Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


4. Meeting the boys

I was hiding in Zayn's closet waiting for the other boys to appear. I heard some footsteps, a door open, a bunch of Hello's and then the door closed again. The footsteps were coming closer and closer, and then, they stopped. I heard a few squishy ploppy noises and knew that they had sat down.


 "So what did you want us here for?" A voice said, probably Louis'.


"I wanted to show you all something." Zayn said. Just the way he said it I could tell that be was smiling.


"Come on, show us then mate." Liam said.


"Okay, you ready?" He called. I had no idea if it was directed to me but when no one answered I thought it was.


"Yeah." I said.


 "Zayn, what was that?" I heard an Irish voice say, must be Niall.


 "Are you coming?" Zayn asked again.


 I opened the door and stepped out to see all five boys looking at me. Louis jumped up and ran over to me.


"Zayn! Who is she?" He asked while poking my cheek.


 "Louis, you do realize that I am a human being and can speak for myself don't you?" I asked him. He jumped back in shock as if he didn't think that I could talk.


"You know my name! She knows my name!" He yelled out with a smile on his face. "You're a Directioner arn't you?" He asked me putting his face up next to mine.


"Yes, sort of. Okay yes." I said while smiling. "Go find Kevin." I said with a smile.


 "Excuse me? Do you know who I am? You can't just talk to me that way peasant!" He said and turned around.


 "Louis, I didn't know you actually said those things!" I said while laughing.


 "Louis move! Let us get a good look at her!" Harry said.


"Yeah! Let them get a good look at me! Oh wait, that came out wrong.." I said while laughing.


"what's your name love?" Liam asked.


"Jenna." I said with a smile.


"Lovely name if I do say so meself." Niall said with a smile.


 "Thank you Niall!" I said with a smile.


"No problem." He said.


"So what do you think?" Zayn asked with a smile.


"Zayn, she's not some toy or pet or clothing item. But anyway, I think she's absolutely gorgeous, and funny too." Liam said.


 "I agree, she's a keeper." Louis said.


"Same here." Said Harry.


"All in all, I think you could say that we all think she's gonna be around for a while." Niall said.


 "So why did you choose Zayn?" Harry asked me.


"I think it was his smile, and the way that he just seemed so perfect. Well you all seem perfect, but Zayn just seemed to get my attention." I said while smiling. He really did draw me in with that smile, and his voice.


"Oh. Zayn can have that affect on people." He said.


 "Yeah well it worked on me. Although I can say it didn't go the same for my friend Lexi." I said.


 As soon as I said that Harry's ears perked up and his full attention came to me.

 "Lexi?" He asked me.


"She's my best friend, and she seems to be in love with this guy named Harry Edward Styles." I said while giggling.


"So she does does she?" He asked.

 "Yes, for the past year now. She's been trying to get your attention on twitter but you never seem to notice her." I told him.


"What's her name thing?" Harry asked.


 "@LexiBexi" I told him.


"Bexi?" He asked.


 "Yup." I said.


He showed me his phone, "This her?" He asked.


"The one and only." I replied.


Harry clicked the follow button and I knew what was going to happen. And sure enough, it did in about 3 minutes. I got a call from Lexi and while it was still ringing I told he boys to be quiet. I answered it and put it on speaker then placed it on the ground.


 "Hello?" I asked.


"Jenna! You won't believe what just happened!!" She almost screamed.


 "Calm Seze." I said. I looked up and Zayn was mouthing the word Seze like what? I mouthed to him it's what I tell people when they are overly excited.


"So what happened?" I asked her. "Harry Styles. Thee Harry Edward Styles followed me on twitter, wait a second, I have a new notification." She stopped talking for a minute and then we all heard a scream. "He Dm'd me! Jenna! Harry contacted me! ME!" She said.


 "Lexi calm down I know this." I said while laughing.


"How could you possibly know this?" She asked sounding confused.


 "Hello!" Harry called to the phone.


"Jenna, why did I just hear a voice that sounded exactly like Harry's. Are you hanging out with him? JENNA!" She yelled through the phone.


"Yes Lexi I am." I said while laughing. Soon all the boys said hello.


 "Your hanging out with all the boys of One Direction, and you don't invite me?" She half screamed.


 "You went out to lunch with Hannah. You couldn't have ditched her!" I said.


