Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


1. Memories

Jenna walked up to the door. She had been waiting for this moment a while now. As she walked up the steps, memories of that night came flashing back to her.


 I looked over my shoulder, only to see him. His dark hair in shags across his forehead. His thin yet muscley arms. He had been dancing with a girl, she had light hair but it was dyed a light purple. She was wearing a black dress with a light pink bow that had sparkles. They had stopped dancing so he could get a drink, but when he returned, she had her body all pressed up on a different guy. He got mad at her and she just laughed it off. He had stormed back to the bar and sat down, ordered another drink while his date danced with another man. I walked over and sat next to him. His hand was in his hair and his other hand was on his drink. He looked over at me but I was looking at the menu. I ordered a Mai tai. The bar tender mixed it and passed it over to me. I picked it up and took a drink. The cold glass pressed against my lips. It tasted sweet, but burned my throat. I set it back down and pulled out my phone. I had a few texts, so I decided to check them. They were mostly from my friend Lexi, asking when I would be home.


 I didn't answer them and put the phone back in my bag. I looked over at him, only to see him looking at me. Our eyes made contact and I looked away embarrassed. I set my arm on the table and looked at my drink. But the next thing I knew was his and was on mine. I looked over at him and he smiled. It was that smile I had fallen in love with a year ago. But to think, that smile was aimed at me. Not to millions of other girls. He stood up with my hand in his and dragged me to the floor. The music was loud, and I laughed because I knew I couldn't dance. We danced for a few songs, well he did. I just stood there and moved around laughing at him. We went back to the bar and he finally spoke. "Is that drink good?" "Very." I said while taking another drink. He laughed and took a drink if his. "So, how old are you?" He asked his smile reappearing. "Eighteen." I said while smiling back at him. "Good." He said. "Do you wanna.." He said while scratching his head. "Go back to your place?" I said finishing his sentence. "Yeah. Go back to my place." He said while laughing. "I would love to." I said while grabbing my bag and standing up.


He walked me out the bar and into his car. He opened the door and helped me in. Then ran around to the other side and jumped in. He started the car and drive off. And soon, we were at his place. He led me up the stairs and to the door of his flat. He opened the door and led me in. As soon as he locked the door he grabbed me from behind and kissed my neck while holding my stomach. He twisted me around and led his lips up to my mouth. He picked me up while still kissing me and led me to his bedroom. He layed me down on the bed and started kissing my jaw, leading down to my neck. He stopped for a second, and pulled the shirt he was wearing over his head. Then kissed me again. While still kissing me he undid his belt and pulled off his pants leaving him in his boxers. He pulled the straps off my dress down my shoulder and slipped it off my body, leaving me only in my underwear. Soon we were you know.


That night was amazing. And the next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon. I got up and slipped on my clothes. All I had was a small black dress with a white ribbon that tied into a bow at the back. I tiptoed around the flat, trying to find the kitchen. When I finally did, I found him cooking breakfast. The Zayn Malik was cooking breakfast, in his boxers, for me.


 "Morning beautiful." He said while giving me a smile.


 "Morning." I said while blushing.


 "I hope you like eggs and bacon... It's one of the few things I can actually cook." He said with that smile, plastered across his face.


I smiled back at him. But I knew he was only smiling because he wanted to make me happy. He didn't like me, I was just here to get his mind off her, Perrie. To think, this happened to them. To think that she would be all up on another guy like that, in front of him.


Zayn put the eggs two plates along with the bacon. He walked over to the counter where I was standing and set them down, one on each side of me. Then without warning. He came closer to me and smashed his lips against mine. He lifted me up on the counter and pushed himself between my legs. I kissed him back but soon started laughing in the middle. I could feel his lips start to form a smile in the kiss so I put my hands on his chest and pushed him away while turning my head to the side.


" Zayn!" I said while laughing.


"What?" He asked trying to sneak another kiss.


 " The food you made will get cold." I said while smiling at him.


 "Let it." He said while smiling again, and trying to steal another kiss.


