Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


8. Room 347

I fell asleep on the car ride to Bournemouth, which kind of sucks actually. I didn't want Zayn to do all the driving. I was going to offer me to drive half the way. But anyways, when I woke up, we were in a parking lot for a hotel named Britannia Hotel. It looked like a nice place, fancy too.


"Zayn, is this where were staying?" I asked him once I had fully adjusted to my senses.


"Yeah. I've stayed her once or twice, it's a nice hotel, and I got all us the best rooms." He said while opening up the car door.


I got out of the car with him and followed him around to the trunk. He opened it up and I grabbed my bag and he grabbed his before he closed it again.


 "Aye, nice choice." Harry said while walking up to us, closely followed by Lexi, and all the rest of the boys.


"Yeah it is isn't it?" Zayn asked while turning around to get a good look at it.


"It's beautiful." Lexi said.


"And just a little walk down to the beach." Zayn said, starting to walk to the hotel.


We all followed him, while I held hands with him, and out of the corner of my eye, I could have swore I saw Lexi and Harry holding hands too.


"Hello, reservation for Zayn Malik." Zayn said while putting his hands on the registration desk.


"Ah, Mr. Malik, welcome back." The lady said with a smile while holding out 7 room keys.


"That will be suite 347. Have a nice day." She said with a giant smile.


"Okay, I got us the best room. Actually, it's kind of a suite. It has two bedrooms, and 6 beds." Zayn said while walking up to an elevator.


 "I guess that means ill be sleeping with you?" I asked him while stepping into the elevator.


"I guess so." He said with a smile right before leaning down to kiss me.


"Zayn, this suite is absolutely gorgeous!" I said after a few minutes of wandering around the room.


"I told you I got the best." He said while sitting down on one of the sofa's.


"Okay, we'll be sharing a room with Louis and Niall, Harry Liam and Lexi will all be sharing a room as well." Zayn said while standing up and walking to the left of the suite.


 "Jenna, here's our room." He said while opening a door.


 I walked in to see 2 queen sized beds and also a king.


 "We get the king right?" I asked him.


"Right." He said with a smile.


 I dropped my bag and ran over to the bed, jumping on it and bouncing back up.


"These comforters are soft." I said while patting the one I was sitting on.


"That makes it all the better. Now, do you want to go down to the beach?" He asked me while unzipping his bag.


"I would love to." I told him while getting up and going back over to where I dropped mine.


 I picked it up and brought it over to the bed and unzipped it. I grabbed my bikini, along with the brown shorts and the lacy top. I pulled off my shirt and unhooked my bra, and rebooked my bikini top. Then I slid off my pants and underwear and slid the bikini bottoms on, followed by the shorts, and then the lacy top. When I looked behind me, Zayn was already in his swim trunks and a T shirt with a towel hanging over his shoulder.


"I brought a blanket to lay in the sand." He said while pulling a red and yellow blanket from his bag.


"Perfect." I said with a smile.


 "Ahh. This feels sooo nice." I said while holding my shoes and standing in the water of the beach. With Lexi right beside me, and all the boys setting things up, I thought that this day couldn't get any better.


"Jenna. Can I talk to you?" Lexi asked me.


"Sure, anytime, anywhere." I told her with a little laugh.


"Yeah, but umm, it's about me and Harry." She said sounding a bit scared.


"If it's about you guys going out, I'm totally okay with that. I thought I saw you two holding hands earlier." I told her with a smile.


 "Really? Your completely fine with that? I mean, what if we brake up, and Harry hates you because of me?" She asked sounding worried.


 "He would never be mad at me over you, and if he is, well, just let him!" I said while laughing.


"So your really okay with this?" She asked me again.


 "Are you okay with me and Zayn?" I asked her.


"Of course! I mean, you've only loved him sense you were fist introduced to One Dire- OH! I see what you did there!" She said while starting to laugh.


"Thanks Jenna. I really, really do love you." She said.


"I love you too Lex, but we should get back to the boys. Our 'Men' are waiting for us." I said breaking out into laughter with Lexi afterwards.


 "Okay, let's go get them and then come back down to the water to swim." She said while brushing her fingers through her hair.


Zayn was swimming, in the shallow end of the water, while all the other boys, including Lexi just kept swimming further and further out. But, I of course stayed in the shallows with him.


"Are you sure you don't want to go out with them?" He asked me.


