Story of my love

Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer her up when she's feeling down. To be there for her in the worst cases. This one night, will flip her world around.
( I'm just gonna say that some of these ideas came from BradfordBadGirls Movella Passion. If you haven't read it, you should. It's pretty amazing!)


9. Loving you

I woke up to the rhythmic beating of Zayn's heart while my head lay on his chest. I fluttered my eyes open, bringing in the light of day. I was so comfortable, with Zayn's arm wrapped around my waist, my head on his chest, and my arm lying on his torso, holding on to him. I never wanted to let him go. So instead of getting up, I just rested my head on him, listening to him breath, while I slowly drifted off back to sleep.


"Morning beautiful." I heard Zayn's soft morning voice say.


"Morning." I said with a smile, waking up in his arms for the second time today.


 "Would you like some breakfast?" He asked me.


"No, I'm going to take a shower, I still have saltwater on me." I told him while looking at his chest.


"Okay, mind if I take one with you?" He asked me.


"No, not at all." I said with a smile, plastered across my face.


I led Zayn out of the room, and into the bathroom. I set down my clothes, and he hung up the towels. I walked over to the shower, which was large, and had a glass front that was completely see through.


"Lock the door please." I said while turning on the water.


 "No problem babe." He said while walking over to the door.


 Once the water was warm, I started to strip down, along with Zayn. I quickly pulled off all my clothes and ran into the warm water of the shower. Within a few seconds, Zayn was at my side. I turned to face him, and he grabbed my waist with his hands and pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on the tips of my toes. Anything to be closer to him. He smiled and slowly started to lean in, but it was taking to long. So, I smashed my lips against his and he let out a little laugh.


 "A bit anxious, are we?" He asked me.


"Just shut up and kiss me." I said with pressing my lips once again to his.


 He listened, and kissed me. A kiss full of lust. He slowly started backing me to the shower wall, and pressed me against it, lifted me up and put himself between my legs that seemed to just wrap themselves around his waist. His kiss grew more deep, his tongue asking for entrance, which I gladly accepted. He pulled away, but not very far. He moved his lips down my jaw line, and then down my neck. His lips followed my body, down my side and to my hip bones. He stayed there for a moment, before running his lips back up to my mouth. He looked me in the eyes, a question in his. Knowing the question, I nodded, and agreed.


 Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you


Over again


Don't make me change my mind


Or I won't live to see another day I swear it's true


Because a girl like you is impossible to find




The shower was over in about an hour, only due to the fact that we were taking so long and others wanted to shower. I hopped out after washing my hair and body. I wrapped the towel around my body and grabbed all my clothes before heading back to the room, with Zayn right behind me.


When we walked in, Eleanor was sitting on her and Louis' bed, with a smile plastered across her red face. She gave me one of those looks, you know the ones that say, 'I knew it.' I blushed and quickly ran over to the bed and put my stuff down. After she saw Zayn enter the room, she knew she had to leave so we could get dressed. I had some difficulties because of the cast and all, but other then that, I was dressed in some in some of my black tights and my pink floral shirt that I had brought.


I looked over to see Zayn just wearing some sweats, and shirtless. I smiled and bit my lip, looking him up and down remembering the shower a few minutes ago. I walked up to him and he embraced me with open arms. I hugged him, a long hug anyways.


"Let's go out to the others." He said while grabbing my hand.


"Did you have a Nice time in there?" Harry asked with a cheeky smile, only to be hit in the arm by Lexi.


I blushed, and looked away from him only to see everybody else also, staring at us.


"I'm guessing your pretty good Zayn." Louis said in a cocky way.


 I looked over to see Zayn smiling at all their remarks, which only made me smile. I squeezed myself in between Eleanor and Niall on one of the couches, only to see them both smiling, about to burst out in laughter.


 "Just let it out." I said while waving my hand in a small circle on the air motioning them to get on with it.


They both started laughing and Eleanor looked up at me, her face turning red from the laughter.


 "Laugh all you want, it's not like you and Louis haven't done anything." I said with a smile on my face. Eleanor stopped laughing at once and sat back in her seat, which only made Niall laugh even harder.


"Oh shut up Niall. We all know what you do in the bathroom." She said while looking at him. Niall slowly stopped laughing once he realized what she said.


 "Eh. I have no girlfriend unlike the rest of you. I can do as I please." He said while sitting back on the couch. I looked over at him, only to see a look of longing in his eyes. I knew Niall was looking for his princess, but sometimes, it takes a while to find her. I put my hand on his shoulder and started to softly massage it before letting it slide back into my lap. I love Niall, as I do all the other boys. But since I'm with Zayn, I hate to say it, but they've all been friend zoned.