I laughed at him and pulled my legs up to the counter. I wrapped my arms around them and put my chin on my knees while still looking at him. He smiled and backed up with his hands in the air.


"Fine!" He said while laughing.


 He walked over to a drawer and pulled out two forks, one for him and one for me. He handed me one and grabbed a plate. I grabbed the other and hopped down from the counter. We ate our food in silence, although every once in a while we would make eye contact and laugh it off. I wonder what will happen after this? Will I just go home, and we both go on like this never happened? I didn't want to think about it. After we ate Zayn brought me to the living room where he turned on the T.V and sat down next to me. We watched it for about a half an hour, but I figured that it was time for me to go home.


" Zayn..." I said.


" You want to go home?" He asked me. A sad look forming In his eyes.


 " I should, I mean, Lexi is probably worried, I didn't tell her I was going out for the night.." I said with an apologetic look on my face.


 " Thats okay. Do you need a ride?" He asked me.


 " No, I think I can manage." I said while getting up. I started walking to the door with Zayn behind me. He worked his way in front of me and opened the door.


 "Will I ever see you again.." He started to say. " I'm sorry, you never told me your name.." He said looking at me with a confused face.


" Im Jenna." I said while smiling. "And I have no idea. Maybe." I said while laughing.


"Okay Jenna. If you ever want to come back, well, you know where I live." He said putting his hands In the air and twirling around.


 "Yeah. Goodbye Zayn. I really hope I get to see you again." I said while starting towards the door.


"Wait! Jenna, can I get your number?" He asked me.


" of course." I said while putting out my hand. He placed his phone in my hand and I handed him mine. I put my number into his phone and handed it back to him as he did the same.


" Bye Zayn." I said.


" Goodbye Jenna." He said.



I was walking up the last step to Zayn's door when I started to regret this decision. What if Perrie were there? What if he was having another one night stand? We had been texting the last few days since that night, but he could just not be telling me all this. I thought about it for a few minutes, and decided to knock anyway.


I knocked on the door, one, two, three, four. To too many knocks, but not too little.


 I waited a few seconds, then about a minute. When there was no answer, I turned around and headed back to the car I drove here. I got in and drove back to the house me and Lexi were sharing. I had to admit, it was a pretty big house. And when you walked inside, it seemed even bigger. Lexi's aunt let us move in because she was living in a flat a few blocks away. She came over once a week to make sure the house hadn't been destroyed.


 I walked up the old stairs to the upstairs hallway and found the door that led to my bedroom. I walked inside and decided to take a shower. I grabbed a towel and headed into the shower. The water was warm on my back when I climbed in. And it felt amazing. I had my phone hooked up to the dock playing music when a One Direction song came on.


I remember when I first learned about them. I told myself I wouldn't fall in love with someone I would never meet. But you know what? Just a few months ago, we moved to London. And I did meet him. The man I fell in love with a year ago. I even had a one night stand, and now I have his number and I'm able to text him.


When I finished my shower I wrapped the towel around my body and walked into the bedroom. My clothes were sitting on my bed and I picked them up and put them on. The clothes that I put on consisted of a light pink vest type blouse that went over a black tank top that was tucked into some black shorts that went just below my belly button. I walked back to the bathroom and dried my dark, wavy brown hair. My eyes were a green color, some of my friends even said that they were brighter the. Harry Style's emerald eyes. After I put on my makeup, I headed down stairs to where Lexi was sitting on the couch.


 "Hey Jenna." She said while smiling.


 "Hey." I said sitting down next to her.


"So, where did you go earlier?" She asked me.


"Zayn's." I said while smiling T the thought of him.


"Wait, Zayn's as in Zayn Malik?" She asked me, and her eyes lit up with joy.


"Yes." I said my eyes lighting up with hers.


 "How did you get his address?" She almost shouted.


"Well, a few nights ago I kind of met him at a bar. And I went home with him and... You can guess what happened."


"Oh. My. Gosh! Jenna! Why didn't you tell me! You had a one night stand with Zayn Malik!? You've been in love with him for the past year!" She yelled at me.


" I know, and it was amazing." I said a giant smile coming across my face.

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