"Well I do, but, being here with you is just as good." I told him with a smile.


 "You can go with them, I'll just go out onto the shore and build a sand castle or something." He said with a little giggle.


 "No Zayn, I'd really rather swim with you, or build a sand castle with you." I said while starting to giggle a bit too.


"Okay, but beware, I might destroy the sand castle." He said while starting to go back onto the beach.


"Okay then." I said with a little laugh. I followed him up onto the sand where he sat down, and I sat down right next to him.


"Okay, let's build this thing!" I said with a huge grin coming across my face.


 I started to pile up the sand, and form it into somewhat of a flat circle. Then with Zayn's help, we dug a more around it and poked holes in the side as windows. We added a few more levels and castles to it, but after it was finished, I must say, it looked pretty damn good. "We did it!" I said with joy as he put the finishing touches on it.


"Yeah, we did it! Now to get a picture of it." He said while standing up and walking over to the blanket where he had his phone.


"You can go join the lads now if you want. I think I'm just going to sit here and enjoy the sun for a while." He said while walking back to me.


"Okay, if you need anything, I'll be out there." I said while pointing to the water.


 "Okay, see you." He said right before giving me a kiss.


 "See you." I said back right before heading into the water.




"AHH! Niall stop it!" I yelled to Niall because he kept splashing me.


"Aww but Jenna!" He said with a little pouty face.


 "Your getting saltwater in my eyes though." I told him while rubbing my eyes.


 "I forgot about that. I'm sorry Jenna." He said while putting his arms at his sides.


"That's okay, you don't have to go get upset about it. It just stings a little it's okay." I told him right before I swam over to him and gave him a hug. He hugged me back for a few seconds before letting go.


"Finally." I said with a sigh.


"Finally what?" He asked me.


 "I finally got a Horan hug." I told him with a huge smile.


 "Well there's plenty more where that came from." He said while giving me a little wink.


"Okay Nialler." I said while giving him a little pat one the head.


"We should play a game...." I said while trailing off.


 "A game like what?" He asked me.


"I don't know, something that involves all of us and is fun." I said while thinking.


"How about chicken?" Niall asked.


"Yes!!" I said while jumping up and hugging him.


 "Be my partner?" I asked him after letting go.


"Sure?" He asked confused.


"Okay, let's go get the others so we can play." I said while starting to swim.


We both reached the others and offered to play. They all agreed, Lexi and Harry, Louis and Liam, and Niall and me.


"Okay ready........ Set......... Go!!" Liam shouted once we were ready.


The first round was Niall and me Vs. Harry and Lexi. I was on Niall's shoulders and Lexi was on Harry's. Niall started walking towards Harry and I stuck my arms out, ready to push Lexi off. Once they came near enough, I pushed her shoulders and knocked Harry off balance.


 "Arghh." He said while trying to regain his balance, but I took advantage of it and pushed Lexi once again, throwing them both off. Harry fell in the water, and Lexi toppled over. They both came up laughing and walked next to Liam and Louis.


Liam and Louis were fighting us next. Louis was on Liam's shoulders and he pushed me down so I fell off Niall's shoulders. Except the thing was, we had backed so much closer to the shore than we expected, and the water didn't brake my fall. I stuck me arm below me ready to catch myself, but I landed on it instead. Once I hit the shallow water, I came back up holding my wrist.


 "Are you okay?" Louis asked becoming serious after laughing. He jumped off of Liam's back and ran through the water to me.


 "I'm fine." I said while turning around and walking back to the shore.


 "No Jenna, let me see." He said while grabbing my shoulder and twisting me around. "Let me see." He said again while holding out his hand.


 I trusted Louis, so I slowly placed my hand in his and he lifted it up to his face and twisted it around.


"Can you bend your fingers?" He asked me.


"I can try?" I said while slowly trying to form a fist, but it didn't end up very well, the pain was too much and my fingers wouldn't bend any further.


 "Okay, let's go sit down. Wait a few minutes, and check it again. You could have just sprained it, but you could also have fractured it." He said while slowly putting my arm down. I picked it up again and held it, while we started walking back to where Zayn was laying down.


 "Are you okay?" He asked me once I sat down next to him.


"Im fine." I told him, not wanting to worry him.


 "Are you sure?" He asked me.


 "We were playing chicken and when I pushed her down, we were in the shallows. She landed on her wrist and hurt it." Louis said while sitting down next to me on the opposite side from Zayn.


