopped myself down on my bed. I opened up the window because it was feeling a bit warm in the room. Then I stripped into my underwear and climbed under the blankets. I normally sleep with a shirt on but what harm could be done? It was after all only me and Lexi here. When I fell asleep I dreamt my normal dream. Just me and Zayn, hand in hand, laying down next to each other in a field, staring at the warm blue sky. That dream had been coming to me for the past few months, but now, it seems more realistic. Like it could actually happen now that me and Zayn know each other.


When I woke up, I looked over at my clock and saw that it was half past three. I jumped out of bed and put my clothes back on, brushed my hair and went back downstairs. Lexi wasn't on the couch, and when I texted her, a reply came saying she was in her room listening to music. I told her that I was going to go out for a while and that I had no clue about when I would be home. I grabbed my flats and my bag and walked towards the door.


 I found my keys and started towards my car, it opened the door, sat down and started the ignition. I had no idea where to go, but I still drove. When I decided where to go, it ended up being an ice skating rink. I've always loved ice skating. I used to do it competitively when I was younger, but we stopped coming to the rink years ago. I went inside and bought a ticket and rented some skates. I put them on and tied them on the bench just outside the ice.


It was so beautiful, and not many people were here today. I put one foot in front of the other and it all came back to me. The steps, the routines, the ice and the feeling of being free. I started skating, and I started going faster, and faster until I was doing figure 8's around the rink. Others were staring at me, and some clapped. But if felt like I was the only one there. I finished my 8's and started to do some leaps, and twirls. One of my favorite twirls was when you put your hands on your chest one skate on the other and you just start spinning, faster and faster. I never got dizzy very much. And I guess that was good when it came to spins and twirls.


When I finished, I looked around me. Nobody was on the rink, they were all on the sides, staring at me And clapping. I hadn't realized it at first, but I had just done one of my favorite routines. I looked around the rink at all the people, but one person In particular caught my eye.


 He was wearing some black skinny jeans, and a white t shirt that said "cool kids don't dance". I skated over to him, a confused look on my face. Mostly because I had no idea why he would be here, and yet he was.


"What are you doing here?" I asked him with an astonished voice.


" I tried to reach you but you didn't answer. And I remembered that one text telling me what you used to do. I thought of the rink and I found you. Exactly where I thought you would be." He said with a smile forming on his face.


 " Did you. Umm, did you just.... See all that?" I asked him with a worried tone.


"Yeah, and when you said you used to be pretty good on these things, I can tell you weren't lying. Jenna, your amazing!" He said while still smiling.


"Thanks, but why don't you grab a pair and come skate with me?" I asked him hopefully.


 " I don't know.." He said trailing off.


 "Come on. I'll teach ya?" I said.


"Fine." He said while laughing.


" Zayn! You suck at this!" I yelled to him.


He was trying to skate but his legs kept spreading apart and he kept falling on his bum. " it's not my fault! I never learned this before!" He yelled back while laughing.


 "Here." I said while skating over to him. I grabbed his and and started demonstrating with my skates.


"Right, left. Right, left. That's it!" I said when he finally started to skate.


"Zayn! Your skating!" I said.


 " huh. I guess I am." He said while staring at his feet.


"Zayn! Where are we going?" I asked when he grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the rink.


 "You'll just have to wait and see." He said with a goofy grin.


 " just remember that my car is here!" I yelled while laughing.


" it is? Oh well." He said while bringing me towards his black Bentley.


 He opened up the door for me and sat me in. He ran around the other side and plopped himself in then started he ignition.


"Zayn. Seriously, where are we going?" I asked him.


"Jenna, seriously, you'll just have to wait and see!" He said mimicking me.


 I started laughing because he did it so perfectly.


 "What's so funny?" He asked me with his vision still on the road.


" You said that so perfectly!" I said with out being able to breathe.


 " how so?" He asked me once again.


" it's just the way you said it. You mimicked me perfectly." I said starting to calm down now.


 "And were here." Zayn said putting the gear in park.


"Zayn? Why are we at the London eye?" I asked him staring at the eye.


 "Because the sight from it is really beautiful." He said looking over at me with a smile.


" I've seen pictures, but I've never been on it." I said still staring at it.


"Well come on! What are we waiting for?" He said while opening up the car door.


 I opened the other side and followed him to the line. It wasn't very long, and when our turn came to board, there was nobody behind us.


 "Looks like we get our own cart." He said with a cheeky smile."


"Yeah." I said. "On you go." The man said while he was boarding us.


"Have a wonderful time!" He said while closing the cart door.


One the best things about this, is we spent. A few hours at the ice rink so now it was dark out. The London eye had its lights on and the carts had huge glass windows, and except for us, this giant cart was empty. The cart started to move and I knew that we were going up. It went slow and I walked over to one of the windows. We were rising off the ground, and looking down, the water sparkled with the colors.


"Zayn it's beautiful." I said while putting my hand on the window. I turned around to see him standing in the middle, just watching me.


 "The only thing that could make this better would be if the cart stopped." He said while laughing.


"Yeah. Even better, if it stopped at the top." I said while smiling.


 " You never know, maybe it will." He said. We both just laughed it off and II walked towards him. I walked up to him and gave him a hug.


 "Thank you Zayn." I said while still hugging him. He wrapped his arms around me and held on.


 " don't worry about it." He said.


 I pulled away from just a little, his arms still wrapped around me. I looked up at him to see him smiling down at me. He leaned in and so did I. We sat there for quite a while. At the top of the London eye, it's lights on, and kissing.

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