"Hannah loves them too!" She called.


 "I'm sorry maybe next time but I have to go." I said.


 "Bye Harry! Bye louis! Bye Niall! Bye Liam! Bye Zayn! Bye Jenna!" She called through the phone.

 All the boys said goodbye and so did I. I hung up the phone and put it away.


"She sure does scream a lot." Harry said.


"A LOT." I said while smiling.


After about an hour or two, me and the boys went our desperate ways. I had to get back home to Lexi, and they had some work to do. I walked up the steps onto the porch of our new home and slowly opened the door.


 "Jenna? Is that you?" I heard Lexi call out.

 "Yeah it's me." I said while closing the door.

 "Oh my Gosh! Jenna! You know One Direction! You hung out with them!" She almost screamed.


 "Yeah I guess I did." I said while smiling.


 "You are going to introduce me arn't you?" She asked extending the "are" part.


"It all depends. Will you act like a socially acceptable friend, or a crazed fan who never stops thinking about them?" I asked her.


"A socially acceptable friend?" She answers like a question.


 "Good. Then yes, I'll see what I can do." I said.


"Oh thank you so much Jenna!" She said while running up to me. She wrapped her arms around me in a hug and squeezed so tight I thought I would pass out.


"Lexi. Can't. Breathe." I managed to squeeze out.


 "Oops, sorry." She said while letting me go and giving me a little smile.


"Well I'm going to go exercise, I'll see you later." I said while walking up the stairs to my bedroom.


Once I got in there, I walked to my dresser and pulled out some grey and purple lightweight underarmor shorts and a grey tank top. I switched my clothes then headed into the bathroom. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and put on a headband. Once I had grabbed my headphones, I headed outside for a run. I put the headphones on and turned on my music. I started jogging an even pace along the sidewalk. I ran to the town and back home before going to the gym. I was there for about an hour and looked at the time. It was almost three. I went back home and looked for Lexi, but when I couldn't find her, I figured she went to tell Hannah. I was sitting on the couch, watching a movie when my phone vibrated. I pulled it out of my pocket to see that someone was calling me. It said "unknown caller" for the caller ID but I picked it up anyway.


 "Hello?" I asked.


 "Jenna?" The person on the other side asked.


 "Yeah that's me, may I ask who's calling?"


"Yeah um, it's me, Harry."


"Oh hey Harry. What's up?"


 "Nothing really. I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out to dinner with us five, you could bring Lexi if you wanted to."


"That's sound like fun. Around what time?"


 "I'd say sevenish."


"Okay, are we carpooling or..?"


 "Yeah. We'll pick you up around seven."


"Okay, see you then."


 "Bye." Harry hung up the phone and I called Lexi.


"Jenna? Is something wrong?" She asked.


"No it's just Harry invited us to dinner with the boys, he'll pick us up around seven."


 "We're going our to eat with One Direction?" She almost squeeled.


" yes Lexi, just remember, socially acceptable friend not a fan girl."


"Okay ill be home soon. Bye." I didn't get to say bye before she hung up the phone.


I the phone in my lap and walked upstairs. I guess I had a few hours, I could take a nap right? I walked into my bedroom and over to my bed, pulled down the covers and climbed in. I put my headphones on and started playing music. Lego House by Ed Sheeran started playing and as I fell asleep, I hummed the chorus. When I woke up, I looked over at my clock. I had fallen asleep for three hours! I only had about an hour to get ready!


 I rushed out if bed and over to my closet, I pulled out my orange dress that fell down to my theighs and was a little poofy. It had small straps and no shoulders but had waves that fell down right below the shoulder. I put on the dress and headed out to the bathroom I turned on my curling iron and pulled my hair up to a round bun. I curled my bangs that I had left out and applied my makeup. I went back to my bedroom and got some light brown heels. I put them on and walked over to my nightstand and grabbed my phone and bag. I walked down the stairs to see Lexi, she had curled her soft blonde hair like I had earlier and was wearing a light pink dress that fell in ripples and had thick straps. "Hello sleepyhead." She said with a smile.


 "Hello." I said.


"I love your dress!" She squeeled. "Zayn will love it." She said with a ginormous smile.


"And I bet Harry will love yours." I said.


 "Do you think so?" She asked.


 "I do." I said while laughing.