"Do you want to go get it checked out?" Zayn asked me.


"If it's still hurting later." I said while leaning back.


"Why don't we check it out now." Zayn said while starting to stand up.


 "Okay but, Louis, you and the others can stay here." I said while standing up.


"I want to come. I'm the one who pushed you." He said while starting to look guilty.


"It's fine Louis, you didn't mean to." I said with a smile.


 "Why are you smiling?" He asked me.


"Because it's just so funny the way you guys act. I never actually thought you would be so sweet and caring." I told him while grabbing my bag with one hand and bringing it up.


 "Is that a compliment?" He asked me.


"Yeah, I guess so." I told him with a little laugh.


"Do you need some help getting your clothes back on?" Zayn asked me.


 "No, I think I can manage, and plus, I think I'm only going to get my shorts on." I said while bending down once again to grab my clothes. I picked one leg up and brought it through one of the leg holes of my shorts, then I slid my other foot in. I slowly pulled Them up and ended up giving up after they got a little up past my knees.


"Need some help?" Zayn asked me again.


"Yes...." I said in a low voice. He dropped his stuff and came over to me. He grabbed one belt loop in each hand and started to slide them up my legs and onto my butt. Once they were up, he zipped them and then buttoned them.


"There, not so hard was it?" He asked me once he was done.


 "Yeah but a little bit weird having your boyfriend pull up your pants for you." I said with a little giggle.


 "Oh it wasn't that bad." He said with a little cheeky smile.


"Okay, now lets start going shall we?" Louis asked once Zayn got all his stuff.


"Yeah, let's go." I said while starting to walk.




 "We're going to have to take some X-rays, but you two can stay in the room while we take them. We'll be right back." The nurse said after they put us in a room.


"Okay." Zayn said while sitting down on one of the stools.


The nurse took me out of the room, down the hall, and to the left where there was a machine.


 "I want you to lay your arm right here." She said while beckoning me to come forward.


 I set my arm down and she layed some type of material over it.


"Okay, now I want you to hold as still as possible." She said while walking away. I heard a few beeps, the machine moved, and then a few more. Within a few moments the nurse was back at my side, lifting up the material and leading me back to the room they had put us in.


 "A doctor will be here in a few minutes." She said before shutting the door and leaving.


 "Did they tell you what's wrong?" Louis asked me.


"No, the doctor will when he gets here." I told him while examining my arm.


In a few minutes time, there was a knock at the door, followed by a head popping in and asking, "May I come in?"


"Of course." I said with a little giggle.


 "Okay. Jenna, right?" He asked me.


 "Right." I said back.


"My name is Doctor Hobbs. And I just so happen to have your X-rays with me." He said while waving these darkish blue sheets in the air.


"Let's have a look, shall we?" He asked me before setting them on a stand and walking over to turn it on.


 "Okay, so as you can see here, you seem to have a little fracture in your right wrist. We'll have to put you in a cast for a few weeks, but then you should be back to normal." He said with a little smile.


 "May I have a waterproof cast? I like to swim." I asked him.


 "Of course darling. But it will be an extra 45£'s." he told us.


"That's no problem." Louis said.


"Louis, I can pay for my own cast." I told him.


"No. I'm paying for it." He said with an apologetic look.


"Ahh. It's always nice to have such a caring boyfriend." The doctor said.


"Oh no, he's my boyfriend." I said while grabbing onto Zayn's arm.


 "Then may I ask, who are you?" Dr. Hobbs said while looking at Louis.


 "Just a concerned friend that put her in this incident." Louis said while looking at the ground.


"How did this happen?" The doctor asked.


 "We were playing chicken on the beach, I pushed her and she fell into the shallow water." Louis said while giving me a really apologetic look.


"Ahh. But now we should be getting your cast on." Dr. Hobbs said while leaving the room.


"What color are you going to get?" Zayn asked me.


 "Black. It goes with everything." I told him with a little smile.


"And Louis," I said, "it's okay. I'm not mad at you, it's completely fine with me. There's no reason to look so guilty. It was my idea to play the damn game." I said with a little laugh.


"Yeah, but I still fractured your arm." He said while looking at the ground still.


 "No, I gave myself a fractured arm, you just helped me in the process." I said right before the nurse walked in.


