Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


10. Tanning? I thought this was a lazy day?

I woke up still on Zayn. I must have fallen asleep on him, because he was just sitting there on his phone.


"Urghh." I said while stretching my arms into the air.


"Well urghh to you too." Zayn said with a little smile.


"Are we leaving soon?" I asked him.


"To go to the beach you mean?" He asked sounding confused.


 "No, home." I said looking into his deep brown eyes.


 "We still have another day." He said with a little laugh.


 "Oh." I said while picking my phone up from the table. I looked at it, to see that he was right, we did have another day here. "Huh." I said while putting it back down again.


"So what do you want to do today?" Zayn asked me while running a finger down my arm.


"Can it just be a lazy day?" I asked him with a little whine.


 "Okay." He said with a cheeky grin.


"My arm still hurts a little." I told him while holding up the cast.


"Oh." He said while looking at it. "I forgot."


The rest of the day went by pretty fast. We cuddled, we ate, we checked our phones constantly. We played around, teased each other for different things. And most of all, we had a good time. A time well spent being in Bournemouth for a few days.


"You guys are so lazy!" Lexi said while coming into the hotel suite with Harry right behind her.


 "Have you even moved since we left," he checked his watch, "almost two hours ago?" He added in.


 "Not really." I said with a grin.


"At least me and Harry went for a walk around the town." Lexi said with a little smile.


"I felt having a lazy day. Is that so bad?" I asked her.


 "No not at all, it's just...... A super lazy day." She said while sitting down in one of the chairs near the couch me and Zayn were lying on.




"I hate this game!" Lexi whined when she landed on Harry's property in Monopoly.


"Aw! But you look so adorable when your mad!" Harry said with a little smile.


"Fine. I'll be mad, but only for you." She said with a little smile.


 "I'm getting kind of sick of this game." I said while rolling the dice.


 "I know how you feel. I've only ever gotten through one full game of it." Zayn said while moving my peice.


"Can we just forget about this game and go down to the beach?" I asked.


 "I thought you wanted a lazy day." Zayn said with a confused glance.


 "I do, but if you're going to be lazy, why not get tan at the same time?" I asked.


 "Good idea. I've been feeling a little pale recently." Lexi said while examining her once tanner arm.


"Let's get changed." I said while grabbing Zayn's hand.


He led me into the bedroom that was empty. Liam, Louis, Danielle, and Eleanor had all gone somewhere together, I think they said that they were going to the mall. Once we got into the room, I walked over to my bag and pulled out my bikini. I pulled off my shirt, making my torso naked because I didn't even bother wearing a bra today. I slid on the top and pulled off my pants followed by my undies. I slid the bottoms on and walked over to the night stand where I had my sunglasses. I picked them up and walked over to Zayn who was just now pulling up his trunks. I gave him a little kiss before leaving the room and heading into the bathroom to do my hair. I pulled it back without brushing it and put it into a messy bun, I always thought that they looked good on me. I walked back into the bedroom and grabbed a pair of my shorts And put them on while having a little bit of difficulties. I put on some toms and walked back into the front room where Zayn and Harry were waiting.


"Is Lexi still getting ready?" I asked.


 "Yeah." Harry replied while looking up from his phone really fast.


 "Oh, almost forgot, tanning oil." I said while walking back to the bedroom.


 I dug through my bag until I found it and then grabbed my other bag, otherwise known as a purse. I put my phone in it along with the oil and walked back out to see Lexi coming out also.


 "Ready?" She asked once we walked back to the boys.


 "Ready." Zayn said while putting his phone in his pocket and standing up.


I held Zayn's hand on the walk to the beach. Every now and then I would look up at him to see him smiling down at me. He leaned in next to my ear and whispered into it.


"Do you want a piggy back ride? Or shoulder ride?" He asked.


"I'm not 8 anymore, and yes." I told him with a goofy smile.


 He just smiled back and leant down a little so that I could hop on his back. When we started slowing down so Zayn could pick me up, Harry and Lexi looked back at us.


"You guys alright?" Lexi asked.


"Yeah, just getting a piggy back ride." I said with a little giggle.


"Have fun." She said while laughing. I wrapped my arms around Zayn's neck and he propped me up so that my legs were wrapped around his waist. He grabbed onto my lower thighs to hold me up, and kept walking forward.


"It's been so long since I've had one of these." I said while laughing.


 "Well, I guess today's your lucky day." He said with a goofy grin.


Once we reached the beach, Zayn put me down and entwined his fingers with mine. We found a spot, reasonably close to the water, and layed our blankets down. I sat down on Zayn and mines blanket, and leaned back to where I was propped up on my elbows.


Mind if I tan next to you?" Lexi asked while lying down beside me.


 "Not at all." I replied while taking off my sunglasses and grabbing my bag. I got the oil out of it and set it down next me me. I pulled off my shorts and grabbed the bottle, putting some of the oil in my hands before rubbing it all over my body.


"And now, we relax." I said while lying down.


 "Do you want me to put on a timer so we know when to flip?" Lexi asked me.


"Yes please, sorry I forgot." I said while looking at her.

 "Completely fine by me." She said with a warm, friendly smile. She pulled out her phone and set a timer for us, then lied down.


Harry and Zayn went and swam around in the water while we tanned, but every now and then one of them would come to check on us.




"I have to go to the bathroom." I said while sitting up. We had been tanning for about an hour now, and I really had to pee.


 "I'll come with you." Lexi said while sitting up. We both stood up and started walking towards the water.


"We're going to the bathroom!" Lexi yelled out to the boys.


"See you soon babe!" Harry yelled back with a thumbs up.