 Zayn was standing next to Harry, his eyes locked on me, and Harry's locked on Lexi. I love that she's found someone whom she can trust, and love all at the same time. It's good for her. She's had some pretty terrible break ups the last few years.


"Soo, did you guys have fun?" Louis asked.


 "Plenty." Zayn said while looking at me. I smiled at him, only because he was him, and he could make anybody smile in a matter of seconds.


"Just don't do it while we're in the room." Louis said again with his smile still plastered on his face.


 "Louis stop that." Danielle said with a playful smile.


"But I'm having fun!" He whined to her.


"Enough is enough." She said.


 "Fine, whatever you say mum." He said with a small smile.


"Okay, now that that's over with, what do you guys plan on doing today?" Liam asked.


 "I was thinking Jenna and I could go for a walk." Zayn said.


"Can me and Lexi tag along?" Harry asked while glancing at Lexi before turning his head to Zayn.


"Of course." Zayn said while walking over to me and putting his hand out for me to grab it.


 "I have to go get some shoes on." I said while walking towards the bedroom. I found a pair of my black Toms and slid them on along with some no show socks.


 I walked back into the front room to see Lexi and Harry holding hands next to Zayn at the door to the room. I grabbed my bag and walked over to Zayn, putting my hand in his right before we walked out the door.




"It's beautiful here." I said while looking around at all the buildings.


"It is a nice place." Zayn said.


"I agree with Jenna." Lexi said with a warm smile.


'"I just hope nobody ruins this walk." Harry said while looking down at Lexi. I looked over at Zayn, who was staring at me. I leaned up and planted a little kiss on his lips before falling back down to my feet.


"Your so short." He teased me with a smile.


"Hey, no making fun of the short girl." I said with a little giggle.


"No ones making fun of you, just stating the obvious." He said with a little laugh.


Our walk ended with Harry and Lexi wanting to have some, "time alone." So me and Zayn went to the nearest coffee shop, and ordered some coffee.


"I'll have the iced vanilla spice latte." I said to the man behind the counter.


 "And I'll have the iced caffe latte." Zayn said.


 "Just a minute." The man said while grabbing two cups and starting to make the coffee. "That's one iced vanilla spice latte, and one iced caffe latte." He said while putting the kids on them. "That will be 7.34£." He said while typing on the register.


Zayn pulled out a 10£ bill and gave it to the man. He took it, and then gave Zayn the change.


"Have a nice day." He said while handing us our drinks.


 I took a sip of mine, the cold coffee tasted good on the hot day.


 "How's yours taste?" Zayn asked while leaning over to look at mine.


 "Good, and yours?" I asked him.


"Good." He said while putting his drink in front of me.


I put mine in front of him and took a drink of his. It was good, but I liked the vanilla flavor in mine.


 "Yours is........ Vanilla-y." He said with a smile.


 "And yours is......... Coffee-y." I said with a little laugh.


After we returned back to the hotel from our walk, Harry and Lexi were all ready there.


"I though you two wanted some alone time?" I asked confused.


"We walked around by ourselves, but then we came back after a little bit. We got bored." Lexi said with a smile.


"Oh." I said while taking a drink of my latte.


 "I see you got coffee." She said while walking over to me.


"Yeah. Want a sip?" I asked her.


"Duh." She said while leaning over my cup to get a drink. She pulled away and licked her lips. "That's good." She said afterwards.


 "Yeah." I said while taking another drink.


 I sat down next to Zayn, who was just laying on the couch. He scooted over and patted his chest, indicating for me to lay down with him. I set my drink on the table and crawled over to him, and layed my head on his chest. He put his hand on my head and started running his fingers down through my hair.


"I'm gonna pick up the pieces, and build a Lego house. If things to wrong we can knock it down." He started to sing quietly while brushing my hair with his fingers.


 "I love your voice." I said while putting my hand on his chest and studying the slow, even pace of his breathing.


 "I love your shortness." He said jokingly.


 "Zayn." I laughed.


I don't know how to explain it. But being near him, touching him, seeing him. It makes my word complete. Every breath he takes, every word he says, every smile he makes, it a just adds up in my heart, and allows me to see him the way he is, a loving, caring, and amazing boyfriend. It may seem like it's only been a few weeks, maybe not even. But to me, it's been an eternity. Just being able to call him mine, being able to cuddle with him at night, to kiss him when we wake, it's all too fairy tale like. And it is a little something that I like to call, love.


When I look into your eyes


It's like watching the night sky


Or a beautiful sunrise


Well, there's so much they hold

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