 "I'm here to put your cast on. Have you picked out a color?" She asked me while wheeling in a cart.


 "Yeah, I'd like to go with black. And a waterproof cast." I said with a little smile.


"Okay. I need you to hold your arm up, and keep it still please." She said while opening a little package and started wrapping it around my arm.


 "This is the waterproof gauze. It's what will help to keep the cast softer and more comfortable." She said while wrapping it around me arm. She opened up another package, but this time she put it under the water.


 "This is what will form the cast. We have to get it wet in order for it to harden." She said while wrapping this one around my arm. When she was done, she let it sit for a few minutes before turning the water on again and getting her hands soapy.


"We have to put soap on it so the color doesn't wash off." She said with a little smile while rubbing the cast with soap. "And there you go. Your free to go to the front desk, fill out paper work and leave." She said while throwing all the wrappers away and leaving the room.


"So this is it?" I asked while holding up the cast.


 "Yup, now let's get out of here and go back down to the beach." Zayn said while wrapping his arm around my waist.


He led us to the front desk, Louis paid the bill and Zayn signed me out. Now to get back to the beach where everyone is waiting.




When we got back to the beach, there were seven heads, in stead of five messing around in the water.


"Who's that?" I asked Zayn.


 "I think it's....... Eleanor and Danielle." He said while squinting his eyes, trying to get a better look.


 We started walking towards the towel we had layed on the ground earlier. I pulled off my shorts and set my bag down before walking into the water with Louis at my side. We both started walking until we reached all the boys Lexi, and who we finally figured out to be El, and Danielle.


 "El!!!" Louis yelled while swimming to her.


"Louis!" She said while swimming over to him to give him a huge hug. They kissed for a few moments before coming back to reality. I swam over to Niall and and elbowed him.


"When did they get here?" I asked him.


 "A few minutes after you guys left. So what happened? Are you okay?" He asked me.


I held up my wrist for him to see. "I fractured it." I told him with a little smile.


"Oh my gosh! Jenna! Are you alright?" Eleanor asked me.


 "I'm fine." I said with my little smile.


 "When did you get that monster on your arm?" Danielle asked swimming next to us.


"Few minutes ago." I told them.


 "Is it a waterproof one?" Eleanor asked.


"No Eleanor, I completely disobeyed the doctor and went swimming with my cast." I told her sarcastically.


"Haha just wanted to know." She said with a smile.


"Oh other hands, lets start swimming!" Danielle shouted.


 "We should play chicken!" Eleanor yelled.


 "No!!" Almost everyone said but Danielle and El.


"Wait, why not?" She asked confused.


 "That's how Jenna broke her arm." Niall said while looking at the cast.


"Oh." They both said at once.


"I'm just going to go tan on the beach." I said while starting to swim away.


"See you later Jenna!" Everyone called.


 "See you." I said while walking back to the blanket Zayn was laying on.


"Hey." I said while lying down next to him.


 "Hey, why arn't you in te water?" He asked me confused.


 "I wanna tan." I said while setting my head down.


 "Oh, well at least I'm not alone anymore." He said with a little laugh.


 After swimming we all headed back to the hotel to relax. I layed down on the bed with Zayn, while Louis and Eleanor layed on the bed next to us, and Niall, well he was just munching away at some crisps on the bed while listening to music.


 "I had a nice time today." I said while tracing the muscles on his torso with my fingers



 "I did too." He said while stretching his head down to kiss my forehead.


I twisted my head to face his and looked him in the eyes, his chocolate brown, deep caring eyes. I lost track of time staring in his eyes. They just brought my full attention to them.


 "Jenna." He said with a warm smile.


 "Zayn." I said smiling myself.


He just layed there, smiling, and watching me. I reached my head up to kiss him. It was a sweet, passionate kiss. I slid my leg over his waist and twisted my body on top of his while still kissing him. He brought his hands to my waist, holding it while I held his chest. The passionate kiss, soon turned to be full of lust, and wanting. I smiled through the kiss, which turned to be a whole make out session.


I was about to pull off my shirt, but I heard someone say, "we're in here." And cover it up with a cough.


I stopped kissing Zayn instantly and looked up to see Eleanor looking at us with a smile, and Louis face was turning bright red.


"I'm so sorry!" I said while blushing.


"It's okay." Eleanor said. "Just remember, we have four days in this room together, don't try any funny business while we're in here." She said with a little laugh.

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