"Okay, let's go." I said while starting to walk away.


Lexi was walking right next to me as we went to the shops next to the beach while trying to find a restroom. We were only wearing our bathing suits so we looked kind of weird among all the people walking around.


 "Do you just want to go into one of the shops and use their restroom?" Lexi asked me.


 "That sounds perfect." I said while walking into the nearest shop. It ended up being a souvenir shop, that had clothing, bathing suits, shoes, toys, candy, and everything else you could imagine in a little shop. We walked up to the cashier person and waited in line.


"Hello." The man said behind the counter.


 "Hello, we were wondering if you had a restroom we could use?" I asked him.


"Of course!" He said while looking down. He fumbled around with the counter before pulling his hand back up with a set of keys. "Here you go, it's the first door on the left once you reach that hallway." He said while pointing to the end of the shop.


"Thank you." I said while grabbing the keys.


We started walking to it and when we reached it, I unlocked the door. We walked inside and Lexi locked the door behind us.


"I hate bathrooms like these." She said while looking around.


 "What, the ones with the dim white light that flickers, and have a metal cupboard among a white toilet with a small sink?" I asked her while laughing.


"Exactly." She said while looking around still.


 "Okay well I'm just going to pee then." I said while walking over to the toilet. I put one of those paper things on it before I pulled down my bikini bottoms and sat down. I peed then pulled up my bottoms and stood up to wash my hands. Lexi walked to the toilet and followed my little routine before she also came to wash her hands.


 "Lexi!" I said while looking at her.


 "What?" She asked sounding confused.


"Flush the toilet why don't you!" I said in a sarcastic way.


 "Oh, I forgot!" She said while walking over to it. I just started laughing because Lexi doesn't have the best memory.


 "Okay now lets get going." She said after we dried our hands. We walked back out to the guy behind the register and gave him back the keys and thanked him.


"It was no problem ladies." He said while putting the keys back where he got them.


We left the shop and walked back to the beach where Zayn and Harry were still swimming around.


 "I really hope I can get tan." I said while examining my body.


"You already are." Lexi said while laughing.


We both applied a little more of the tanning oil and lied back down to tan again.


 "We should put some music on." I suggested while grabbing my phone and going through my music.


I put it on the playlist I had made which consisted of One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Fun, Maroon Five, Kesha, Lady Gaga, 3oh3!, The Black Keys (Lonely Boy), Pink, Britney Spears, Coldplay, and Katy Perry. I set it on shuffle and put it between us. The first song that came on was Maroon Five's Daylight. I started singing along to it and I looked over at Lexi who was just glaring at me.


 "What's wrong?" I asked while laughing.


 "I hate you." She said with a little laugh.


"Why?" A asked astonished but still laughing with her.


"Because I sound like a dying whale when I sing." She said.


"No! Just an old lady whale giving birth." I said while laughing.


She playfully punched my arm and laughed. "Oh come on." I said. "Sing with me!" I laughed while starting to sing again.


 The truth was, Lexi was actually a good singer, she could only sing in one octave though. If she made her voice to high, it sounded like a whale dying. But, if she sang in her normal voice, she sounded good, which was really just the same as me. I just never do the high notes as high as they really are because I will sound like a dying whale.




We had been tanning for a whole of about 2 and a half hours when we all decided to go for a walk around the shops. I got my shorts and pulled them on and looked down at my now slightly tanner body. Eh, it will take a few hours for the tan to kick in, and that's when I looked over at my cast.


"Shit!" I said in frustration.


 "Are you okay babe?" Zayn asked, coming up to me with a worried face.


"I'm fine, I just didn't realize how bad of an idea tanning was." I said while rubbing my cast.


"Why is it so bad?" Zayn asked confused.


 "Because I have a cast on, do you know how weird that will look compared to my tanner body? Just having a random pale arm." I said while laughing.


 "Shhh, it'll be fine." He said while laughing too. I grabbed his hand and he entwined his fingers with mine.


And when I looked over, I saw that Harry and Lexi were doing the same. We walked around the shops for a while, mostly just finding funny accessories and taking weird pictures with them. But before we new it, it was getting dark out.


 "We should be getting back to the hotel." Zayn said while looking at the dimming sky.


"Yeah, I agree." Harry said while glancing at it before bringing his attention back to Lexi.


"The others are probably waiting for us." I said while starting to walk in the direction of the hotel.


We hurried back to the hotel and when we walked in, we were right. The others were waiting for us.


"What took so long?" Louis asked with a ginormous sigh.


 "Sorry boo, we were just messing around." Harry said while sitting down.


"We wanted to eat, but we waited until you got back." Niall said with a little pout.


 "Let us just go change then we can go." Zayn said while leading me to the bedroom.


I got out one of my small dresses and put it on, then let down my hair. I waited with Eleanor until the others got ready and we left. We went to a little restaurant and we all sat down to eat. And before we knew it, everybody was done and it was time to get heading back.




"Is it time to go already?" I whined while sitting up in bed.


"Yes, now hurry up! Your the last one to wake!" Eleanor said while shaking me violently.


 We all packed out things and checked the while suite, just making sure that nobody forgot anything.


"We all ready?" Liam asked once we were all in the front room.


 "Ready." We all said at once before heading to the main lobby to check out.


A/N Okay, if you have the movellas app and all my paragraphs/ sentances are all joined together making it one huge connected chapter, I'm sorry. I promise that on the actual thing it's not, for some reason the app just doesn't want to agree with my story :( Well, anyways, this doesn't have very many views, but if you could comment what you think, that would be amazing!! And you don't have to, but just in case, you can follow me on Twitter @KyeBear14 Thank you for reading!!

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