 "Oh thank gosh! I was afraid he would hate it." She said with a sigh.


 "Nah, I think it looks perfect." I said.


"It's almost seven thir-" she said but was cut off by a knock at the door.


 "I'll get it." I said. I walked over to the door and opened it up to see Zayn standing there.


"Are you two ready?" He asked.


"Yeah, Lexi! Lets go!" I called out.


"Coming!" I heard. A few high heeled flacks hit the ground and our popped Lexi.


"Hi. I'm Lexi." She said while holding out a hand.


"Hello. I'm Zayn." Zayn said while shaking it.


"Now we better get going, Niall's hungry." He said while smiling.


"Who will be going with who?" I asked.


 "Well, I was hoping that you could come with me, unless your rather go with Louis or Liam?" He asked.


 "I'll go with you. Lexi, who will you go with?" I asked her.


 "Louis?" She asked.


"Perfect." Said Zayn. "Harry's riding with him and I know he's been dying to see you." Zayn said.


 "Okay let's go." I said. Zayn pointed out Louis car to Lexi and a door popped open and Lexi climbed in. I followed Zayn out to his black Bentley and climbed in.


"So where are we going?" I asked once we pulled out of the driveway.


 "Rhodes twenty four." He said while smiling.


"Isn't that like, a really fancy crazy place?" I asked him.


 "It is, and we get a window seat." He said.


 "Zayn that's amazing." I said with a huge grin.


 "I hope so." He added in. Once we got to the building, we were scanned through security and put on an elevator that brought us up to the twenty fourth floor. We were escorted to our table that was right next to the window, like Zayn had said.

"Here you go." Zayn said while pulling out a chair for me.


 "Thank you." I said while I sat down. He pushed the chair under the table and went and sat across from me. Once everybody had settled down, we all ordered. Niall got a lot of food I must say.


"So Lexi, I heard you like Harry." Louis said.


Lexi stopped what she was doing and blushed a bright red.


"So it's true!" Louis almost shouted.


 "Maybe." She answered and calmed herself down. I looked over at Harry, who he also was blushing.


"Aww! Is Harry blushing?" I asked.


"No!" He said and stuffed his mouth with pork.


 "I think he is." Zayn said while laughing.


"That can only mean one thing." Liam said.


"Harry has a crush!" All the boys said at once.


"Excuse me." Lexi said while getting up. She turned around and walked out of the room.


 "I'm gonna go find her." I said and also got up. I followed her trail until I found the bathroom, and when I walked in, Lexi was just standing there facing the wall.


 "Lexi?" I asked. She turned around and I saw that she was smiling.


 "Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! Jenna! Did you hear what they said. Eeek! Do you think it's true?" She squeeled.


"Possibly." I said.


"Well I'm gonna get back to the boys." I said while walking out. I went back to the table and sat down.


"So?" Zayn asked.


"She had to scream and squeel." I said while laughing.


"I thought she was calmer the. When we talked to her on the phone." Harry said.


 "Yeah but she's still Lexi." I said. "You say that as if its a bad thing." Louis said.


 "Nah, I don't mean it like that." I said. Lexi walked back into the room and sat down again.


 "Hello." She said calmly.


"Hello." All the boys said at once.


 "Lexi, what do you do?" Liam asked.


"Well, right know, I have no job, but I would like to go to collage." She said.


 "What would you major in?" Niall asked. "Umm, probably the arts. Like acting. You know?" She said.


"Yeah. And what about you Jenna?" Liam asked.


"Oh Jenna's an amazing dancer! And she can draw pretty well too!" Jenna said.


"Is that true?" Liam asked.


"Yeah, it's true." I said.


 "I'd love to see you dance sometime. And see some of your artwork." He said.


 "I guess I'll have to show you then. Just not now of course." I said while laughing. The clocks ticked and before we knew it, we had all finished our meals and it was almost 10. "I should really be getting home, I have dance to tomorrow." I said while standing up.


 "I'll drive you." Zayn said. I followed Zayn out to his car and just left Lexi in there with the boys. What harm could be done? Zayn opened up the door for me and I slid in. He ran around and got in himself.


"So...." I said while trailing off.


 "Did you have a nice time?" Zayn asked.


 "Probably one of the bests." I said. Zayn smiled and I knew he was happy that I had a good time.

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